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Summary: An attack by an old enemy leads Naruto and his family on a new adventure. Part of the Dreams Universe Futurefic NaruSaku

To help keep things straight I'm posting this list of names of Naruto and Sakura's kids are with their ages. I am also listing where in the Narutoverse they've been sent to.

Naruto – 38, FemKyuubi + harem world

Sakura - 38, Young Sakura hits Naruto though he brings Sasuke back

Kushina – 19, 1 month before Kakashi Gaiden

Minato - 16 (almost 17), FemNaruto world

Kora – 14, same world as Minato

Sarutobi – 12, Demon Naruto world

Tsunade – 10, Old Tsunade raising Naruto

Scattered Dreams


To her credit, the female Kyuubi in front of Naruto didn't stay fazed long by his statement. After about five seconds of gawking at him, she regained her composure and eyed him critically.

"How many other Kyuubi no Kitsunes have you met?" she asked archly. She drew herself to her full height, though still a few inches shorter than Naruto, which he took advantage of as he smoothly slipped off the bed and mimicked her tactic. He also put on the face that his children always dreaded- the stoic mask of emotionless ice with just a hint of killer intent leaking out at her.

His eyebrow rose fractionally as she seemed to shrink and seemed to become more pitiful and weak. He had to admit the slight tremble in her lower lip and the barely there tears in her eyes were good touches. If his little Tsu-chan didn't pull this routine every time she got in trouble than he might have been fooled, but unfortunately for this Kyuubi, his Tsu-chan got into trouble almost as often as he did at that age.

"Look we can do the role-play another time, but I need answers now and I'm guessing you'd like some as well. How about we alternate the Q&A so we're not here all day?" he asked her with a comforting smile, letting an aura on calm surround him. It did seem to work, as her stance became relaxed and more than a tad arrogant. 'Just like Kushina-chan' he thought with mixed pride and pain.

"Sure old man, we'll play your game, but I'll go first. Gotta problem with that?" Her insolent tone just made him grin and shake his head. Her attitude reminded him of a more than a dozen kunoichis, both foreign and Konoha native, that used the same method to get people riled up. Shame she was up against the master of the art.

'Let's see how a female Kyuubi matches up against the Uzumaki clan women,' he thought with a feral glint in his eye. He doubted she had anything on the Sakura/Hinata tag—team mission requests, now those two knew how to twist your mind and other insides in knots.

"Who are you? I mean name, rank, origin - the whole nine yards." She narrowed her slitted crimson eyes. He could tell she was on guard against any tricks. He didn't intend to pull any, since he really wanted those answers.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I am the Rokudaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato in Hi no Kuni. I am the former Jinchuriki of a male Kyuubi no Kitsune, who tried to devour my soul when I was eighteen. I defeated him using a new seal I developed and later handed him over to be sent back wherever demons come from. Now child, who are you?"

After she scraped her jaw off the ground, a long exchange of information began.



"What do you mean 'aren't you dead?'? I'm right here!" questioned a very angry Senju Tsunade.

"I'm just telling you what my parents told me! And don't shout at me Baa-chan!" shouted an equally angry, though much younger, Uzumaki Tsunade.

The two blond females glared at the other for a moment. Then the Sandaime got a hold of his laughter and decided to do his usual peacemaker job.

"And who are your parents, young lady?"

Usumaki Tsunade – also known as Tsu-chan to her family – turned to him with a still angry look, "My Dad's Hokage and my Mom is the best Medic Nin in the whole Village." They looked at her a bit longer, but no names seemed to be coming out.

"Hate to break it to you kid, but I'm the best Medic Nin in Konoha, and I know I didn't have you," smirked the older Tsunade.

"I told you, you've been dead as long as I've been alive. My Mom was your apprentice, and my Dad's Hokage." Tsunade didn't like it when people called her a liar.

Older Tsunade and Sarutobi exchanged surprised glances, then stared at her for a long time.

"What?" Really, the girl was getting freaked out by the whole experience: dead people who weren't dead, her Dad wasn't Hokage, and people thinking she was a liar. She stopped her inner rant when she noticed the two legendary (supposed to be dead) ninjas standing a lot closer and studying her features.

"Well the hair's the right color . . . and her temper, especially with me, sure matches hers . . . Sarutobi-sensei, do you think it's possible?" Older Tsunade asked. Her face reminded the younger girl of when her Mom ate some of Kora's "special" cookies (aka, carbon disks) and didn't want the disgust to show.

"It is possible, but why now?" the aged Hokage turned to the smaller Tsunade. "Young lady, how old are you?"

"I'm ten. What're you talking about Oji-san?" Both of the adults smiled at the curious look on her face. It reminded them both of another would-be ninja dear to them both.

