It was a stormy night in Anguilla. The trees blew with no relent in the tropical winds. Rain pelted the ground with no hope of stopping. All the citizens sat in their homes, children cowering in fear of the storm outside, parents shushing them, all but one. A woman walked through the storm with a bundle in her hands. She looked up from the ground, her blonde hair was a mess and besides being covered in rain she appeared to be crying as well. The woman looked down at the bundle. The baby inside was sound asleep not noting the surrounding conditions. Lifting a trembling hand she knocked on the door in front of her. Inside Daniel and Alisa Landes looked at one another in shock. Who could be knocking at this hour Alisa thought as she got up. Daniel wasn't keen on his wife going to the door alone and he followed suit. She opened the door cautiously and looked onto the porch.

"Take her, please," the woman said extending her hands.

Alisa looked down at the baby. She still hadn't woken up, her dark hair lay rather neatly around her head and she continued to sleep.

"Why don't you come in," Daniel asked.

With an expressionless look the woman entered the house. Daniel helped her to the couch and they began asking questions.

"What brings you here," he asked.

"Her," the woman replied looking down at what appeared to be her daughter.

"What's your name," Alisa questioned.

"Elizabeth," she replied.

"My purpose, my husband had died shortly before her. She looks exactly like him, I can't bear that."

"Have you lived in Anguilla," Daniel inquired.

"No," Elizabeth answered.

"I used to live in Port Royal, but I'm bound for Singapore on duties."

"Why have you decided to leave your daughter," Alisa asked.

"I can't bear looking at her, what a stupid comment, but it's just too heart wrenching," Elizabeth said.

"Does she have a name," Daniel questioned.

"Qwin Leah Turner," Elizabeth stated. "Will you please take her," she pleaded.

Daniel looked at Alisa and then nodded. Elizabeth left the house and walked out into the storm, The less I'm reminded of him, the less pain I'm in she thought as she left. Daniel and Alisa stared at Qwin for what seemed like to be hours, but as soon as the sun began to shine over the ocean the baby opened her eyes and stared at her surroundings, ignorant to everything that just happened. Her eyes were a deep brown, almost matching her tuft of near black hair that lay on her tiny head.

"Welcome to our family Qwin Leah Landes," Daniel said to her.

Fifteen years later...

"Alisa, we have to tell her," Daniel said with a discouraged tone in his voice.

"She's just fifteen, it'll crush her," Alisa remarked.

"Do you think she thinks it's just luck she looks nothing like her red haired father and brother and blonde haired mother? What about the fact we all have blue eyes but her. She knows something isn't right. We must tell her," Daniel told his wife firmly.

A tall teenage girl stood in her room looking at the dress her parents had given her for her fifteenth birthday. She looked at herself in the mirror and stared at her dark brown eyes and long dark brown hair that was neatly put into a long braid. Qwin always wondered why she looked so different from her parents, but never wanted to question it.

"Qwin, we must speak to you," her father yelled.

As she left her room her little brother Charlie threw something at her and she shrugged it of and left his nasally laugh back in the hall.

"Mother, father," she said as she entered the room. Her parents sent her warm smiles as she sat down in front of them.

"Qwin dear, we have to tell you something very important," her mother said.

"Yes," she replied.

"We need to tell you about your parents," her father said. "It's been fifteen years we've been hiding this."

Qwin's mouth went dry and she stared at this people sitting in front of her that claimed to be her parents.

"Your father met his fate before you were born, and your mother couldn't bear the grief of your striking resemblance to him. She left you with us and we vowed to never tell you," her father said. Qwin's life flashed before her eyes, growing up with her red haired brother, her father teaching her to read, learning to cook from mother and other various things.

"Qwin we love you and you will always be our daughter," her mother coaxed.

Qwin wiped tears from her face and booked back to her room. "What's up with her," Charlie asked sitting between his parents.

"Leave Qwin alone for a while, please Charlie," his father asked. Charlie sighed and agreed. He then left for his room.

"Do you think she's going to go try and find her mother," Mr. Landes asked his wife.

"She'll have a hard time getting to Singapore by herself," Alisa replied.

"What about her—" Daniel started. "She won't be able to find him," Alisa assured. He hugged his wife and they went of to their room.

Qwin lay on her bed sobbing and wiping tears from her eyes. Why had they needed to be so blunt she thought. She wiped what was left of her tears, changed into night clothes and tried to sleep. Sleep never came easy to her, the sound of the sea always made her restless, but for some odd reason it called for her tonight. My parents must have been seafarers she thought. Against all her better judgment she climbed out of her window and down into her lawn. She made her way to the sea. Qwin stood on a cliff and looked at the rolling dark waves in front of her. The wind blew violently around her and she still wiped more tears from her eyes. She felt at peace for the moment. But with one movement of her leg, Qwin found the sea coming closer and closer and the air around her moving faster and faster. Qwin hit the warm water with a loud splash and sighed that she missed the rocks. She then realized she couldn't swim, her parents had a strict policy about letting her near water. Qwin opened her mouth and her lungs filled with water. Floating deeper and deeper she slipped away from consciousness hoping maybe she would surface somewhere.

A few hours later she opened her eyes looked around. "Do you fear death?"