No cat knows if there's life other than twolegs on an island off the coast of where the four clans live. That is until Wrenpaw, an apprentice of SunClan ventures over there and meets Moonleaf, a cat from a whole other world. Before they know it they are falling and love. But when StarClan gives them a terrible knew prophecy that two different clans will come, the two young cats will be torn between their loyalty to their clan and their love for each other.

Authors Note:

This is my second warriors fanfic, and hopefully I'll be able to update two stories at the same time recently. My other one if Father's Pawsteps.

On all of my warrior stories I like to base my characters off of cats I have/had at one point of time. This one, SunClan is full of cats that are still living. Yeah, I know that's a lot of cats. The kittens of this year are the main characters, so the 6 chosen are based off of real kittens.

This story is dedicated to the real Brackenleaf, or Biscuit is his kittypet name, who died a few days ago of... well no one's sure what he died of.

I've finally got the allegiances on here. (Yay!) It makes things a lot easier.

Those who believe in StarClan


LEADER: Bearstar - Small muscular tabby tom.

DEPUTY: Mistystream - Silverish she-cat.

MEDICINE CAT: Mousepelt - Small, fluffy, tabby she-cat.

WARRIORS: Patchpelt - Tabby she-cat.

Cinderfur - Black, fluffy she-cat. Apprentice - Goldenpaw

Ambereyes - Blue she-cat with white and brown specks. Has unusual amber eyes.

Lucktail - Huge dark tabby tom.

Dawnfur - Fluffy tabby she-cat.

Weaselface - Black and white tom with a pointy nose.

Ghostfur - Gray and white tom. Apprentice - Wrenpaw

APPRENTICES: Wrenpaw - Light tabby she-cat.

Goldenpaw - Orange and white striped she-cat.

QUEENS: Sandfur - Light ginger striped she-cat.

Blackheart - Black she-cat.

ELDERS: Autumncloud - Old calico she-cat.


LEADER: Lakestar - Light brown she-cat.

DEPUTY: Mossheart - Black and white tom.

MEDICINE CAT: Blue-ear - White she-cat with blue ears.

WARRIORS: Onespot - White tom with one white spot in the middle of his back.

Cottonfur - White fluffy tom. Apprentice - Lightpaw

Waveracer - Light gray she-cat. Apprentice - Darkpaw

Longlegs - Orange tom with really long legs. Apprentice - Fishpaw

APPRENTICES: Darkpaw - Dark-brown almost black tom with gray feet.

Fishpaw - Light gray tom.

Lightpaw - Light cream-colored she-cat.

QUEENS: Poppyfur - Black she-cat.

ELDERS: Rockpelt - Light gray tom.

Dapplefeather - Tabby she-cat.


LEADER: Thunderstar - Light tabby tom.

DEPUTY: Summerbrezze - Cream-colored she-cat. Apprentice - Hollypaw

MEDICINE CAT: Orangefur - Big orange tom.

WARRIORS: Flamepelt - Ginger tom. Apprentice - Flypaw

Bluepelt - Blue-gray tom. Apprentice - Troublepaw

Lightningstripe - Light colored tom. Fastest runner in FireClan. Apprentice - Smallpaw

Stormheart - Gray and white tom.

Birdsong - Tabby she-cat. Apprentice - Hawkpaw

Moonracer - Pure black she-cat.

APPRENTICES: Hawkpaw - Tabby tom.

Troublepaw - Black and white tom.

Hollypaw - Light tabby she-cat.

Smallpaw - Very small light tabby tom.


ELDERS: Stubtail - Old orange tom with a stub for a tail.


LEADER: Sharpstar - Black tom with sharp teeth.

DEPUTY: Rainheart - Light brown tom. Apprentice - Dawnpaw

MEDICINE CAT: Shadowheart - Black and white tom. Apprentice - Silverpaw

WARRIORS: Doomclaw - Black and white tom. Apprentice - Foxpaw

Maplespirit - Brown she-cat.

Winterpelt - White tom.

APPRENTICES: Foxpaw - Orange, sly tom.

Dawnpaw - Light tabby she-cat.

QUEENS: Darkfoot - Dark colored she-cat.

ELDERS: Broadshoulder - Old orange tom.

Shellcloud - Light colored she-cat.


Those who believe in Clan of the sky


LEADER: Lionspirit - Huge ginger tom.

HEALER: Saltherb - Small white she-cat. Learner - Mericleherb

HUNTERS: Sparrowprey - Tabby tom. Learner - Snowleaf

Mountainprey - Huge gray tom.

Finchprey - Unusual light yellow she-cat..

Leopardprey - orange tom with black spots.

FIGHTERS: Windstorm - Blue-gray tom. Learner - Moonleaf

Goldstorm - Golden she-cat. Learner - Rainleaf

Songstorm - Calico she-cat.

Grizzlystorm - Huge brown tom.

Bravestorm - Black and white tom.

LEARNERS: Moonleaf - Muscular, blck tom. Will be a fighter.

Rainleaf - Blue she-cat with specks of brown. Will be a fighter.

Snowleaf - Pure white tom. Will be a hunter.

MOTHERS: Singingbird - Blue-gray she-cat.

RETIREES: Frostedone - White she-cat. Used to be a fighter.


LEADER: Oakspirit - Brown tom.

HEALER: Thistleherb - Brown and white she-cat.

HUNTERS: Frogprey - Light brown she-cat.

Copperprey - Copper-brown tom. Learner - Brackenleaf

Windprey - Light tabby she-cat.

FIGHTERS: Wolfstorm - Huge gray, fluffy tom.

Eaglestorm - Tabby tom. Learner - Grassleaf

Rainstorm - Amber she-cat who loves rain.

Blackstorm - Black she-cat.

LEARNERS: Brackenleaf - Thck furred, dark tabby tom. Will be a hunter.

Grassleaf - Unusual greenish, white tom. Will be a fighter.


RETIREES: Spottedone - White spotted tom. Used to be a hunter.

Hawkone - Brown tom. Used to be a hunter.