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"one" - standard speech

"two" - telepathic speech

'three' - thought

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Future Sight

A lone man stood looking out over a bizarre landscape. Before him, unknown mountains and valleys covered the earth. Off to the south east were a ridge of inconceivably high mountains, testament to the enormous meteor that carved half of the earth away all those thousands of years ago. Huge plants and trees covered the ground, turning it into a deep green sea of foliage. At the base of each mountain, the trees thinned to a dirt brown and then crystal white as they rose up into the cold. Strange animal calls echoed out across the land, none of them recognisable as birds or otherwise.

"Such beauty…"

The man sighed. Stretching, his polyfibre membrane shirt rippled, revealing the wiry muscles beneath. Turning, he began walking down the long metal corridor behind him. Just to look at him didn't say much. A young male, about twenty with short brown hair. He stood an unimpressive 5'7" tall. His body was slim and athletic, his clothing revealing long corded muscles. All in all he was a very average person. But if one was to look past his old fashioned glasses and at his deep brown eyes, they would see something all together. His eyes were bottomless. They seemed as old as the mountains that he had just been looking at, older even. They looked as if they had millions of years experience tucked away in them. But then, that was impossible.

"Yo wait up Keitaro!"

The man turned to see a tall youth running up to him. Smiling he stopped.

"Hey Yoko hows it goin'?"

Skidding to a stop just in front of Keitaro, the lanky boy bent at the knees, catching his breath. Looking up, still gasping, he tried to speak through his breaths. Though puffed, his deep green eyes shone in a self illuminated light through his dark blue hair. A late development in human hair colour. That colour along with greens, yellows and purples had begun appearing on new born babies reciently.

"It…happened! I…it really hap…happened!"

Keitaro played dumb. "What happened?"

Yoko, finally catching his breath, stood to his full height of 6 feet tall. Unusual for nowadays.

"Don't be stupid, you know what! I finally unlocked it!"

Keitaro let his charade drop and a massive smile graced his face. "So when did it happen?"

Laughing, Yoko rubbed the back of his head. "Well, just about 15 minutes ago now! And I did it to a chair too! I finally managed a re-shift!"

Laughing along with his close friend, Keitaro patted his back. "A chair now! That's a big reality shift for a first time! Who knows, you might become the best."

Yoko smiled and punched Keitaro firmly on the shoulder. "Bah, I highly doubt it. The general managed to re-shift an entire hover van for his first! I don't know anyone more powerful than him."

Keitaro grunted. He acknowledged the generals abilities but didn't really like him that much as a person. Too over bearing and loud for his tastes.

"So what did you change it into?"

Yoko blushed slightly. "Well, actually I changed it into a pink and white p…pol…no. What was that bear thing that had black and white patches on it?"

Keitaro smiled. "That's a panda."

Laughing, Yoko nodded. "That's it! I turned it into a pink and white panda. Heh, as soon as I saw it though, I lost focus and it snapped back to being a chair. But hey, not bad for a first timer ay?"

Keitaro nodded, happy for his friend. "Yep, you did well."

As they began walking, Yoko looked down at his shorter partner. "So, how exactly did humans find the 6th and 7th sense? I know that I was told all this but I wasn't listening in school."

Keitaro laughed. Right from the beginning of time, it seemed that the utter repulsion to school would forever exist. "Well, it was back about 100'000 years before impact. Scientists had just recently developed a new microscope, the plasma-scope you hear about from time to time. Anyway, this new machine had the ability to magnify images so greatly that they were able to see the nucleolus of the nucleolus of the nucleolus. Basically, that means that they were able to find another three types of atoms that built the atom that is most commonly known. That being the one with electrons and neutrons and protons."

Keitaro looked at the blank expression on Yoko's face.

"I'm sorry if its confusing but that's the best way I can describe it. School probably has a clearer definition is you had listened."

Yoko snorted. "Pfft, who does that."

Keitaro shrugged. "Anyway, when they looked at the human DNA, they found a second DNA strand based within the rungs of the first. Your clear with what I'm saying?"

Yoko nodded hesitantly.

"Ok, you know how DNA is like a giant ladder? Well, the rungs of that ladder each contained one of these mini DNA strands. When scientists experimented with these, the first people who volunteered to be tested on slowly found themselves in possession of telekinetic powers! That means able to move things with their minds. Soon they unlocked how to communicate through thinking, telepathy, and that was when it was announced to the world that the 6th sense was finally discovered."

Yoko nodded. "Right, I think I get it. And the 7th?"

Keitaro smiled. "How did you discover yours?"

Yoko thought for a second. "Uhh I remember being able to focus by combining the telekinetic and telepathic abilities. I saw in my minds eye the light and air as a solid. I then used my telekinetic thing to grab the air and light. I forced it around the chair and watched as the air and light reflected off the chair differently."

"Thus giving the impression that it was actually a panda sitting there, not a chair." Finished Keitaro.

"Oh. So that's how they found the 7th sense?"

