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"C'mon, Prince Terrien," Jess said quite loudly. "We must make a funeral wreath for our fallen queen."

Jess sat down next to a bush full of berries and broke off a few limbs. He then braided the berry branches with some of a pine tree and the offering was complete.

He solemnly walked to the Spirits' grove, kneeled, and laid the wreath on the soft dirt. A cardinal flew down to the bank, cocked its head, and seemed to stare at the wreath. P.T. let out a growl which sounded like a purr. Jess put his hand on the dog to quiet him.

The bird hopped onto the offering and both started to glow a brilliant hue of gold. The gold grew taller as Jess became more afraid at what was happening. Jess was about to run when the light blew apart in all directions, knocking him to the ground with its force.

Jess sat up slowly when he saw what was within the golden light. There in a light-pink, silk dress that flowered mid-thigh and black jeans was the queen of Terabithia.

"Leslie?" Jess questioned after he stood up and took a good look at her.

"Hey, Jess," Leslie said with a smile.

"But how. . .? I thought you were dead?" Jess was now becoming frantic and wondering how his best-friend could be back for the dead.

"I'll always be here, Jess. With you, in Terabithia. In your mind and heart." She giggled at Jess's confused gaze. "As long as you don't forget me that is."

Tears formed in Jess's eyes when he heard that. "I could never forget you Leslie," Jess said. "I love you." And with that he was in her arms, hugging her fiercely.


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