The day was dim with not a single light in the sky. The weather and the air was damp as if it has just rained. There, in the middle of all that, was Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke was on his way to Orochimaru, leaving the Konoha village and all of his friends. Sakura apparently didn't want him to leave. She wanted him to stay so she won't be alone. Sakura would always think that if Sasuke is ever going to leave Konoha, she would feel a sharp pain in her heart. A pain of loneliness and sorrow.

The wind blew slightly as they both stared at each other. Sasuke looked at Sakura who has tears running down her cheek. Sakura was too sad to speak, but she didn't want him to go." Sasuke! Please don't go! Don't leave me!" Sakura cried as she clutched her hands together still in sadness. Sasuke looked down and spoke," Sakura, you can't make me stay. I still promised myself that I would kill Itachi before I die. I want to make that promise come true. I'm not staying Sakura, no matter what you say. And even after all these times Sakura.." Sasuke paused at Sakura looked up at him. "Your still annoying.." Sakura bolted up a little in disbelief.

"Fine then, I know that there is nothing that I can say to make you say.. But.." Sakura screamed and went closer to Sasuke still crying in tears. " Please Sasuke! Don't leave me alone! You told me the if your alone you'll feel pain! Please take me with you!" Sasuke thought for a moment looking at Sakura. He looked back at her thinking what to say. Sasuke strictly spoke," Fine Sakura, you can come." He turned around facing away from Sakura. " But if anything happens, don't say anything. "

Sasuke turned his head looking back," This way you may come stronger than you are. Knowing that your weak as what you are right now.. This may help you. " Sakura immediately stopped crying. She was happy that she wouldn't be away from Sasuke, but she would have to leave the Konoha village too. Leave all of her friends, Naruto, Ino, Hinata.. Everyone. She looked at the ground remembering the words that Sasuke told her, "Knowing that your week as what you are right now."

Sakura looked back at Sasuke who was looking in the other direction. " So Sakura, are you comming? " Sakura jumped up a little and followed Sasuke to the Sound. She thought about what she was doing but thought it was for the best. She looked back as she walked away from Konoha. How would the others react? Especially Naruto.. Sakura tried to ignore the fact of leaving her friends, thinking of Sasuke saying that she was weak.

She looked up at the sky telling herself a promise that she wanted to keep. No matter what, this Sakura would never cry again. I would stay strong and train. If I ever come back to Konoha, I'll be much stronger that I was before. I would not act weak or annoying as Sasuke would say it. I'll be different from now on.. A new Sakura..

It was now the afternoon, with the not a single cloud in the sky. Yet know one knows about Sasuke and Sakura leaving Konoha. A blond haired boy knocked on Haruno,Sakura's door." Sakura! Were late! Its time for our mission!" The blonde hair boy named Naruto waited for a response. All there was at the door was pure silence.. Naruto started banging on the door," Sakura! Don't make me come in you lazy bum! " Naruto stopped banging on the door and waited for the door to open.

Naruto started to get worried. What if something bad happened? He started to scream echoes of Sakura's. " Sakura! " Naruto busted the door opened and ran inside. Everything was vacant and clear. Her bed was looked as if wasn't touched. Naruto paused in shock, I didn't see her all morning or anywhere in Konoha.. Did something happen?! Naruto sat on Sakura's bed thinking what could of happened.

He stared at the wall in front him realizing where Sakura could be.. " At Sasuke's house! She must be there knowing that she's not at home." Naruto exclaimed. He quickly arrived at Sasuke's house not even waiting to knock at the door. He quickly busted Sasuke's door open and tumbled inside. He started to shout out Sasuke's and Sakura's name," Sasuke! Sakura! Where are you! " He started to panic. I got to report this to the 5th. He thought.

Naruto knocked at Tsunade's door holding back his anger to Sasuke and Sakura. Why would they leave without me? Tsunade sleepily opened the door. " What is it now Naruto?" Naruto barged in pushing Tsunade out of the way looking back at her. " Its Sasuke... He's gone! He's no where in the village right now, I know it for sure! " Tsunade widened her eyes and shock," Not now.. it.. can't be."

"Whats wrong? " Questioned Naruto. Tsunade quickly explained," He's.. He's going to Orochimaru in the Sound.. Not for sure, but I'm sure he left to Orochimaru. " Naruto stepped back in disbeleif. Sa-Sasuke? And- Orochimaru? Why would he get involved with him? Naruto remembered about Sakura being gone too and quickly told Tsunade," Thats not all! Sakura is gone too! Do-Do you think?" Tsunade stared back at him answering his question," Well, if Sasuke is gone.. Then yes, Sakura must of went with him. I don't know why though.. She has nothing to do with Orochimaru.."

Naruto looked down and whispered to himself and Tsunade, "She must really love him.." Tsunade and Naruto looked at each other knowing that they both had to do something.

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