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President Copland paced the room for the seventh time.

Ever since the shuttle took off, he could not sit still. He was too nervous about the possible consequences of his upcoming actions.

When he first became President, everything seemed so simple. The Assembly was full of weak fools and Djibril guaranteed him absolute power. When the second war started, everything was going well and there was no need for him to worry.

After the disaster at Berlin, everything began to change. LOGOS's denouncement by Gilbert Durandal turned the people against the Alliance and the loss of more territory to ZAFT. Djibril was now holed up at Heavens Base and Copland's support in the Assembly was now smaller than ever. There were even calls for his removal from office.

The Alliance was falling apart. The Republic of East Asia had withdrawn its own forces and the Eurasian Federation was threatening to do the same. The South African Union was still loyal but its support was no way near the other members. The only good thing was that Victoria was still in their hands and too well defended for ZAFT to attack at the moment.

Copland knew his back was against the wall and when HE came forward with hiss offer, the Atlantic Federation President knew that he could not refuse it. However, he was still nervous.

"Will you take a seat Copland, you are starting to annoy me" said the man in the chair some feet away from where Copeland was pacing. Copeland nodded and sat across from the man.

"I am sorry, but what we are about to do….." said the man with a worried tone in his voice.

"Is to assure the continued existence of the Alliance" stated the young man. Though he was only eighteen, he was one of the most powerful individuals in the Earth Alliance outside Djibril.

"The risk though…." said Copland before he was cut off.

"Will be worth it; do not worry my friend, everything will be all right" said Nichos Ayanami. Behind him stood a pair of Chinese female twins, both in their mid-twenties. One was dressed in a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt while the other was in a long white silk Chinese dress. They both looked almost exactly alike with the only difference was that the one in the dress had a mole on her right cheek. Other than that, they both had long brown hair and green eyes.

When Copland first encountered the twins, he was enthralled by their beauty. That changed when he saw them in action. From what he could gather, the twins were skillful assassins whose loyalty to their master was non-questionable.

"If we are going to do this, then we should have brought an army" said the Federation leader in an disgruntled tone.

"There is no need for one as you will see. Just sit down and relax" said Nichos with a smile.

Copland just grunted and excused himself to use the restroom. He felt like he was going to be sick.

"He is aggravating" said Yu Lan in an annoyed tone. Her hand was clenched beside her white dress.

"Yes he is, but that is understandable given his personality. I can see how Djibril was able to exert his authority over him for so long" replied Nichos, amused by the statement.

"Do you want me to kill him?" asked Yu Fan in an even tone.

"No, not yet; he is useful at the moment. When someone more competent appears in the Assembly, then we will get rid of him" answered Nichos.

"Understood" said Yu Fan.

From the front of the shuttled, a soldier appeared and made his way to the trio. Dressed in an Atlantic Federation uniform, he saluted briefly before speaking.

"We are about twenties minutes away from Heavens Base Director Ayanami. As per your instructions, we have stated that we are carrying President Copland aboard. Lord Djibril will be meeting us on the tarmac" informed the man.

"Thank you Captain; inform the Scinfaxi that we will contact them when we are ready to receive their troops" said the Director. The Captain saluted and headed back to the cockpit.

"Yu Lan, when Djibril is dealt with, I want you to eliminate the other LOGOS members. Leave no survivors" said Nichos in a serious tone. Yu Lan nodded.

Copland appeared and retook his seat across from Director Ayanami. The man was pale and sweat appeared on his brow.

Nichos just smile.


To say that Djibril was irritated was an understatement.

For the last week, life had been Hell for him. With the threat of an impending ZAFT attack, his nerves were shot.

Though he had every confidence that Heavens Base's defenses could repel any attack, there was always the possibility that Durandal could outwit him again. There was also the fact that ZAFT had three Gundams in their possession and he was down to one Extended.

His only ace in the hole was the four Destroy Gundams that Heavens Base had in its possession. However, while a Destroy was more than a match for any other mobile suit, Djibril had doubts about their capabilities against a Gundam. Freedom had proven that.

As he watched the shuttle approach, his anger turned to Copland. He had no idea why he was here and did not care. Copland was to play his part and follow orders.

The shuttle landed, and the side door opened up and a pair of Atlantic Federation troops took their place along side the entrance. President Copland then appeared, sporting a nervous smile as he approached Djibril.

"Why are you here?" asked the LOGOS leader angrily. The response he got was something he was not expecting.

"Lord Djibril, by the authority as the President of the North Atlantic Federation I am here by taking control of this base and placing you under arrest" said Copland as steadily as he possibly could. Djibril stood there in silence as did the Commander of the base behind him. After a minute of his face going through several expressions, the LOGOS leader suddenly laughed.

"If you are trying to be funny Copland, you succeeded; now you idiot, I will ask again. Why are you here?" inquired Djibril amusingly.

