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Title: Healing the Heartache

Summary: Receiving a call one late night, Eiri Yuki agrees to let his cousin live with him for a while hoping that it would do her good to be away from the shrine. Maybe while she's there she could help a certain pink haired boy with her angsty cousin and heal his heartache. And maybe just maybe she'll find someone to heal hers.

AN: I should be working on my Saiyuki story, but this idea flashed through my noggin and so I just started typing. See if you can guess the pairing .

Eiri Yuki let out a low, exasperated sigh as he finished with the last pages of his current novel. It had been quiet around his place since he had kicked Shuichi out so he could work in peace, but he would probably be back within the week knowing, that idiot.

Pulling off his glasses, Yuki made his way towards his kitchen. Pulling out a beer, Yuki downed its contents and was about to head to bed when the phone rang. Going over to pick it up, he looked at the caller id to who it was before he answered.

Recognizing the number, Yuki was surprised as to why this person was calling so late. Answering it Yuki soon heard the voice of his aunt who he had not heard from in a while. Politely saying hello, Yuki waited for her to continue on.

"What happened?"

"She met a guy?"

"And he did what?"

"Well is she okay."

"She is, that's good."

"You were wondering if what?"

"Of course she's welcome here."

"She'll be ready by when?"

"Fine, me and Tatsuha will go pick her up tomorrow around noon." And with that Eiri Yuki hung up the phone. Dialing a different number, Yuki waited until he heard a sleepy hello to say something, "Be at my place by 10" and with that he hung up.

Pulling out a cigarette, Yuki made his way towards his room. Sitting down on his bed, Yuki just sat there a while before he pulled out a large photo album from underneath it. Opening it, he slowly flipped through a few pages before he came to the one he wanted. Looking down at it, he let a ghost of a smile grace his lips as he pulled out his favorite picture from his album. On thus picture were three young kids. The oldest of the three had blond hair and blue eyes, while the other two both had black hair, but the boy had dark, obsidian eyes, and the only girl in the picture had vibrant blue eyes.

Setting the book on the small dresser next to his bed Yuki soon fell into a deep sleep.

Groaning, Yuki mumbled a few choice words, as he heard someone pounding vigorously at his door. Getting up, Yuki slowly walked towards the door and opened it letting his little brother in.

"You changed the locks again." Was the first thing Tatsuha said to his older brother as he walked into the house.

Not bothering to respond, Yuki straightened out his shirt and started searching for a pair of socks.

"So why'd you call so late Yuki, demanding that I'd be here at ten." Tatsuha irately inquired.

"Shut up and come on." Yuki ordered, pulling on a pair of shoes. Sighing, Tatsuha just followed his brother knowing that he'd explain sooner or later.

Plopping down in the passenger's seat of his brother's car, Tatsuha sat in silence as Yuki backed out of the drive way and onto the streets. "So, where exactly are we going Yuki?"

"We, little brother are going to visit a particular shrine."

"A shrine." He asked, surprised that Yuki would want to go to a shrine of all places. "What shrine are we going to?"

"The only shrine that I would willingly enter." Yuki answered.

Thinking for a moment about the only shrine Yuki would enter, the answer suddenly became clear. "We're going to cousin's home then. Why though?"

"She has experienced a few upsetting problems, and so she's coming to live with me for a while." Yuki answered, choosing his words carefully.


"I'm not sure, aunt wouldn't give me much details."

Nodding his head in response, Tatsuha turned on the radio and cranked it up once he heard Nittle Grasper playing, much to the annoyance of Yuki.

"Kagome, do you have your things ready, Yuki and Tatsuha said they'd be here at noon."

Ignoring her mother, Kagome continued to lean under the Goshinboku, content in just sitting there. All of her things, which weren't much, were already packed and in the living room.

It was her mother who first suggested that she get out of the house and stop brooding over the past. Sighing Kagome pulled out a flower from the Goshinboku. Twirling it in her hands, Kagome began to think about her friends from the feudral era.

It had taken them four years to defeat Naraku with the help of Sesshomaru and Kouga, and five years in all to find all the pieces of the Shikon no Tam. She greatly missed all of them, Shippo and Rin's playful behavior, Sango who was like the older sister she always wanted, Miroku and his perverted antics, Kouga and his brash attitude, and Sesshomaru with his cool demeanor.

And then there was Inu Yasha. It still hurt so much to think about him and what he did. Felling her eyes starting to swell up with tears, Kagome quickly wiped them away before they could fall.

Hearing a car come to a stop from the front of the shrine, Kagome knew that her cousins were here. Despite the circumstances Kagome was really glad to see them. Maybe the change of scenery would indeed do her some good.

"Man why do they have to have all these steps. Even our shrine doesn't have this many steps." Tatsuha complained.

"Shut up and quit your whining. We're almost at the top."

"Hey look someone's waiting for us."

Looking up Yuki caught sight of a pair of dark sapphire eyes.


AN: Well I'm gonna end it there. I'll try and have chapter two out by either the end of this or next week. I'll also try and make it longer, and most likely it will be.