Tainted Wings

Chapter One: The Metnally Unstable Boy


Dark's feet were silent as he walked down the halls. He was out stealing again, and this time he thought he found the perfect place to rob. While inside he noticed a door that stood out in the hall and crept over to it. Testing the knob, he found it locked. This made him grin; a locked door always meant something good was behind it. He made quick work of the lock on the door and slowly opened it. The room had no windows and no light was on, so the only light he could see by was the small light coming in from the hallway.

The room itself consisted of very little. A bed, dresser, desk, and a chair that lay on its side next to the desk. Like he said, very little. The strange thing though was the boy huddled in the darkness corner of the room. His legs were curled up to his chest with his arms wrapped around them and his head buried in his knees.

Dark walked over to him slowly and knelt down. He touched the boy lightly on the shoulder and watched as he flinched. Before Dark could do, or say anything else, the boy started to babble. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't do anything. I've been a good boy! I've been good, please don't punish me! I didn't do anything!" Dark rocked back on his heels as the boy lifted his head up only enough to see his eyes. The red hair wasn't anything out of the ordinary, in Dark's opinion, but the eyes were a different story. They were red, just like his hair, and at the moment were teary as the boy started to cry.

Dark started dumbfounded at the boy in front of him. Hurt him? Yeah, he was a thief, but he doesn't go around hurting people for no reason. "What do you mean, hurt you? That's not why I'm here." Dark said in a reassuring tone. The boy started at him with unfocused eyes and said,

"He didn't send you? Then why are you here?"

Well he seemed oddly calm for a boy that was just hysterical. "I'm a thief," Dark said proudly. "I steal things for a living!" The boy continued to stare at him blankly which made Dark shift uncomfortably.

"There's nothing worth stealing in here." He finally said.

"Eh, huh, yeah, I know, but you caught my interest, so that's why I'm in here." The boy regarded him uneasily and asked,


Dark nodded happily to the question. Answering with, "Yup! You. I've never seen a mentally unstable kid before!"

"I'm not mentally unstable!" The boy screamed at him. Dark cocked an eyebrow.

"Really? Then why did you go hysterical when I barely touched you?" He asked.

The boy rolled his eyes and shrugged, "It's understandable, from my point of view."

Dark once again raised an eyebrow. "Really? How so?"

"I'm caged in a room, day and night, because they fear me. They beat me when something bad happens, without question. They half starve me to death, and they don't even give me a light. What do you think?" The boy said coldly.

"Oh..." was the only response Dark got out.

"Then why do you stay here?" Dark asked.

The boy looked at him like he was stupid and with curiosity. "How do I get out of a locked, windowless, room?" He asked.

Dark grinned, "For one, you could pick the lock. For two, it's open right now." The boy stared at Dark confused then looked around Dark. Sure enough, the door was unlocked.

He glared at Dark and said, "Why didn't you say that earlier!"

Dark blinked, "I didn't think it mattered." The boy stood up and ran for the door. Then paused in the middle of the room, he turned to Dark, looking very confused as he said,

"I don't have anywhere to go."

Dark shrugged, "And you're telling me?"

"Well since you helped me this far, would you mind if I stayed with you?"

"Yeah..." They boy looked crestfallen. "...Of course you can." Dark grinned. The boy brightened and ran over, hugging Dark. "Whoa! I know your mentally unstable, but no hugging!" Dark laughed.

The boy pouted and said, "I'm not mentally unstable!"

Dark laughed again, "Yes, yes, well let me introduce myself. I'm Dark Mousy. You are?"

The boy smiled and said, "Daisuke."

"Well, Daisuke, before you come with me, you must help with tonight's work."

Daisuke cocked his head to the side, confused. "How?"

Dark patted his head and said, "Why as the carrier bag, of course!" Daisuke glared at him, saying, "Meanie." Dark grinned, "Of course, now, come, come, we have work to do!" Dark headed out the door with Daisuke at his heels. After they went around the house, Daisuke ended up carrying the smaller bag and Dark with the heavy one. "Well that's a little unfair." Dark complained once out of the house.

"Sorry." Daisuke said.

"Nah, its okay, can't expect you to have the strength to lift this when you've been locked in that place." Daisuke narrowed his eyes at him.

"That didn't sound like a compliment." Dark snickered.

After what seemed like wondering to Daisuke, they were halfway to Dark's place and in the middle of the city. Daisuke took, by accident, a sharp intake of breath, which made him cough hard. Dark looked back at him worried and asked, "Are you alright?" Daisuke nodded and they continued to Dark's place. A block away from Dark's place, Daisuke was getting tired and again took another sharp intake of breath. This one left him in a bigger coughing fit then before. Dark grabbed him and dragged him the rest of the way home. He left Daisuke in the living room and left through a swinging door. Daisuke almost had a hold of his coughing when a class of water was thrushed into his face. He took it and drank it all greedily, then handed it back to Dark.

"Better?" Daisuke nodded. "Good! Now, Towa!" A girl with gray hair and green eyes in a maids outfit came bouncing into the room.

