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Their first meeting had been nothing but a coincidental encounter. Of course, she had never been one to believe in coincidences.

-Flash Back-

It was another beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the world was quiet. That was, until a group of three young men (though one looked like it could have been a girl) came into view, their loud voices carrying through the forest. At the moment, a young girl by an apple tree looked up from her work of gathering fruit. She watched as the three men came closer, a look of curiosity upon her face.

"Are you three lost?" the child asked in soft voice. The three men looked at her for the first time, since they had not realized that she was there. One of the men, who had long, blonde hair, and looked as though he could have easily passed for a woman, sighed, and then said aloud, "Yes, I believe we are. I don't suppose you could point the way to the nearest city or town?"

"Yes, in fact, if you wait a moment, I will be going back there after I finish picking these apples. Oh, and my name is Ayame. Who are you three?" the child asked, innocently going back to her work. Another of the men, this one had brown hair and a strange scar across his cheek; spoke up this time, "Ohh! Apples! Can I have some? I haven't eaten in at least 3 hours!" the girl, Ayame nodded, and then he continued speaking, "By the way, my name's Thatz, the blonde dude is Rune, and the guy over there with the black hair and red eyes is Rath. We're trying to get back to Dragoon."

"Dragoon? Isn't that… isn't that the capital city? Where the dragon lord lives?" Ayame asked standing up, bringing a large basket of apples with her. The blonde, Rune, nodded, then inquired, politely as usual, "You're done now, right? Do you need any help carrying the basket?" Ayame politely declined, then motioned for them to follow her. She noticed that the young man with black hair, Rath she believed was his name, hadn't spoken at all, just gazed around the woods with a distracted glance.

-Back to the Present-

It had been three years since that day, and all three of those men, who incidentally were Dragon Knights who worked for the Dragon Lord, had long since forgotten about the encounter. They had much more important things to think about, like the current crisis.

"Another village has been completely destroyed thanks to Nadil's army. There were no survivors in the village itself, and the only thing left near there is a small forest, which our men are currently searching. There is a small bit of hope, though, since our records show that there is one body missing from the wreckage, though that doesn't necessarily mean anything," a young man reported to the Dragon Lord, who was currently pacing if front of him.

"Very well, thank you Tetheus," the Dragon Lord, Lykouleon, said to the Black dragon officer. He then turned to the other three dragon officers as well (as in, he is still talking to Tetheus as well).

"I think it's a waste of time and money to go looking for one person who probably isn't even alive anymore!" said Alfeegi, the White dragon officer.

"But there is still a possibility that they are still alive! And if they are, we have a duty to help them, even if it is just one child!" another spoke aloud. This time it was Ruwalk, the Yellow dragon officer.

"Wait, the person we're looking for is just a child?" the last one asked, a pained look on his face. This one was the Blue Dragon officer, Kaistern. Kaistern was known for having a soft spot for children, which was made obvious by the fact that he could put up with the resident troublemaker, Rath, who was also the Dragon Knight of Fire, complete with his own fire dragon. Rath's other two friends, Rune and Thatz, also had dragons, though Rune had a water dragon, being the Dragon Knight of Water, and Thatz had an earth dragon, being the Dragon Knight of Earth.

"The forest is small, and my men should be done checking by night fall, so there isn't much to discuss on this matter," Tetheus, who also happened to be in charge of the armed forces of the castle. "And yes, Kaistern, the person who we are looking for is, according to our records, a young girl, probably around the age of 10 years by now. I believe her name was Ayame."

All of a sudden, several things happened at once. First, there was a gasp from somewhere in the ceiling. Then the grating of the air system in the ceiling fell, followed by Rath. Also, Tetheus opened the door to the conference room, and Rune and Thatz fell through the door. Everyone glanced at the dragon lord to see his reaction, and to the surprise of some (though not many) he burst into laughter, then went to go help a blushing Rath to his feet.

"In any case, I am assuming by that gasp that you know something of that girl, Rath?" Lykouleon enquired, a look of seriousness back on his face.

"Yeah, about, what, three years ago?" here he looked to the other two knights, who were still an interesting shade of dark pink, "Yeah, three years ago, we got lost trying to get back to Dragoon. We ended up in a forest, where we met a girl who went by that name. She took us back to her village so we could ask for directions," Rath concluded.

At that moment, a large commotion was heard outside, and all of those in the conference room went to find out what had happened.

Right outside the castle, a large number of soldiers were together in a circle, and beyond them were many passersby, trying to find out what had happened. Lykouleon pushed his way past many people until he go up to the front of the circle, where he saw an injured, young girl laying on the ground, with some sort of dark-silverish creature laying on her chest.

"What is going on here and who is that child," he asked the nearest soldier.

"That child is the one we found in the forest, most likely the one missing from the recently destroyed village. We were carrying her in to the infirmary and then we were gong to go give you our report, sir, but while we where walking over here, that creature suddenly crawled out from the kid's pocket or something and took a bite out of Henry's (1) hand, since he was the one closest to it. After that, everyone freaked out and we just… kind of… dropped her. Now were trying to get rid of the creature before it hurts the kid."

Suddenly, Rath popped out of nowhere, scaring the poor soldier away, "Lykouleon, I don't think that creature is going to hurt her. It almost looks as if it's her pet or something. Also, doesn't it look kind of like… kind of like a dragon?" Rath mentioned. Then started walking towards the girl. The creature started to growl, so Rath slowed down, and summoned his fire dragon, which whispered to for a moment before sending it over to the creature, while he continued walking. Everyone stared with baited breath. Fire, which was in fact what Rath had named the dragon, seemed to be talking with the creature, which had lessened its growl, and didn't try to bite Rath when he came near. Instead, it simply buried its claws deeper into the fabric of the girl's shirt, and allowed the girl to be picked up and carried inside, while a few people, namely a few soldiers, the dragon knights, Lykouleon, and the dragon officers, followed behind.

When they got to the infirmary, the chief nurse took one look at the girl, and immediately set a large majority of her staff to getting the girl taken care of. She asked the group following her to please wait outside for the news.

Lykouleon had only gotten a short look at her, but he immediately got a feeling of needing to protect her. She just looked so frail and broken, and he got the feeling that it wasn't just her wounds that gave him that feeling. Also, the appearance of another dragon was something that he was curious about. There were supposed to only be a total of five dragons, two of which were dead, and the remaining three belonged to the three dragon knights. However, he was brought out of his thinking when, three hours later, the chief nurse came out of the surgery ward.

"Under normal circumstances, I would be lying if I said I expected the girl to live with the wounds she has. However, for some reason, she seems to be healing exceptionally quickly, so there is still a chance that she will live," the nurse told the waiting group, then shooed them all off to bed, saying that they could see the girl in the morning.

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