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Note: As suggested by duj, I changed the "Mummy had been sedated" line to one more in keeping with Percy's young voice. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed! It really makes my day!

Percy bit down the wail that swelled in his chest, threatened to burst from his lips. The man who'd brought the bad news cast a spell to take Mummy's voice, when she'd screamed over Uncle Fabian and Uncle Gideon, so there was no reason to believe that they'd treat a child like him any different. He could let the tears fall, though. Tears made no noise.

Noise was, to Percy, a greater enemy to safety that the distant and vague threat of Death Eaters. After months of other people in the safe house hissing, "Shut it, Weasley, you'll get us all killed!" when he raised his voice above a whisper, Percy learned the lesson of safety in silence.

Charlie held him close that day, shaking with silent tears of his own, and Bill embraced the awkward shape of their heavily-pregnant mother. Percy cried, and remembered how Uncle Fabian used to read him stories at night. He remembered how Uncle Gideon always had a funny joke to tell, and how they both made Mummy smile.

He looked at Mummy, rocking back and forth with blank eyes, barely acknowledging Bill's presence, and wondered if she would ever smile again.