A/N: Thanks for beta-reading Arcadia! If any of you have ever read the book Flight 116 is Down! by Caroline B. Cooney this fic is a lot like that. (probably cuz' that's where I got the idea after reading that book a couple months ago. The idea's been bouncing around in my head ever since so I finally just had to write it)


"Whose idea was this stupid trip anyway?"

They all turned to look at Tyler who shrugged his shoulders.

" I'm not forcing you all to come with me," he said, "I just actually thought you all would enjoy a week of R and R in the Florida sun."

"Okay we get the point," Caitie sighed, crossing her arms.

"Yeah Ty, it's not that we're ungrateful," Jamie said, "It's just that I thought we'd actually be flying there not just sitting in the plane and pretending."

"Hey," Tyler said, getting defensive, "It's not my fault they decided to make us all get on the plane and then wait for two hours while they fixed the," he held up his fingers in quotes, "minor engine problems."

"But," Caitie continued, "it is your fault you convinced us all to come with you so you wouldn't have to visit your dad alone."

"Caitie!" Val put in, "Be nice."

Tyler shifted in his seat. "I haven't seen him in a while and it'd be uncomfortable."
More like impossible, he thought to himself.

"Yea well I'm getting pretty uncomfortable myself, after sitting on this plane for two hours!" Jamie said, raising his voice, causing several passengers to turn and stare.

Suddenly, a mechanical voice came over the intercom, "Welcome to W.G.C. Airlines. (A/N: W.G.C.=We're Gonna Crash. lol) We apologize for the delay. Please fasten your seat belts as we will be taking off shortly."

There was a mixture of applause as everyone reached for their seat buckles.

Finally, the plane began its ascent.


"I hate flying," Val complained, after her ears popped for the tenth time.

"You'll get used to it," Tyler assured her.

Val highly doubted she could ever get used to overly salty peanuts.

Deciding to change the subject, she said, "You're probably nervous about going to see your dad."


Val sighed, she'd been hoping for more than a one-word answer.

"You haven't seen him in a while?"


Come on Tyler! Val urged him mentally. She was beginning to think Caitie and Jamie had had the right idea as she glanced across the aisle over at them sleeping peacefully.

Looking past Jamie, out the window she saw the wing of the plane as it sliced through the clouds. For some reason this image made her feel tired. She turned around to Tyler she was going to sleep only to find that he'd beaten her to it.

Sighing contentedly, Val closed her eyes. Seconds later though they were jerked back open as the plane began rapidly approaching the ground.


Jamie was awake before the plane had lost more than a foot in altitude.

People began to scream and for a second he didn't even realize what was happening. And then someone in the back yelled, "We're gonna crash!" and it hit him.

Racking his brain he tried to remember what the flight attendant had said about crash landings. He quickly fastened his seat belt and leaned forward.

It wasn't until then that he saw Caitie, just waking up and not knowing what was going on.

He reached for her, grabbed her shoulder and shoved her head towards her knees.

"Jamie, no, I have to..."Caitie stammered trying to sit back up.

Jamie couldn't hear her with all the yelling, so he just tried to keep her head down.

She'd been trying to tell him she didn't have her seatbelt on.



The word echoed through Tyler's mind over and over until he didn't think he could stand it.

Val had woken him up just a few minutes ago, although it seemed like hours as the aircraft plummeted toward the earth.

Suddenly, an explosion ripped through the plane causing windows and light bulbs alike to shatter and rain glass on the terrified passengers. High-pitched screams followed.

Tyler could hear Val screaming in the seat next to him and he reached out, taking her hand in his.

A second explosion, larger than the first, made the whole plane shake.

What happened next was the most frightening thing any of them had ever experienced. The plane began to creak and groan, getting louder and louder, until cracks began to appear in the walls.

It seemed to Tyler that he only blinked and the row of seats in front of him disappeared. The plane had broken in half, opening up the four teens to the unforgiving wreckage below.

Tyler closed his eyes. He didn't want to see when they collided. At the same time he squeezed Val's hand even tighter.

And then... they hit.


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