"So you are resisting?" asked the Federation leader in return, not trying to let the man in front of him intimidate him. Djibril's face went from amusement to anger. He stepped forward to teach Copland a lesson on who was really in charge.

Then, there was a loud bang and a part of Djibril's head exploded. The blood went everywhere with some of it spraying on Copland and the Heavens Base Commander. The body then fell backwards onto the ground and a pool of blood was seen emanating from the hole in Djibril's head.

President Copland turned and saw Director Ayanami standing at the shuttle's entrance with his pistol drawn. There was smoke coming out of the muzzle and Nichos wore a small smile.

"What the hell did you just do?!" screamed the Federation leader. His face was one of horror and shock.

"He refused to comply" answered Director Ayanami with a shrug. He then put his pistol away.

"You never said that you were going to kill him!" screamed the man.

"Calm down Copland, this was the only way. We both know that there was no way Djibril was going to surrender without a fight. It had to come to this" said the Director, walking forward. He then handed Copland a handkerchief to wipe the blood off.

The Base Commander still stood there in shock, not knowing what to do. He was tempted to call security but was reluctant to do so. Though Heavens Base was maintained by LOGOS, it was still a North Atlantic Federation military base and President Copland was the highest authority at the moment. Besides, he never did like Djibril anyways; him and his other Blue Cosmos fanatics. Luckily for him, they were all at Daedalus on the moon.

"What are your orders Mr. President?" asked the Base Commander, General John Noland, and saluting Copland.

"This is Director Nichos Ayanami; he is the newly appointed Supreme Commander of all loyalist Earth Alliance Forces" informed Copland, trying wipe the last of the blood off his skin.

"Welcome to Heavens Base, Sir" greeted the General.

"Thank you General; where are the other LOGOS members?" asked the Director with a smile.

"In the conference room; we were in the middle of a meeting when you arrived" answered Noland.

"Thank you; inform security that my bodyguard is not to be interfered with" ordered the young man. Nichos nodded at Yu Lan who then headed towards the base's interior.


"Where is Djibril? He should have been back by now" asked a LOGOS member. They were halfway through the meeting when Lord Djibril had been called away.

"This is highly irregular; what was so important that he had to leave?" asked another member, rubbing his bald head.

"Could it be that we are under attack?" asked blond member, panic in his voice.

"If we were under attack, we would know" replied bearded member in a snide tone.

The LOGOS members all looked at one another and continued to speculate on the whereabouts of Djibril. They were the only ones in the conference room. The door then opened and all the members turned to see who it was.

Some of the members grinned as they watched Yu Lan enter the room and closed the door behind her. It had been a while since they had seen a woman as young as she and they gave her a lecherous grin. Her hands were behind her back and her face was blank.

"Looks like Djibril sent us some entertainment" said the bald headed LOGOS member with a smile. The other members leaned back in their chairs and prepared to enjoy themselves.

Pulling the sub-machine gun from the back of her, Yu Lan pointed the weapon at the LOGOS members and fired before they had a chance to react. Bullets riddled their bodies and blood splattered everywhere. After ten seconds of firing, Yu Lan stopped and lowered her weapon. Smoke came out of the muzzle and she surveyed the carnage.

"This is Yu Lan; objective achieved" said the woman, talking into her ear piece.

"Excellent; return at once" said Nichos on the other end.

"Yes Sir" said the woman, turning back to the door. Taking one last glance at the bodies, Yu Lan glared and then left the room.

"Now that that's taken care of; General Noland could you please take us to the Command Center? There is a call I need to make" said Director Ayanami with a smile.

"Certainly Sir; right this way" replied the General, motioning Nichos and Copland to follow him. As the trio walked on, Copland leaned to the side.

"What call are we going to make?" asked the Federation leader with curiosity.

"The call to Premier Romanov; if we are to rebuild the Alliance, he is the first man we need to contact" answered Director Ayanami.

"I have been trying to contact the Eurasians for a week now; what makes you think that they will talk to you?" asked Copland.

"I have good relations with the man as well as other elements within the Eurasian Federation's Government. They will talk to me" replied Nichos with confidence. The two continued on in silence.

Walking down the halls on the base, both President Copland and Director Ayanami noted the number of personnel scurrying about. Most of them seemed nervous. Seeing their looks, the General explained.

"We are expecting an attack from ZAFT. According to latest intelligence, more forces are gathering at Gibraltar as well as rogue elements of our own forces who have sided with ZAFT" said the man.

"Ah, yes that makes sense. Do not worry, I do not believe that ZAFT will be attacking anytime soon" said Nichos.

"Why not?" asked the puzzled Noland. President Copland was curious as well.