"Oh nothing, now the lady here and I need to talk about some boring things for awhile. Have you eaten yet?" His kind chuckle at her stomach's response made her blush in embarrassment. He stuck his head out the door and spoke to someone, but Tsu-chan couldn't understand what it was. He opened the door and gestures for her to leave. She found a chunnin she didn't recognize standing there.

"I'm going to take you to the cafeteria," the young man said.

"Okay," Tsu-chan let her hunger guide her.

After she had left, the two older ninjas huddled together and the Hokage spoke quietly.

"Find out everything you can, by any means. Make sure to ask Shizune if she knows anything about this."



"So you're bonded with my counterpart, and the of you are engaged?" asked Naruto.


"And he's also engaged to Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Tenten, and a former Sound ninja named Kin?"


Naruto rubbed his face with both hands. The idea of being married to multiple women caused many reactions: some biological, some psychological. He knew of the Clan Restoration Laws, and while some of the council had recommended he use them (usually these recommendations came from parents of eligible daughters) Naruto was devoted to his family entirely. He did wonder how his counterpart planned to keep them all happy and not bickering for attention.

His family was used to his utilization of Kage Bushin to watch over or spend time with them, but then his Kage Bushins had more personality and power than most ninjas. Half the time he himself forgot if he was the original or just another Kage Bushin. Would those work for seven wives as it had for a wife, a sister, and five children?

"What's he like?" A question that had visited Naruto often once he figured out he wasn't in his own world. The Kyuubi seemed to understand the question, given the slight blush that came to her cheeks.

"My Naruto is a passionate idiot with a big heart and little common sense. He dives in first and forgets to ask any questions. He'd move heaven and earth for any one of us."

"Well, at least that much is same with me. But I am glad to say the idiot part took a nosedive a long time ago. Here take a look at this." He reached into his Uzumaki coat and unsealed a worn book.

"Reading? That is an improvement."

"Check out the author."

She looked and couldn't help the bulging of her eyes as she saw the title and author: Advanced Chakra Particle Theory by Uzumaki Naruto. She numbly flipped through the first few pages, glancing at the man in front of her from time to time. The way the book was broken down was simple enough – physical energies and spiritual energies. From there, the individual particle chapters went in depth on the purpose the individual particle, its use, and possible training methods to better gain more of it. It was simple in format, but even a demon with an innate knowledge of chakra like her was shocked at the information presented in the book. She closed the book and turned to see the searching gaze of her guest looking intensely through the wall to her right.

"Are you all right?"

Naruto blinked as he came back to where he was. He smiled reassuringly at the seemingly young woman across from him. "I thought I could feel my Hinata."

"But that shouldn't be possible. Are you sure you're not feeling our Hinata?"

He nodded thoughtfully, "At first, that's what I thought, but this is through the family seal, and I doubt your Naruto's been giving those out. Actually I doubt he's even made it yet."

Kyuubi looked at him with question clear in her eyes, "Family seal?"

He smiled and began to explain the seal he'd developed to make sure his family would be safe. With Hinata and Sakura's help, he was able to make a multi-layered seal that had several functions: medical, protection, sensing others with the same seal, and a stored Kage Bushin for emergencies (though Kora and Sarutobi like to use them for assistants in their various projects). It was complex with many dummy layers to prevent copying and needed yearly maintenance to keep the healing up to date with the person's health, but overall it had served his family well.

Now he was sure that Hinata and her family were in the same area his house was supposed to be. At a distance he had though it was just Hinata, but upon arriving to the spot he could distiguish the indiviual signitures. He looked to the Kyuubi, "I'm going to check this out." Then in a flash he was gone.

Leaving behind a very perplexed and irritated demon vixen.

When he arrived at the spot, all he could see were trees. His house, the only home his children had ever known, didn't exist here. He could still feel his Hinata and her family's seals, even though the rest of them couldn't be found by any of his rather acute senses.

The old cold ache of loneliness began to seep into him, down to the bones. Talking about not being home was one thing, but this physical evidence of the house he had built never existing felt like a stake in the heart, with a Chouji sized hammer pounding it deeper. His fingers dug into the soil as he tried to pull himself together.

He was dimly aware of the approaching crowd, including his alternate and his fiancés. Time to face the world, meaning this was no time for grief.

The first things he noticed about his alternate were the fox attributes: ears coming out the top of his head, four tails swinging behind him, fangs, slitted eyes, and the exaggerated whisker marks on his cheeks. The irony seemed odd to Naruto, this Fox-Self was what he might have looked like if the Kyuubi had won in their internal battle all those years ago. Naruto checked the chakra in Fox Naruto and wasn't surprised at the vast amount. Not as much as his own, but then Naruto had been Hokage for almost two decades and had gone through tons of training both with his family and friends and on his own.

The next thing he noticed was the Fox's fist coming at his face.

"YOU #$$%$%!"


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