Jeff Hardy watched as his beautiful bride floated down the aisle. Her face glowed as she carried the bouquet of white roses in front of her, with her mouth in the perfect smile that he knew so well. She walked slowly and gracefully, making her way towards shore of her beachside wedding. With her two bridesmaids, Maria and Torrie, wearing matching white dresses, she took a final step to stand before her soon-to-be husband, ignoring the dark clouds that were coming their way.

Candice's smile grew when she saw him staring at her, his eyes gazing at her dress. It made her want to drop her bouquet and have him take her right there, but she restrained herself from acting like that in front of the priest. She knew he would watch her every moment from now, watch as she slowly tucked a strand of her brown hair behind her ear and chew seductivley on her bottom lip while they made eye contact.

With a sigh, she turned her attention away from the best man, and back to the man in front of her.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today," the priest began, staring down at the brides bouquet. He almost stopped in mind-sentence as the middle rose slowly turned, but continued as he saw the happy couple smiling at each other, waiting for him to continue with the ceromony.

But Jeff couldn't take it any longer. He just wanted to move as close as he could to his bride and hold her for as long as he possible could. Then, when the priest began to speak slower, and his body began to shrink, Jeff panicked. The white hair was that was so neatly kept on top of his head was slowly disapearing with each rain drop as they fell. It was then Candice, the woman that stood before him in a white dress to show her innoncence and purity, dropped her bouquet of white roses and ran to the arms of his best man...his own brother.

Jeff watched as Torrie and Maria quickly joined hands and ran off into the ocean, where a lightning bolt had just struck, causing a ripple within the water, and a giant wave coming in their direction. Once that waved crashed down, the two Diva's were nowhere to be seen.

Turning around, back to the site of what was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, his brother and never-was-wife wasn't there. Instead, their fingers were linked through each others and their backs were turned, walking in the complete opposite direction where it was sunny and bright, just like their future together.

While in the rain, Jeff fell to his knees, wondering what went wrong. How something that was so perfect in reality had been destroyed so quickly, all before they could say their vows. And while he sat there in the sand, his tuxedo ripped to shreads from the wind and his hair out of his ponytail, a single black rose rolled towards him, stopping as it leaned against his shoe. The rest of the white roses blew past him, each thorn falling off and holes in the sand from where they had landed.

With a defeated sigh, he toyed with the dead rose and let a single tear fall onto a petal, and watched as the black dye drained onto the sand beneth him. As soon as the lone drop hit the ground, a hole developed and he fell in, never reaching the bottom.


John Cena and Randy Orton sat at the opposite end of the locker room, watching as the youngest Hardy slept on the ground using his baggage as a pillow. While the duo could quietly hear him talk to himself in his sleep, they knew what he was dreaming, as he has had the same dream for almost the past five months. They looked at each other, silently debating if they should wake him up, but it was the sudden burst through the door that actually caused the sleeping man to stir.

"Hey baby!" Candice greeted Jeff, sitting on his lap while he slowly started to wake up. "Did I wake you?" she asked, pouting her bottom lip out, "because if I did, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to see you. I missed you! And I have this Diva shoot coming up, and then I have to make the final plans for our's going to be so stressful. Are you stressed out?"

Randy rolled his eyes at the brunette while she sat on his best friend's lap, noticing how Jeff had yet to say hello to his fiancee. He sat down on the bench behind him, joining John who was busy texting on his cell phone. "Anything interesting?" the Legend Killer asked, looking over the champion's shoulder.

John shrugged his shoulders, closing his phone quickly. "Just making some last minute plans for a vacation. Why?" John eyed up Candice as she played with strands of Jeff's hair, whispering in his ear. A small smile appeared on Jeff's face while she continued to whisper, quickly followed by him nuzzling her neck, causing her to giggle. Randy, seeing what his friend was staring at, placed a hand on John's leg and sighed.

"She makes him happy," he said. "That's what matters right?"

They both stood up, dressed in their workout gear, and left the change room without saying goodbye to the couple on the ground. When the door closed and they were down the hall, both let out matching grunts in frustration. "Are you serious?" John asked, leaning against the wall. "He's seriously going to marry her? Spend the rest of his life with her? Seriously?"

