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Chapter 3 - Recovered?

"Well done Rangers!. Lay him on the couch and then back up." They gently laid Billy on the couch and removed his helment. As they stepped back, a force field went up around him. Each ranger demorphed. Trini looked up at Zordon. "Will he be ok, Zordon?" "Ay. Yi. Yi." Alpha comes walking in with a small ray gun like object with a dial on the side. "Trini, I don't know, all we can do is try." Alpha said. Billy slowly shook his head and then started to sit up. "Wh..where..Uh..YOU! I will DESTROY you!" He made a dive for the rangers and bounced off the energy field of the stasis chamber. Slow tears started to trickle down Kim and Trini's faces. "Billy, we are trying to help you! You are under the spell of one of Rita's monsters!" Billy looked at the other rangers. "I serve only my Mistress, Lunestria! Let me free!". Alpha looked up at Zordon, "Zordon, I don't know how the beam will interact with the energy of the stasis chamber, the others will have to hold him while I try and remove the effects of Lunestria's dust." Tommy and Jason looked at Zordon. "We will do whatever is necessary, Zordon."

Tommy, Jason and Zack quickly moved into position. As soon as the energy field dropped, they grabbed Billy. Tommy grabbed an arm and locked his right leg around Billy's leg, Jason grabbed one arm and locked his right leg around the other leg. Zack grabbed his waist, effectively immobilizing him, so Alpha could come close. Billy yelled at the other Rangers. "Let me go!" Alpha nervously stuttered, "Ay, Yi, Yi. Billy we are just trying to help you!" Alpha pointed the ray at Billy with the control set at the lowest setting and pressed the trigger. A low hum sounded and an eerie glow lit the room. Billy yelled again, "I must destroy you!". Alpha said "Oh no..I must increase the power..Level 2." Alpha spun the dial up one notch and pointed the ray at Billy again and pressed the trigger. A slightly higher hum sounded and again an eerie glow lit the room. Billy jerked in the Ranger's hands. "No..I must destroy.." "Ay, Yi, Yi. Billy, please, let level three be enough..." Alpha spun the dial up another notch and pointed the ray at Billy again pressed the trigger. This time, instead of a hum, there was a whine and the eerie glow was followed by a burst of light. Billy shuddered in the Ranger's hands and a small trickle of blood dribbled from his nose. "Destroy the Rangers..." "Oh, Billy..please be ok.." Alpha dialed the ray up to level four. This time the whine was high pitched and hurt everyone's ears and the bright light made everyone squint. Suddenly, Billy went into a siezure. "Oh no! Quickly, put him here!" Alpha grabbed a piece of equipment that was laying on the console and placed it on Billy's forehead. When he did, the siezure stopped. Alpha ran the diagnostic wand up and down Billy's body. "He appears to be ok." The other rangers breathed a sigh of relief.

Billy slowly woke up and looked up at the others, "Hey guys, what's wrong? Why is everyone standing around me?" Zordon looked on as the others rushed to explain what had happened. "I don't remember any of it. The last thing I remember was sitting at the park waiting so I could show you my new invention." Alpha walked over. "The sonic gun is what saved you. Now that you are free of Lunestria's spell, you can destroy her. I've added a wide area beam to the sonic gun so that you can use a wide area spray to free others that she has controlled, though I don't think others will need as high a setting as you did. Ay, Yi. Yi. I thought we were going to scramble your brains!" Billy laughed, "Well, the headache that I have right now, it feels like you probably did!" Billy stood up, wobbling a bit before he got his balance. Trini and Kim rushed over, "Are you sure you are ok?" Billy grabbed each of them in a hug, "With friends like all of you, how can I not be? I'll be fine. Let's go, we have a city to save and a monster to defeat!" He let them go and reached for his morpher. "It's Morphing Time! Billy: "TRICERATOPS!" Zack: "MASTODON!", Kimberly: "PTERODACTYL!", Trini: "SABER-TOOTHED TIGER!", Jason: "TYRANOSAURUS!", Tommy: "WHITE TIGER!". Zordon looked at the Rangers, " Welcome back Billy, May the Power protect all of you!"