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Chapter One: Clueless Starts-Act one

Sakura Haruno was allergic to M & R's raspberry shampoo. It made her throat clog up and make her suffocate. Therefore, she would have to go to the hospital to somehow remove the shampoo from her system. That or her friend would stab a friggin' painful epi-pen into leg. People are probably thinking, 'it's really easy to get that shampoo away from her. She just will not buy it.' That is where they are wrong. The problem was that, Sakura's father, Takeshi Haruno, owns the company for the very famous and commonly used shampoo. Her family became rich and moved into a large house in the middle of a beautiful lake out away from any other house. Therefore, that is how she ended up here. In her large, yet beautiful house, away from raspberry shampoo, and home alone.


She was done watching the movie she had ordered. Putting the half eaten pizza into the pizza box on the huge coffee table, she walked into the kitchen. Sakura was not just any ordinary girl. Because of the first time she used the raspberry shampoo, it took it extreme affect on her. She was only three then, but the affect turned her hair pink. Not just a dark looking pink, a light pink that was soft and easy to brush out and matched her light green eyes. Letting her hand go through the pink strands of hair, she pulled it back in disgust.

"I need a shower," she mumbled. She jogged up the staircase until she reached her room. Everything in the house was old fashion. Her parents loved old fashion. They had old paintings hanging on every room. The even had an old, yet large ice box in the garage. Nothing was in the old machine; it did not even work for the longest time. Everything except for Sakura's room was old fashion, to get to the point. She had a pink room with panda hanging all over. Panda pictures, Panda stuffed animals, everything. She loved them. A lot.

She ran into her room to grab a change of clothes and made her way to the bathroom. Inspecting the marble covered tub, she turned on the water on and slipped in. The water was perfect temperature. It wasn't just warm- it was hot. She closed her eyes and thought of all that had been happening that week. All the moving and decoration was stressful. She had just move to this house last week. At first, she cried. Leaving her best friend, Hannah, was going to be terrible. But, Hannah said she would keep in touch. Then, everything became good again. She could get away from her cruel teachers. She was graduating high school soon and going into college.

If she was still in her old school, she would have 13 days left. Unfortunately, her parents went away for the weekend on business trips. Why would that be unfortunate? It was, because her friends were miles and miles away so she could not have a party, and she was suck in this big, old fashion decorated, house.

After getting out of the tub, she grabbed the house phone to call Hannah. She looked at the phone oddly. The phone said; "Line in use". She turned it on. And heard nothing. No one was on the other line. Looking confused, she looked for the other phones. If one person was on the phone or even had it turned on, no one else could call or dial any number. She shrugged. ' At least I can us my cell phone' she thought.

She went back into her room to look for the pink leopard printed cell phone. She searched through her purse. Then on her bed. After that, in her dirty clothes' pockets. Her closet. Then, her desk. Sakura could not find her phone anywhere. Sighing she doubled checked where she looked before. Not finding it, she went downstairs and into the kitchen.

Sure enough, there was her phone, right on the kitchen counter. She sighed and snatched it off the counter. She flipped the front open and tried to turn it on. The screen was just blank. "Great" she mumbled sarcastically to herself. " Now I have to charged it. How the hell did it get down here?" she walked into the living room to look for the charger.

When she found it, she plugged the charger into the socket in the wall next to the couch and plugged the phone into the other end. After doing that, she clasped on the couch to watch some TV. When finding a good show to watch, she laid her head in her hands. The movie was call "When a stranger calls". The plotline was about a girl who had to baby-sit in a big house near a lake. Then, someone keeps on calling her house. It was like a murder story. Sakura's eyes drooped from the TV in boredom and sighed. "No one can even call my house because of the stupid phones!" she cried the last part as she threw the remote across the room.

While sitting there for a few minutes, she got up, and went upstairs into her room. There, she got the house phone and picked it up. The phone still said; "Line in use". She pressed the talk button on the phone and brought it to her ear. All she heard on the other side was silence.

"Hello?" she said into the phone. There was no reply. "Damn phones..." she muttered to herself. Walking out of her room with the phone in her hand.

Looking in all the other rooms, including the basement and attic, she put the phone back her ear to see if she could hear something that was in a certain room. For example, she knew the radiator in the storage room was extremely loud. Also, the sink in the kitchen could never entirely shut off.

'Unless, it wasn't on speaker phone' she thought wisely to herself.

' Then I could probably hear nothing' was confusion to that theory. ' Maybe if I scream, then I could hear it and if I keep screaming then I can find it… mystery solved.' she smiled then screamed into the phone and listened for a echo. She heard nothing. She tried all over the house. Still nothing happened.

' Maybe it is…outside?' she thought as she grabbed her red jacket. Looking on the large porch, she started for the driveway. It was dark by then; it was around 9:00. Trees were shivering from the cold and windy weather all around the driveway. It was very hard to see. So she figured to go and look in the backyard. Their backyard had a beautiful in-ground pool with a mini bar right next it and a very well cut lawn. She looked on the armchairs near the pool, then the bar. That is when she saw a glint of light from the corner of her eye. She turned around quickly. To only see the house farther on the mountain that her house was settled next to.

'That's right, I forgot about the house up there. I couldn't imagine living in a house right on a mountain, where a rock could squish the tiny house in seconds. It must be bad.' she thought staring at the house one last time, then headed for the house. As she walked back up the porch stairs to the house, she saw a flood of light streaming over the porch. 'Damn...I left the door open again. Now the bugs got in.' she said as she walked into the house and shut the door.

That was not the only thing that Sakura Haruno let in.