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Chapter 1 - Taken

It was a quiet summer Saturday morning at Ernie's Juice Bar. Tommy and Jason were sparring on the workout mats. Kimberly was working on a routine on the balance beam. Zack and Trini were watching the others while sipping drinks at a table when Billy walked up. "Hey Guys! Get everyone together and meet me at the far side of Angel Grove Park in two hours. I have a new invention to show you." He grinned down at them. Trini and Zack grinned back up, "Great," Trini said, "we will meet you there." Billy turned around and walked out, headed towards his garage lab.

Meanwhile, up on the moon, Rita was yelling, "Finster, I need a monster! A really evil one! One that will finish those Power Brats off for good!". Finster looked up from where he was working with the super putty, "Yes, my Queen." He puts down his sculpting knife and goes over to his plan book and starts leafing through it, mumbling softly to himself, "No, not this one...Not this one...No...No...Maybe..Ahh..Yess...Here it is..." He holds up the book to Rita "My Queen, how about this one, remember her? She is called Lunestria, you used here successfully on that little what was it's name..ohh..." The picture showed a slender, humanoid, female with what appeared to be lunar moth wing tattoos on her face framing her eyes. Finster said "You remember her powers? Magic dust that put people under your control? If you can catch the Rangers with it when they are unmorphed, then you could control them." Rita thought back for a minute and then gave an evil laugh, "Yessss, what an wonderfully twisted, evil plan..I'm so glad I thought of it! Do it, Finster!" Finster grabbed up his sculpting knife, "Right away, my Queen!"

A while the far side of Angel Grove Park, Billy is sitting at a picnic table tinkering with a piece of electronic equipment that fits inside an aluminum briefcase. In the distance Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Zack and Trini were approaching at a leisurely walk. All of a sudden, Goldar, Scorpina, Lunestria and about fifty super putties appear around Billy. Tommy, Jason, Kimberly, Zack and Trini start running toward the action as the putties grab Billy. Before Billy can react, there are so many putties holding him, he can't move and the others aren't close enough to help. Goldar laughs, "Not quite quick enough, Billy? Go ahead Lunestria!" Lunestria steps close to Billy and throws a fist full of glittering dust in his face. Billy tries to hold his breath, but one of the putties punches him in the stomach, making him gasp, causing him to breath in the glittering dust. He suddenly goes limp in the putties hands. Goldar and Scorpina laugh as the rest of the Rangers come running up to see Billy unconscious. Goldar turns to them, "He is ours now. Look well, Rangers. Next time you see him, he will be fighting on our side!", then Goldar and the rest of the group disappear with Billy.

Tommy turns to the rest, "We had better get back to the Command Center and meet with Zordon!". Zack started to turn with the others then a glint of metal caught his eye. "Wait, Billy said he had a new invention he wanted to show us. I bet that was it!" he said, going over the briefcase and grabbing it. "Let's take it with us."

They pressed the button on their wrist units and transported to the Command Center. "Alpha, Zordon, have you been monitoring the situation?" Tommy asked, walking quickly to the center console. "Yes, Tommy." Zordon replied. "And I recognized the monster with Goldar and Scorpina. Go look at the viewing globe. Alpha, pull up the information on Lunestria." The little mech unit pressed some buttons on the console "Ay. Yi. Yi. Lunestria? She is bad news! And she has Billy? Ohh No!" What are we going to do?" Zordon looked down at Alpha "Calm down Alpha. There is a way. She does have a weakness. High frequency sound waves will disrupt her mind control dust. I know you and Billy were working on a weapon using just such a thing. Did you get it finished?" Alpha bounced around "I don't know. Billy had it and said he was going to finish it off! I don't know if he got it finished before he got taken!"

Zack came forward with the aluminum briefcase. "Here Alpha, could this be it? Billy had said for us to meet him it the park, that he had a new invention he wanted us to see. That is where we were going when he was taken." Alpha quickly stepped forward and took the briefcase and opened it up. "Yes, this is it! I will have to modify it so that it won't harm Billy and I will have to make a larger version to install on the Zords in order to destroy Lunestria. All this will have to take time." Zordon looked down at the Rangers. "Rangers, this will be hard. Billy is your friend, but while he is under Rita's control, he will be acting like an enemy. He will do everything in his power to destroy you, but you will not want to harm a friend. Be careful and may the Power protect you!" The rangers quickly transported back to Angel Grove Park. Zordon looked at Alpha, "Work quickly, my friend. The life of one of our young friends depends on it!" Alpha rushed off to the lab, "Ay. Yi. Yi." trailing through the air behind him.