Chapter 3

It was about moonhigh when Wrenpaw snuck out of camp. She crept to the entrance and then raced through the trees and dust to the Moon-light place. She hoped that this was more than just a tough piece of fresh-kill, but then again didn't. That would mean she would have to do something dangerous.

Skidding down a sandy hill, she almost ran into a silvery cat and half feared that she was still in the SunClan apprentice's den, dreaming. But the cat turned around and Wrenpaw smelled MoonClan on him. The MoonClan apprentice jumped up and said, "So I wasn't the only one to get it!" he sniffed, "Are you the new medicine cat apprentice for SunClan or something?"

Wrenpaw sat down and licked the fur on her shoulder, "No," she replied, "I'm training to be a warrior. I had a dream where Whitestar came and said to-"

"To go here tonight at moonhigh," he finished for her. His face became puzzled. I thought only medicine cats got it."

Wrenpaw suddenly felt out of place, "No," she mewed quietly, then felt something ram into her back and she fell over.

"Sorry," she heard a voice in her ear and sprang up to see the dark-colored apprentice she had seen at the gathering. Getting a closer look at him, she saw that he had long hair and gray paws. "Did you get the prophecy too?" the MoonClan cat asked him.

The newcomer nodded. "I was told to go here. I'm Darkpaw by the way. From RapidClan."

"Wrenpaw from SunClan," she mewed and the silver cat introduced himself as Silverpaw, a medicine cat apprentice.

Suddenly another cat, who looked no older than a kit, came scurrying down the hill. He was a light tabby, and so small that he had to look up to see Darkpaw's face.

"You're here too!" he squeaked, "I knew Icestar was right!" he quickly told everyone what he dreamed of. It was the exact same as Wrenpaw's.

Darkpaw glared down at him, "What are you doing here?" he asked, "You're still a kit!"

The small tom's fur fluffed up as he met Darkpaw's stare, "Am not!" he mewed, "I became Smallpaw of FireClan a few sunsets ago!"

"Practically a kit," grumbled Darkpaw.

"I am not a kit!"

"Look!" Wrenpaw broke up the fighting toms, aware that she was the only she-cat in the bunch, "We got to figure out what were supposed to do here!"

"Maybe go to sleep," Silverpaw suggested, "That's what we do at SilverLake to talk to StarClan." SilverLake was where the leaders got their nine lives and name and where the medicine cats held their meetings.

"Good idea!" squealed Smallpaw.

"Like you have an opinion," Darkpaw retorted.

"I say try it," Wrenpaw said, "It couldn't hurt."

Laying down, she put her head on her paws and waited for Whitestar to come to her.

She was stalking a mouse in the night by the gorge when a white figure came walking over to her. The mouse heard the pawsteps and scurried away from her outstretched paws. "Fox-dung!" she spat. A quiet chuckle came from behind her. Springing to her paws, Wrenpaw looked up to see who was laughing at her. Whitestar standing over her, a gleam of amusement in his starry eyes.

"You again!" she mewed happily.

Whitestar nodded, "Yes Wrenpaw," he said, "I have another prophecy for you." Wrenpaw pricked her ears to listen. "Two more clans will come to the forest. But only five clans may have it. Blood will be the only path out. You must all work together to lead the way."

Like the last dream, things started to change around her. Now she was sitting again on the sandy beach of Moon-light place, the moon casting shimmers of light on the rippling water. The island that Lucktail had described just this morning seemed closer to the shore then ever. A black shape was sitting on the water's edge. It's eyes reflected the light of the moon making them glow eerily, but Wrenpaw didn't feel afraid.

Without a word from Whitestar, the scene changed again. They were just outside of SunClan camp now. Wrenpaw picked up the smell of blood in the air. All of a sudden, a cat shrieked somewhere in the distance. Visions of humongous numbers of cats, slashing claws, and blood came to her. She looked at Whitestar frightfully, but he was as calm as ever. The black cat came into the scene again. It was far away, it's eyes gleaming again. It was looking at her with grief in it's eyes. Things started to fade around her then. She could just make out the soft whisper of Whitestar.

"Your choice."

Wrenpaw was on sand again, hearing the ocean gurgle. Opening her eyes, she saw the three toms already on their paws looking at her.

"It's about time you got up," Smallpaw mewed, "Did you fall asleep or something?"

Wrenpaw didn't answer. She just got to her paws and started licking her chest fur.

"Well that was weird," Darkpaw mewed, ignoring Wrenpaw. "Lichenstar came to me again." Wrenpaw figured that Lichenstar was the old leader of RapidClan. He repeated the words Whitestar had said to her and the other two nodded their heads saying they got the same thing. He didn't say anything about the last bit though. She didn't say anything

"Weird," repeated Smallpaw nodding.

"Yeah," agreed Darkpaw. That was the only thing the two apprentices seemed to agree on tonight.

"No, It's just StarClan's word," said Silverpaw. "I think we should tell our leaders about this." Darkpaw looked doubtfull but agreed.

"That would be the best," squeaked Smallpaw. He looked at the sky. "It's about Dawn. We should get back."

"Should we meet again?" Silverpaw mewed. "I mean, the prophecy said something about 'You must all work together to lead the way'."

"How about tomorrow night?" Darkpaw put in. The toms nadded and turned to her. Wrenpaw gave them a small nod.

As all the apprentices started padding away to their clans, Wrenpaw wondered if she should tell Lucktail first. The whole prophecy to him. Maybe he could figure it out and tell Bearstar. She didn't like the idea of trying to convince her leader that they had to prepare for a fight.

Without knowing it, Wrenpaw looked out at the ocean. She could just make out two shapes moving through the darkness. She remembered Lucktail's story of the strange patrols. Curiosity got the better of her and she looked at the twoleg monster bridge. Determination had a firm grip on her. If Lucktail could get across that way, she could too. She had a plan.

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