"Yes?" She asked.

Dark turned to Daisuke and said, "This is Towa, she will get you a room ready, but until then, you can stay with me!" Daisuke just nodded and let Dark pull him away. Towa just watched with interest, as Dark dragged Daisuke into him room. "Welcome to my room!" The room consisted of only the color bright red, black, and dark blue. "O-o-kay..." Dark walks over to the dresser, saying, "I'll get you some PJ's." After digging through the clothes he eventually pulled out some and threw the clothes at Daisuke. Daisuke caught them and examined them before looking up at Dark.

"...I'm not changing in front of you." Daisuke said coldly.

"Oh! Why didn't you say that sooner?" Dark went out the door shutting it behind him. Daisuke quickly changed into his PJ's and then opened the door.

"They're to big..." He said as he looked down at the large shirt and PJ pants that barely stayed on.

"No! They're perfect!" Dark started to walk away before Daisuke could ask what he meant by, 'perfect'. "Hungry?" Dark asked as he looked back at him. "Let's eat!"

"O-okay." The red-haired boy replied as he ran a bit to catch up. They walked into a dinning room which Daisuke hadn't seen yet. There was food already on the table as well as people sitting down. Daisuke ducked behind Dark before anyone could see him and clamped onto his arm.

"Hey, everyone!" Dark greeted the people from the door way. The people in the room started to greet him back all the while not noticing the boy behind him. Dark stepped to the side a bit, so they could see that there indeed was someone behind him. "Everyone, this is Daisuke! He will be staying with us now." The people greeted Daisuke and he nodded shyly. Dark took note and pushed Daisuke into a seat next to him.

After eating more then Daisuke could ever remember, Dark pulled him off into a different living room. Daisuke dubbed it living room number two. "You sure ate a lot." Dark commented as he sat down next to him. Daisuke curled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Resting his head on his knees, he closed his eyes.

"I can't remember ever eating that much. Although I can't remember much to begin with. I can barely remember age six, the day I was thrown in there." Dark watched as the boy hugged his knees closer. "I can't even remember my mother." A sad smile came to Daisuke's face. Dark didn't like the smile, but could do nothing about it. " I don't remember why they threw me in there, but I can remember the disgusted, fearful expressions of the servant's as they closed the door for the first time."

Daisuke stopped talking and buried his face as far as he could into his knees. Dark noticed the even so slight shaking of Daisuke's form and figured out that he was crying. Yep, Dark concluded, mentally unstable. Dark scooted down and wrapped his arms around Daisuke's small frame. The boy started to shake harder and his crying became audible.

After a while the boy calmed down and Dark reluctantly let go. "Better?" The redhead nodded without looking up from the floor, where he had fixed his gaze after Dark had let go. Dark noticed a slight tint of red on Daisuke's face and chuckled. "Well, let's head to bed, I can bet you're really tired by now." Daisuke nodded as his eyes dropped a bit. Dark grabbed him by the arm and proceeded to drag him up the stairs to his room.

Dark threw Daisuke on the bed like a rag doll, who didn't complain, before saying, "You can go to bed, I'm gonna go take a shower, and then I'll be back." Dark left and Daisuke started at the closed door awhile before laying down.

He didn't want to go to sleep right away, since he always seemed to have nightmares, although sometimes they were peaceful when this strange woman was in it. He turned to the side and started at the wall until he heard the door open. He closed his eyes and steadied out his breathing to make it look like he was sleeping.

The weight on the other end of the bed went down as presumably Dark lay down. "Daisuke?" He heard Dark whisper. Daisuke didn't reply and continued to fake sleep. Dark moved closer and leaned over Daisuke. Daisuke could feel his hot breath on his face as he whispered, "Kawaii, you're too cute for your own good, Daisuke." he leaned back away from him and whispered something he almost missed, almost.

"And so vulnerable, right now, so small." Daisuke turned bright red and a vain pulsed, but thankfully Dark didn't notice.

After a while he could hear Dark's light snoring which told him he was asleep. Daisuke slowly opened his eyes and turned to his other side so that he was facing Dark. Dark was also turned towards him with his head buried into the pillow. Daisuke smiled a bit and watched him sleep until he too fell asleep.

Dark woke to a vibrating bed and almost panicked. He had made his bed so that it would move to even the smallest of things to wake him up. He first thought it was an earthquake until he looked over at Daisuke. The boy was curled up into a ball and turned slightly into the bed. He was shaking badly and tears were streaming down his face.

Dark jolted up, but froze as his back started to ache. His back only ever ached like this twice in his life. Once when he first acquired them. His wings. And second when he refused to let them out and they forced themselves out. That had been painful and he learned to let them out more often. He crawled over to Daisuke's shaking form as he let his wings unfurl from his back.

Then Dark pulled Daisuke into his lap and rested his head on his chest. He started to rub his hand over the small boys back which seems to instantly calm the boy down. Dark continued this until he suddenly screamed and arched his back. Dark watched stunned as two red marks appeared on Daisuke's back.


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