"Like, seriously?" a mocking Lillian Garcia asked, standing in the middle of the two men. "Is this all you guys do? Complain about how she takes away too much time from Jeff so he can't hang out with you guys? They have a wedding to plan." She placed her hands on her hips and looked at John. "Seriously?" she asked again with a wink. "Guys, you just have to give it time, k? He'll be back to the Jeff Hardy we all know and love in no time."

"Used to know," Randy corrected her. "We don't know him anymore. Dude is fried. He's fried because he's got Candice on his mind constantly, and he needs to..."

"Not have her on his mind," John finished, giving his friend a nod. Lillian gave a small chuckle as she took a seat on top of the clothing crate that was beside John and began to swing her feet back and forth. "There has to be something we could do, man," John moaned. "Something!"

Randy shrugged his shoulders, looking at the announcer for an answer. "Is there something?" he asked her. "You should know, you're a girl. Don't you girls have a sense for these things?"

"Ha!" Lillian laughed, flinging her blonde hair over her shoulder. "Are you kidding me? We try to stay away from Candice. That girl is too much. Did you know she managed to sleep with Edge and Hunter at the Rumble?" Both guys raised their eyebrows in interest, waiting for Lillian to continue. "She brags about it constantly. And the whole, 'I wear my engagment ring on a necklace because it's closer to my heart'? She totally stole that from Sex and the City because Carrie did it, and Carrie totally wasn't ready to get married to Aiden. Trust me, everyone needs a break from her. Candice Michelle is sex on legs, and I have to spend a week with her soon. A week with that...that thing. Ew." She shuddered at the fact, closing her eyes to get the visual out of her head. "Just thinking about it makes me feel dirty. Out of all the girls I could've been stuck with for the Diva shoot, I'm stuck with her."

"Don't you do those things in groups?" John asked, glancing down at the screen of his phone.

"Oh, right," Lillian said with a fake laugh. "It's Candice, Kelly, and Maria. I get along with Maria fine, but Candice and Kelly? Fucking gag me." She hopped down from her spot, looking up at John. "That vaction you're going you think there's room for a guest?"

John's eyes opened as he looked up from his phone, surprised that she even knew about it. "I swear, get me away from her for like, a week...and I'll forever be in your debt. Forever, I promise. I need to get away from her."

"Me too," Randy agreed, his arm lazily drapped over Lillian. "How about room for two guests? We can get a nice little cottage up north by the lake, have a nice wooden porch, chilled tunes..."

"Uh..." John shoved his phone in his pocket, scrunching his eyebrows in confusion. "It's not that kind of vaction, guys. I was just going to my place in Colorado for a few weeks."

Randy's and Lillian's faces fell at John reveleation, both of them looking down and staring at their shoes. "Oh," Lillian was the first one to speak. "Well, that's cool. I'll go home to Dave then, we have some things to sort out...who gets what and whatever," she whispered, talking of her divorce. "Probably call my lawyer...should speak to my sister, see if I can stay with her..." her voice slowly drifted off as she turned her back on the two men, her hands in her pockets and eyes focused on the ground.

When she was out of their view, Randy slapped his friend over the head. "What the hell dude!" he almost shouted. "You could've had that. You could've had her in your house for weeks, and you tell her no? The woman is going through a difficult time in her life, don't you think she needs people to surpport her right now? She needs us. Real men."

John shook his head as he turned away from Randy and began heading to catering on his own. He wasn't suprised when the Legend Killer was just steps behind him, still talking to him about what had just happend. "John, I mean it," he said, stepping in front of him to stop him in his tracks. "She needs us right now. Espically you, you guys are close."

"Randy," John began, running his fingers through his buzzed hair, "I need time to myself now too. I need to get my head cleared out for a bit, that's why I'm going to Colorado. I need to be on my own, and just...not do anything, k?" Randy nodded his head, holding his hands up in self defense. "I just need to be by myself. But hey, if you want to get that cabin up north, and invite Lil with you, then go ahead. She needs it." John tried to continue his walk to catering, but he was again stopped by Randy.

"Dude, I'm serious," Randy told him. "Lillian needs to be around us so she can feel good again. After the shoot, do you really want her to go back to her home where Batista is going to be with his new girlfriend, and then sort out shit in front of her? No woman should go through that, man. Lil needs to be with someone she trusts, and the only person she really trusts right now is you."

The champion sighed, placing his hands in his pockets where his fingers would fiddle with the lose change and candy wrappers. He knew about the rough time Lillian was going through, he was afterall, the first person she called when she found the divorce papers placed on the centre of her dining room table. Her voice was calm on the phone, not frantic or scared. It was the most at peace she had ever sounded, and that is how she was for the next four hours while they talked.

