Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. This is just for fun and not for profit.

Summary: An attack by an old enemy leads Naruto and his family on a new adventure. Part of the Dreams Universe Futurefic NaruSaku

To help keep things straight I'm posting this list of names of Naruto and Sakura's kids are with their ages.

Naruto & Sakura- 38

Kushina- 19

Minato- 16 (almost 17)

Kora- 14

Sarutobi- 12

Tsunade- 10

Scattered Dreams

Unknown location

Pain was all he knew.

It filled his body and was his world.

The only thing he knew was that there was another who would feel his pain.

The man with the blue eyes.

Minato and Kora

"Well, shall we get started?" Minato asked Natsumi with a hungry grin.

"Sure. How're we doing this?" Natsumi asked.

Kora looked on as her brother was talking with a girl who could be an alternate form of their father. It was just like in that issue of 'Slippers' when the main hero met an evil female version of himself! Kora narrowed her eyes and glared at this Natsumi again.

Her easy smile could hide some malicious intent she had for Minato, and he'd walk right into it like the sucker he was! She had to rescue him from this manipulative woman!

Minato glanced at his sister and wondered why she was mad all of a sudden.

Natsumi was wondering why they weren't eating yet. She was getting hungry.

Minato turned to the stand and ordered a large miso ramen. He looked at the girls and Natsumi happily ordered two bowls of pork, while Kora asked for a bowl of beef. Minato sat himself down in the middle of the stand's seats. The girls sat on either side of him and while they waited for the ramen to arrive Minato started giving Natsumi some contest rules.

"Okay, in our family we work on hand speed and coordination while eating. The goal is to eat as fast as possible without spilling the food. Kora and I've been doing this for years so we're pretty good. Want to try?"

Natsumi grinned cheekily and raised her arm in a victory gesture. "Ha! You bet. No one can beat me when it comes to ramen."

"Really? Care to make a wager than?" Minato asked slyly.

"Like what?" Natsumi narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

"Whoever finishes last picks up the bill for everyone."

"You got it." They shook hands and Natsumi started getting visions of free ramen running through her head.

Kora just watched her suspiciously, checking for any sign of treachery. Of course, her stomach was getting louder with the delicious scent of beef ramen wafting to her nose.

Forget suspicion, there was ramen to be eaten.


Uzumaki Kushina wasn't having a good day. Being in prison wasn't her idea of a good time.

Especially when everybody had Konoha hitai-ate, but nobody she recognized or vice versa.

As a medic, she knew when her body needed rest, so she regained her strength and learned what she could.

It seemed a war was going on, though the last war she knew of was when Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri decided to destroy Konoha after her father was made Hokage. He led his village and its allies in pushing the other villages back. Peace, as much as ninjas ever enjoy, was restored.

But she was tired of information gathering, and the need to pound something was getting stronger.

She was after all her mother's daughter. And walls of stone might as well have been tissue paper for all it would hold her. A flick of her finger and she enjoyed a beautiful sunset over the Hokage Monument.

And about two dozen Chuunin poised to attack. It seemed her frustration now had a target.


After the initial shock, introductions were made. Sarutobi found that the people claimed to be his Uncle Kakashi and Grandma Tsuande. Though when he got the basic explanation of what was going on, he wondered if this wasn't all one bad dream brought on by Kora-neechan's cooking.

"So you're saying that my dad was taken over by the Kyuubi and destroyed the village?!" exclaimed the young Uzumaki. The woman who looked like his little sister was in fact her namesake, the Godaime Hokage. He tilted his head in confusion, "You look younger than you do in the pictures. Is that a new genjutsu?"

Tsunade wasn't sure to be mad or flattered at the young boy's sincere statement. Though his curious face reminded her too much of another young Uzumaki. "I tried to help him, but he ended up saving me from the Kyuubi. In saving me, he made me younger. I stopped trying to figure out how years ago."

The two talked for hours, mostly Tsunade trying to figure out who he was, as the little group of fifty people crept through the barren terrain. They were made up of what remained of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Most other nations were in the same state. Kyuubi-Naruto was full of demonic rage and human desires.

Tsunade kept the worst as vague as possible, seeing how innocent the kid was.

No telling how a good kid like Sarutobi would react to the monstrous "children" Kyuubi had spawned here.


The little girl was taken from the class she was in and taken to the Hokage's Tower, to let the Hokage figure out what was going on. She thought it was a great idea, her Daddy would make everything alright.

How surprised she was when she saw an old man sitting in her Daddy's chair and wearing the Hokage robes and hat.

"You're not my Dad." Her matter of fact tone surprised those listening. She heard someone laughing and looked to find a woman with hair just like hers covering her mouth with her hand. Little Tsunade didn't like being laughed at. "STOP LAUGHING AT ME! SARUTOBI-NIISAN IF THIS IS ONE OF YOUR PRANKS I'M GOING TO HIT YOU SO HARD. . ."

The laughing woman just laughed harder and pointed at the old man, who looked like he was about to have a heart attack, "S-s-sensei (snort) from father to brother. Why didn't you say anything?"

"Tsunade this isn't a laughing matter."

"Of course not/it is." The two blondes answered at the same time. The little angry kunoichi in training glared at the older woman and finally noticed that she looked like the pictures of the woman she'd been named after.