"ZAFT's sole reason to attack this base is to capture or kill Djibril and the other LOGOS members. With them now dead, there is no reason for ZAFT to attack" explained the Director.

"So we are safe here?" asked a nervous Copland.

"For the moment; once Gilbert discovers that he has a new opponent to play chess with, I have no doubt that he will launch an attack on this base. However, I plan to have a much better defense up by then" replied Nichos with a smirk.

They entered the Command Center after passing a duo of guards who saluted them as they entered. The room was quite large and rectangular. There were monitors everywhere including one that practically took up one of the walls. One the other side was a set of chairs with one in the center resembling a throne. The screens showed various things from numbers of troops stationed at the base and their positions to mobile suit counts. On the large screen was a detailed map of Heavens Base and the surrounding area.

"Contact Moscow; inform them that it is Director Ayanami" ordered Nichos, taking a seat on Djibril's throne. The communications officer complied and made the transmission.

"Hmm, this is quite comfortable" said Nichos as he settled in the chair. A second later, the communications officer waved at him and a group of men and women appeared on screen.

"Ah, Premier Romanov; it is nice to see you again" greeted Director Ayanami with a friendly smile.

"It is my friend; I see that you have been successful" observed Premier Romanov of the Eurasian Federation. He was a bulky man in his late fifties with grey hair and hazel eyes. The man was currently wearing a white dress uniform which was the usual attire for his office. The deep accent made it obvious of his Russian heritage.

"Yes; I am happy to say that LOGOS had been taken care of; have you received the data that I sent you?" asked the young man.

"Yes I have; its information is frightening" said Romanov in a grave tone.

"Yes it is" agreed Nichos with a frown on his face.

"Though you have always been a friend, I have to question the validity of this information" said the Eurasian leader.

"I can understand that; rest assured that this information is accurate and comes to you courtesy of the South African Union, not the North Atlantic Federation" informed Nichos.

"I did not know that the South Africans had that type of intelligence network" said Copland with surprise in his voice. Romanov nodded as well.

"With my long association with our South African allies, we have built up a very excellent Intelligence service with deep roots within the PLANT Government. It was through their efforts that we were able to discover Gilbert Durandal's Destiny Plan and its motives" stated Director Ayanami.

"I see; this may convince some within my Government but there are still some elements who openly support Durandal and his efforts. It will be hard for me to openly support you in rebuilding the Alliance" said Romanov with a frown.

"That is true; however, those elements that support Gil are all from nations that are calling for independence from the Federation. I am sorry to say that the Eurasian Federation is falling apart. With your pledge and support, I could remedy that through my resources" said Nichos with a smile.

"Hmm….that could convince some within my Government. What do you need me to do?" asked the man.

"Just recognize my authority as Supreme Commander of all Earth Alliance forces and that should be enough. Heavens Base will now be the headquarters of all loyal Earth military forces. I will convene a military council in three days, just send you're Generals" replied Director Ayanami. Romanov nodded.

"What about the Republic of East Asia?" asked Copland.

""It seems that they have decided to sit on the sidelines for the moment; though many of their ships have been seen in Gibraltar. In time they will come back to us" stated the young man in assurance.

"And ZAFT?" asked Romanov in a curious tone.

"Gilbert Durandal's sole reason for fighting this war is to "liberate" us from the clutches of LOGOS. With them now gone, he will have to come up with another reason to justify continuing fighting with our forces. If he just keeps fighting, he will lose the support of the people which he cannot let happen" answered Nichos.

"Do you think he will sue for peace?" asked Copland.

"No; the man is dead set on initiating this plan of his. In time he will come up with another reason to justify fighting. However, it might take him some time and that will give us an opportunity to rebuild and prepare. When ZAFT finally attacks us, I plan to have a few surprises for them" said Nichos with a smile.

"Like the Scinfaxi and the Hrimfaxi?" asked Romanov with a grin.

"As well as some other tools" replied the young man.

"Well, I am looking forward to seeing what you can do. My Generals will arrive soon; until then my friend" said the Eurasian leader.

"Until then; say hello to your wife for me" said Nichos. The man on the screen nodded and it went blank.

"What are the Scinfaxi and the Hrimfaxi?" asked the Atlantic Federation leader. They were names he had never heard before.

"A joint project I have with the Eurasians. You will see in time" answered the Director. Copland nodded and excused himself to go rest. Noland offered to escort him to the guest quarters and the two left Nichos to his thoughts.

Nichos leaded back on the chair and closed his eyes. He knew that he had to take his injection in three hours and was dreading it.

He now knew that the easy part was now over with no complications what so ever. Now came his complex game of chess with Gilbert Durandal; a game that he was actually looking forward to. Nichos was looking forward to it. He had his own endgame to achieve.

He was also looking forward to meeting some old friends. It had been years since he last saw Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala.

Would they be ever surprised.

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