Keitaro nodded. "Yep. Not too interesting, but back then that was how you determined how politically powerful you would be. All the best re-shifters were prime ministers and presidents of the country. It was a sad thousand years or so as it was like a virtual dictatorship. Nowadays, the best of us can actually cause whatever we want to see to actually become reality. We do this by grabbing floating bits of dust and stuff that's in the air. We then put it into the image we see and bingo you have a new pink and white panda."

Yoko pushed Keitaro hard. "Quit paying out my panda. So, what about the 8th sense? Why haven't we got that yet?"

Keitaro shrugged. "Who knows. I guess its just another mystery until a scientist or some random discovers it and becomes world famous.

Keitaro laughed. They began to walk along together down the long hall. As they disappeared around the bend, Yoko shouted gleefully one last time.

"Well, I did it! I finally unlocked the 7th sense!"

Easing into his room, Keitaro took a glance around. Nothing was new. The same old metallic walls, the same hover pad used for sleeping, the same hydrogell bean bag and the same old photo sitting on the same old imitation wood desk. Walking up to the extremely faded shot, Keitaro took hold of it once again. In it stood eight happy people, one of them being himself. The others were all female. There was the kendo girl. Tall and strong. Then the small foreigner. Immature but incredibly intelligent. Then the young blue head. An incredible cook. The ever happy girl the same age as him. He smiled as he recalled her fainting spells. The houses' prankster. She really was a riot. His sister, Kanako. She was the only one of them who's name he remembered. And finally the love of his life.

She was everything he had ever wanted even though he could now remember nothing of her. Not even her name.

He sighed as he remembered back to when he really had just turned twenty. That day he took a bath and his girlfriend…or was it the samurai? Attacked him for being a pervert. He laughed quietly. They were good days. It was just such a pity that he had forgotten all their names years ago. Sighing, Keitaro dropped into the glowing blue bag in the corner. It faded slightly to a red and began vibrating, easing out the knots and bruises from the day.

"Keitaro-senpai, you seem tight today. What's wrong? Did Yoko over do training again?"

Keitaro sighed at the surprisingly accurate voice of a female emanating from the bag. "Consultant mode, off. Order, drink. Dark green fig. Four leaves and a tail."

The material hummed briefly before a hole opened up on the side of the chair revealing a tall black mug filled with an equally black liquid. Four strange finger like appendages poked up out of the drink, held together by a softly glowing orange band. Reaching down, Keitaro grabbed the drink. Taking a sip, he pulled a face at the initial flavour before the harmless effects of the drink took over his mind. The drugs always managed to calm his nerves to a point where he was no longer stressing about another alert. They were getting more and more frequent lately.

Grunting contentedly, Keitaro looked at the virtual clock in the middle of the room.

:12th of June. 200235 years since impact:

Frowning, Keitaro concentrated. The clock changed to a classical clock.

:12/6/5200235 - 12th of June, 5200235:

Smiling, Keitaro sunk back into the couch. He always had a thing for looking at a classic mid 2000's clock. His mind perked as he remembered something. Heh, only another fifty days till his birthday. Not that he cared. He had all but given up on remembering to celebrate. Birthdays become boring after a while. Closing his eyes, he let himself drift off into a dreamless sleep.


A telepathic message suddenly beeped urgently in the recesses of his mind. Groaning, he shook himself awake and focused on opening it. Inside he found a large brightly flashing piece of virtual paper


Instantly the slumbering drugs were replaced by adrenalin. Jumping up, he shouted out a command to the door as he ran through it. As he passed under it, a bright light shone out and Keitaro ran out, now wearing a body suit, complete with heart monitor, artificial perspiration and danger response. Though most people ran with many more monitors and weapons in their suits, Keitaro simply preferred the basics, mostly because he was one of the most highly trained fighters in the compound. Charging down the hall, he intercepted Yoko, sprinting along with the emerging teams.

"Hey, what are you doing? I thought you were only to clean up wisps?"

Yoko grinned widely. "Nope! Even though I only just learnt re-shift, I'm now apart of the squad! Something on the bottom of the letter saying we need even amateurs for this one. Haha pretty sexy suit though ay? So it's you and me now buddy!"

Keitaro frowned. Normally first timers were given a whole week to perfect their abilities. But now was not the time to concern himself with that. Rounding a bend, he hit the teleportation pad. Instantly the world around him faded to a multitude of soft whites, yellows and blues. Appearing out the other side, he pulled up quickly. Walking briskly over to his seat, he waited for the rest of the leaders. Within seconds, about ten people emerged from the pad, quickly taking their seats around the oval table. A huge holographic board stood in front of the table, tracking the spirates. Looking up expectantly, they waited until the massive form of the general appeared.


Keitaro cringed. His boss was just way too loud for what he liked. No matter what was happening, the general was always at full volume.


Standing, they all saluted the general before turning and running to the door behind him. Several of the others followed Keitaro, gearing up unlike their team leader. He waited a moment as they readied themselves. Turning, he ran through the nearest teleportation pad. Instantly he was standing above a massive room filled to bursting point with troops. Concentrating, Keitaro summoned the troops to attention.