"Who are you oba-chan?" she asked innocently.

The older woman huffed and drew herself up, "I am Senju Tsunade."

"Aren't you dead?"

Now it was Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi's turn to laugh at his student's shocked face.


Ramen had saved her marriage on more than one occasion. Uzumaki Sakura had learned that the best time to pick Naruto's mind was when he was gorging himself on mass quantities of ramen.

She was glad that it held true with the chibi she was subtly interrogating. Unfortunately, that hadn't helped her find out why he liked the pink haired little #&. All she got was "Cause she's Sakura-chan."

It wasn't that she hated the younger version of herself, she just wasn't right for chibi Naruto. Sakura knew her own faults quite well, having given years of thought to them with a near perfect memory and knew how she would have reacted to the scene of Naruto and Sasuke's return as it happened here.

She would have hugged those boys until ANBU pried her off.

She might not have gotten over her little crush for Sasuke by then, but she at least considered Naruto a friend. Hitting him for keeping a promise she had him make was insane.

Maybe she should take a peek into her chibi's mind- just to see how it worked. Her Naruto's mind was guarded against intrusion . . . her Naruto. For the first time since waking here did she realize that she might never see him again. Or their children, or anyone from her home.

Her ruminations were interrupted by the arrival of a certain one-eyed jounin who she'd hoped to avoid.

"Naruto, I didn't think Tsunade-sama would have let you out so soon. You should be resting," said Kakashi to his shortest student.

"It's all right Hatake-san, I cleared him to leave," interjected Sakura. She wasn't about to let anyone, even her old sensei, do anything to make her charge upset.

"And your name was?" asked Kakashi casually. All his attempts at finding out the woman's identity had been met with frustration and he was determined to get some answers.

Sakura looked him in the eye. She trusted Tsunade, and didn't know if Kakashi was in on the situation. So she decided to have fun with it. "I'm crushed Kakashi-kun, you don't even remember little old me? We were so close too. The ramen eating machine here reminded me of someone dear to me, so I wanted to help him. How is his training going?"

Kakashi was taken aback by the question and narrowed his eye slightly. "Haven't had much time for training recently."

"Such a shame. He's probably got a lot of untapped potential this one."

Kakashi wondered why the mystery woman was acting like he should know her. He was sure that a woman like this would stick out in his memory. Silent alarms were ringing inside his head. He looked at Naruto, who was oblivious to all but his food, and decided that he needed to get the two apart.

"Naruto why don't you come with me for a bit? You still need to report to Tsunade-sama about what happened yesterday."

Naruto set his food down and wondered why the nice lady and Kakashi-sensei were staring hard at each other.

The boy wondered if she was an old girlfriend or something.


After dodging another slow (to her) attack from the chuunin chasing her, Kushina made another man-filled crater to go with the dozen or so she'd already made. She knew that her family was basically a powerhouse clan but this was getting ridiculous. No one had even landed a decent blow yet. Her dad expected more from his ninja.

She had picked up some things as she moved about the village, and the most disturbing was the fact that the Hokage mountain had only three heads on it. She didn't know what was going on, but all she wanted was some good food and a nice bed to sleep in.

Prison cells were far below her usual standard of living.

A yellow blur caused her to leap backwards. "Finally someone I recognize! That you Mina-kun?"

The yellow blur stopped and looked at her incredulously. "Who are you and how on Earth do you know my name?"

Kushina took a closer look and noticed small differences between this man and her little brother, other than a small but noticeable age difference. He actually looked just like her Grandpa's pictures when he was made Hokage. Her head was started to hurt by all the mismatched data it was trying to put into order.

Namikaze Minato looked at the young pink-haired woman in apprehension. The familiar address as much as her skill was off-setting. She fought similar to Tsunade-sama but with some Uchiha style of all things in the mix. "Well?"

"I'm a ninja of Konoha. Why was I imprisoned?"

"I don't really have to answer that do I?"

Kushina narrowed her eyes. The polite approach wasn't going to work, so now it was time for the Uzumaki approach.

"If that's the way you want to be-Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

A score of exact replicas of Kushina appeared in a cloud of smoke and started Shunshining their way to different positions in the Village.

Minato just stared in puzzlement at the tactic. He grumbled, "Too much like that tomboy Kushina."


He could feel his body's functions returning to normal and he was ready to get out of wherever he was and get some answers. He had heard voices he knew very well, but their chakras were different, subtly but still different.

Plus there was the Kyuubi chakras that he'd felt. He was still trying to figure out why there were two distinct signatures for the Kyuubi, but only one ever came near him, so he couldn't look closer.

That one had a remarkably female voice. Another thing that confused the Hokage.

"I know you're awake. I have some questions I need to ask you, whoever you are."

Speaking of the devil, she was apparently better at sensing people than he'd hoped. He opened his eyes and looked where the voice came from. A lovely young woman in crimson, black, and white kunoichi gear was standing next to his bed with a frown that was almost a pout on her vulpine face. He didn't miss the five foxtails wriggling behind her and wondered out loud, "Well you're certainly cuter than the last Kyuubi I met."

He was somewhat pleased to see her blush.

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