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Chapter 13: No one could hear her screams

Both sat in silence as the car continued down the dirt road. There was no sigh of the Hyuuga cousins.

"You think that ran that fast?" Sakura asked as they both stopped at the end of the dirt road leading to the main road.

"It's possible. They're great runners. Let's get down to the cops right away." Naruto answered her. She nodded.

As they both pulled out of the dirt road and were on their way to town, Naruto and Sakura couldn't help but feel guilty that they were leaving the other behind. The road was becoming smaller and smaller and as was the mountain where both there house were upon.

Why did they feel like something bad was going to happen if they left?


Shikamaru sighed as he completely searched the field. They must have token Naruto's body off somewhere. He looked over at the small cabin. One light flicker on from the window. He made his way over. That when he saw the boards that were ripped off and squeezed through the hole into the cabin.

Little did he know, a shadow from inside the house watched his every move.

He was walking himself right into his own death.


Ino sighed in impatience as they all sat on the grass. Shikamaru had been gone of quite some time now.

"Do you think he's ok?" Ino asked for the millionth time. They all sighed.

"Ino, I'm sure he's fine." came Sasuke's annoyed voice.

"He can't just be fine, Sasuke! He could've gotten himself killed!" Ino said a bit louder.

"Well, we better not overreact." explained. "We'll just wait about fifteen more minutes and if he doesn't show up, we'll go looking for him."

They all nodded and agreement except for Tenten who was fast asleep. Ino gave her friend a sympathetic look before stroking the girl's brunette hair. Some of her hair had been burnt off so they had to take her two normal buns out to see the damage. Her once long hair was now burnt on the ends. The girl's face had burn marks like Sasuke but her marks were worse and a large part of Tenten's calf had been burnt off so you could see the flesh. This made Ino shutter a bit.

"I hope they get back soon with some help.." Ino murmured. "Tenten might not make it if they don't hurry.."

"Don't worry. She's probably not feeling too much pain because I gave her some pain killers when you guys left." Mr. Haruno said as he held up a bottle of pain killers to show the blonde. She nodded before looking back to her friend.

That's when they heard a crash from the back of the house. Curious, Ino stood up.

"Do you guys have anything I can throw at them?" she whispered. She spotted a pair of brush cutters and picked them up.

"Wait! You can't! They have guns." Mr. Haruno cried quietly before her grabbed the younger girl's arm. She looked back at him and smiled.

"Come with me then. We'll hide so they don't see us." he nodded then turned back to Sasuke.

"Sasuke, make sure Tenten is ok. If she looks like she's in pain make her swallow these." he lightly through the bottle of pain killers to the raven hair boy from where he sat on the ground. He nodded. Although he was still injured, he could still sit up. The two then disappeared into the back of the house.

They quickly stayed back in the shadow of the house as both Ino and Mr. Haruno looked around for any sign of anyone. They saw no one around.

"Let's go look on the other side." Ino whispered referring to the other side of the house they had yet to check.

They made their way over to the corner and looked around the house slowly.

They saw no one.

"They must have disappeared when they heard us coming." Ino hissed a bit louder knowing there was no one there. They went back around the house to where Sasuke and Tenten sat on the grass in the middle of the yard. What they saw shocked them a bit.

"Sasuke!" Ino cried as she ran over to the raven boy's unconscious form. There was no sign of Tenten anywhere.

"That's what they where after." Mr. Haruno growled out as Ino attempted to wake the other boy up.

"Sasuke! Wake up!" she shouted into his ear. He groaned.

"What… happened?" he asked rubbing his eyes then felt a slight pain on the back of his


"You're the one to tell us." the blonde replied.

"I think.. Someone knocked me out from behind.. Wait.. Where's Tenten?"

"That's what we were wondering." Mr. Haruno said. They all sat in a long silence.

"Shit." Ino growled out as she stood up from her spot near Sasuke and began to stomp around in the yard.

In the woods nearby, there was a whimper. Where a brunette girl with burnt hair was being dragged away. Her hands were tied above her head and someone was dragging her

along from the area by a rope.

"It will be fun to see your insides." said a low but cracked voice near the brunette's ear.

She went to scream, but was gagged by the cloth across her mouth.

Without another word, she was dragged even farther into the woods.

No one could hear her screams.


Shikamaru had ended up in a slightly large room with flesh nailed to the walls.

He almost threw up in his mouth.

Some of the flesh was still wet as the blood dripped down the meat and onto the floor. But some of it was dry and wrinkly. The brunette thought he even saw an eyeball roll across the floor. This all made his nervous. Hoping Naruto wasn't part of the flesh covered wall, he began checking of any sign of the blond friend. There were not clothes around, no nothing. He sighed in annoyance.

Then, he heard someone coming into the small cabin he hide himself behind a under a small bed and waited. There was someone dragging another person into the room.

Wait… Tenten?!


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