"Right people. You are being separated into three teams. Those of you who are now seeing the number one, take the door to your right. The rest of you who see the numbers two and three, wait until Uuji and Hatsune arrive. You will follow them as directed. Dismissed!"

Instantly, one third of the soldiers turned and ran through the open door. Though they had seen it many times, the leaders under Keitaro's order still couldn't understand why such a young man had such incredible control over his metaphysical traits. The general was over twice this boys age but only just ahead of him in his abilities. Keitaro would have to be his successor. There was no doubt about it.

Outside under the moonlight, three large groups dispersed into the quiet city. Keitaro's group circled around to flank the spirates from behind. Running quickly but silently, they made their way through the dark streets.

Running along, Keitaro noticed someone pull up along side him.

"Hey buddy! Hows it hangin'?"

Keitaro raised an eyebrow. "Yoko? I thought you were with Uuji's group."

Yoko smirked. "Was. I traded with some girl who has the hots for him."

Keitaro shook his head. "You'll get fired for that if your not careful."

"No chance. Not even you noticed the change until now. I'll be fine."

Truth be told, Keitaro sensed it long ago. In fact, right back when he was giving out the orders, he could feel everyone's different opinions about who they were going to go with. He also knew who was going to swap groups before they even got the chance. The only reason he kept the extent of what he could do a secret was so he didn't gain any followers and have them try and force him to overthrow the world, again. He had already learnt this from previous experiences. The human race was a sad thing.

Interrupting his thoughts, Yoko nudged him. "So, what are these spirate things? A few of us haven't been told what we are actually dealing with here."

Keitaro shook his head in disgust. Sending out rookies who didn't even know what it was they were fighting. How irresponsible.

"Ok. I'll tell you the bluntest way. You wont like it but you must know. Spirates are failed cloning experiments from the discovery period, about three million years ago. Back then, people were trying to grow vegetables, people with no mind, to do basic house work and other dirty jobs no one wanted. But due to their lack of knowledge on a few key chromosomes, they actually managed to develop these ghost like things. For a few million years they stayed as wisps, unable to do anything other than make sad attempts at scary faces. But that coupled with their ability to move through walls made them quite startling, causing me to miss a heart beat quite a few times. But the…"

Yoko frowned and interrupted. "Made you miss a heart beat? Heh, what are you? Three million years old?"

Keitaro grimaced. Shouldn't have said that. "Uh, where I was born, spirates were still wisps."

Yoko looked at him unconvinced. "Three million years after their creation? That's a little hard to swallow."

Keitaro shrugged like it was nothing. "Believe what you want. Anyway, no one actually knows how they managed to survive the meteor hit but they did. But as a result of that, for some reason it began a chain reaction in their DNA or whatever it is. They quickly evolved into these parasites that need humans to reproduce. What they do is enter into the body as wisps through the eyes, nose and mouth. Getting into the blood, they soon reach the base of the skull where the spinal cord meets the brain. There, they begin to divide the host. With each split, the unfortunate person loses half of his or her density and slowly becomes transparent. Finally after about five divisions, you are left with no less than thirty-two harmless wisps. They then go off and disappear for a few years before reappearing as fully fledged spirates. And during the whole process, the poor person is in excruciating pain. Their dividing screams become the call of the spirates."

Yoko's eyes widened. Looking at the ground, he fell silent for a few minutes. When he looked back at Keitaro, his eyes had new emotions in them. Mostly fear and pity.

"B-but what about the person? Can we save them if we catch it early?"

Keitaro shook his head sadly. "Unfortunately no. The only way to kill the spirate is in its early form, before it becomes a wisp, or while it is currently attacking a person. What we do it distract it so one of the leaders can create an air lock around it and its host. That's using the 7th sense to create a box made of air around it. From there, the box is shrunk down until it reached the point of infinity and disappears."

Keitaro sighed, obviously pained.

"The…the worst part of it is that when you crush the box down, the person…the person is condensed into a smaller version of themselves. A-and when you send the box to infinity, you can hear them screaming in pain. Not the dividing scream, a real human scream, one of immense pain. We have tried saving the human, oh most definitely we have tried. But as soon as we let them out, they revert back to wisps and drift away. Oh I can't count how many wisps we have let go due to a leaders first attempt at air locking a spirate. It happens every time. Every time a new leader sees that pleading face of the person they instantly let them go."

Yoko's eyes widened as he visualised this. "So what do we do? The soldiers and us in training?"

Keitaro lowered his head. "I'm not sure. I don't see it necessary to send out so many men as standard lightning guns and air pulse weapons just stun them temporally before getting them really pissed. I actually think its an unnecessary risk. I guess your just there to keep people calm when they hear the screams and to support the leader doing the extermination."

Yoko laughed humourlessly. "Maybe that's why we're there. To keep other spirates busy while their mate gets squished."

Keitaro smiled. "Ah well, you do something like that. Just make sure you stay behind me and don't inhale if a wisp hits you."

Yoko nodded. "Make sure you don't get evolved either." He smirked. "I'm not too sure how many people there are in compound that could take my constant presence if you died."

Keitaro just laughed.

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