"I don't know man," John finally responded. "I don't want my place to be a hotel, you know? I only have three guest rooms..."

"Only?" Randy said sarcastically, resisiting the urge to slap him again. "It won't be a fucking hotel. It'll be me, Lil, and Hardy, which, by the way, is only three people. And you, by the way, have three guest rooms."

John clenched his fist inside his pockets, trying not to lose his temper. More people were starting to come through the hallway to get to catering, and he didn't want to make a scene by taking Randy's head and slamming it against the wall, repeatedly, while he got some sick satisfaction out of it. Although the image ran through his head, completed with John stepping over the body to go eat his quick dinner, he kept to himself and waited for his anger to cool before he finally asked, "why the hell did you mention Jeff?"

"Did you not hear Lillian? Everyone needs a break from Candice, you don't think that means her own fiancee?"

"It's not supposed to mean her own fiancee!" John finally yelled. "This is my time, OK? My vaction, in my home, by myself. That's it! Not you, not Lillian, and not Jeff. Nobody! But me!"

Randy studied his friend's face closely, trying to find any sign that he would give in to his idea. When he quickly scanned their conversation over in his head, he smirked to himself... "I only have three guest rooms..."

"Ness," the Legend Killer said confidently. "Ness is with you, isn't she?"

"What? No," John quickly defened himself, side stepping to get Randy out of his way.

"She is!" he shouted, moving himself in front of his friend again. "Ness is staying with you, or else you would've allowed someone to sleep in her room like you always do! John..." the younger man took a deep breath, placing his hands on his friends shoulders, "allow us to stay with you. Please."

"Us? No, Randy. No one is staying with me. It's me, and Ness, and that's it. The last thing my sister needs is for you to be around. You're staying away from her, and so is Lillian and anyone else you had in mind. That's it." Pushing Randy out of his way violently, John finally made his way to catering, finding a table in the back, by himself.

While he picked away at his potatoes and supposed chicken, the champion sighed to himself as he dropped his plastic fork onto his paper plate, contemplating if he should just throw it out. The knot of guilt in his stomach made him feel nauseous once he saw Lillian walk in the room, her hands in her pockets as she entered with Jeff and Randy. Her eyes lit up when she saw John, and she ran to get to him before he managed to escape from the far exit door.

"Randy says that you lied and really you do have enough room for us to stay at your place but you just don't want us to because Ness is there and you don't think she should hang around us," she said in a breath, leaning against the door to block his way. "Is that true?"

Shooting daggers at Randy from his eyes, John sighed, "yes," he admitted. "Ness is with me and I don't want her around you guys, because you're all horrible influences on her."

"I've never met her..." Jeff whispered.

"And I haven't seen her since she moved in with you! John, please! Just for a few nights?" her blue eyes grew wide as she gave him her best sympathetic look, hoping, praying, that he would give in. "We won't make a mess," she swore, holding up her hand in honor.

Scrunching his hands into a fist by his sides, John looked away from his friends with his eyes closed, doing his best to remain calm. He could feel the words on the tip of his tongue, the words he just wanted to shout one last time at the people he was closest to. It would be so easy, just to unclench his fist and slap Randy for being so annoying, and slap Jeff just for...being associated with Randy. Just to shout "NO!" at the top of his lungs...

"Fine." His eyes remained closed as Lillian threw her arms around her closest confidant, not even noticing how motionless he felt in her arms. Jeff gave him a thankful smile before his fiancee came over and dragged him away, making him sit down next to Torrie and across from Maria while they discussed wedding plans.

The Hardy Boy's heart sank as he rememebred his dream from the night before, remembering how both Diva's had drowned in the ocean. How he even managed to dream that upsetted him, he never wanted anything bad to happen to Torrie and Maria. They were completely innoncent in every possible way, and he was glad that Candice had asked them to be apart of her wedding party. He knew they would look stunning in whatever dress they would choose to wear for being bridesmaid's.

When Randy walked back and slipped a napkin under Jeff's hand, they exchanged a smirk. Both men in their mid to late twenties, and they're still passing notes.

Reading the note underneth the table, Jeff scrunched his eyebrows in confusion while he read the messy handwriting that was scribbled:

You'll regret meeting her.