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A large uproar was heard throughout the castle. A large group of demons had just been spotted within the Dragon Lords barrier, and many dragon fighters were afraid that they were about to have another demon like Bierrez on their hands. Of course, some fighters were absolutely ecstatic about it. Actually, there was really only one, and at the current moment, his fellow fighters were begging him to wait for them before he ran off to fight the demons.

"But Rune! I wanna fight the demons! They're right outside! You can't just not let me kill them!" Rath whined, begging to kill the demons much like a child would beg for dessert.

"Just hold on a minute and let the rest of us get ready! There are plenty of demons to fight, so I'm sure you can simply wait for one minute!" Rune said, glaring at Rath for his annoying behavior. The tension of the moment was broken when a quiet giggle was heard from the bed, where Ayame had resumed resting. All heads turned to the quiet girl, who blushed and quickly pretended to be asleep, even though it was quite obvious she wasn't.

Finally, after what seemed like hours to poor Rath, but was really only about two minutes, Thatz and Rune were ready to fight and the threesome, Lykouleon having left earlier to try to lessen the commotion within the building, left the room to get outside and fight the demons, Rath leading the other two and practically skipping with delight. If anyone had come by, they would have seen Ayame quietly get back out of bed and climb back over to the window, as if she was waiting to see what would happen.

Once outside, Rath had immediately begun trying to hack the demons to pieces, while Rune and Thatz tried to defeat them in a slightly more dignified manor that mainly just meant using their swords as actually swords, instead of acting as if they could have possibly forgotten all of the swords train that Tetheus had more or less literally beaten into their heads. Which is of course to say that Rath was basically using his sword like a sharp club. Something odd seemed to be happening with the demons, though. The three dragon nights could defeat the demons easily enough, but right after they took their eyes off the demon, it disappeared, and another demon appeared right about where the dead on was. Also, the attacks the demons were using were unusually weak.

"Grr, where do these demons keep coming from, it's like they keep coming back to life!" Thatz growled, frustrated that with all his hard work, nothing was getting done.

"Hey, look on the bright side, this way, we never run out of demons!" replied a very happy Rath. He was actually whistling while he beat the demons to a bloody pulp.

"Only you would be happy about that Rath," Rune said, sighing, "In any case, we've been going at it for almost an hour and a half, and I'm starting to get a bit worn out. I think we mi-"

All of a sudden, Rune was interrupted by a short, girly scream and a loud thump into a bush near the wall of the castle. A minute later, as well as a good deal of rustling, Ayame stepped out of the bush, acting very dignified and like she hadn't just fallen a floor or two, only to land in a bush in the middle of a bloody carnage scene.

"Um, what are you doing here?" Rune asked, barely managing to kill the demon that had leapt in front of him while he was distracted.

"Well, I kinda felt the need to tell you that those aren't demons, but if you want, I can leave again," Ayame offered, acting all innocent.

"What do you mean these aren't demons? Also, I was kind of referring to the fact that you just scaled the castle walls, even though you're supposed to be quite injured," Rune stated very calmly, going back to killing the demons.

"Well, those 'demons' are plants with a shadow spell on them, allowing them to move and keep coming back to life. If you break the spell, they'll probably just become a pile of splinters."

"Okay, but how do you break a shadow spell? I didn't even know that there was shadow magic," Thatz asked, rather grumpy about the fact that he had just spent an hour and a half hacking up plants instead of stealing food and jewels, though preferably food.

"Well, I read in a book that spirit magic and shadow magic are two sides of the same coin, so I can give it a shot. Err, if you want me to. I suppose that if you looked for the right spell, you could probably find a way to get rid of it with light magic. That would probably take a while though," Ayame replied.

"Well, we don't really have a lot of time, so go ahead and take your best shot," Rune said, moving out of the way and backing up a good distance. The other three people did the same. Ayame then closed her eyes and stood still for a moment before a light shimmering seemed to emanate from around the demons, which were still coming after the group, though they were suddenly much slower now. The light grew brighter and brighter until it gave a sudden flash, and the demons were replace with several large piles of misshapen bits of wood. It just so happened that Lykouleon chose that exact moment to appear in the courtyard as well, wondering why it was taking his prized dragon knights so long to get rid of the demons.

"Hmm, do I want to know why Ayame is down here and why there is a bunch of wood all over here?" Lykouleon asked, looking rather amused.

"I climbed down the wall because I figured that they might want to know that the demons weren't really demons," Ayame replied, still using what Lykouleon had started to suspect was a mask of innocent happiness.

"You climbed down the wall? In your condition? How did you manage to not rip open all your stitches?" Lykouleon inquired, one eyebrow raised.

Ayame looked at him blankly before looking down at the bandages covering her body beneath the outfit she was currently wearing. "Oh yeah, I was hurt pretty bad, huh? I guess I forgot…" was all she was able to say before she passed out, light blots of red appearing through her shirt, getting darker by the minute.

"I'll take her back up to her room," Rath said, putting his sword away and scooping Ayame up into his arms, nearly dropping her when Aya, Ayame's dragon suddenly appeared there as well. "Huh, I guess that's what the soldier meant when he said that 'a creature suddenly crawled out from the kid's pocket or something', though I'm guessing that it was more of a 'or something,'" Rath muttered to himself, transporting the girl and dragon back into the hospital wing, while Rune and Thatz were left to explain to Lykouleon exactly what all had happened.

Later that night, Lykouleon went back to the hospital wing one last time to check on Ayame. The head nurse noticed him and motioned for him to come closer to her.

"Lord Lykouleon, I was doing some blood tests on the new girl in this wing, and I feel that I must warn you. I don't know what that girl is, but she certainly isn't a dragon, human, demon, or a fairy. If I had to guess, I'd say that she was actually some kind of mix between a dragon and a demon, though I'm not sure if that's actually possible," the nurse told Lykouleon. She then said a quick goodnight and hurried to continue cleaning up for the night. Lykouleon mulled over the information he had collected about the girl throughout the day, and made up his mind once and for all that he was going to trust this strange girl. After all, it was the least he could do for the child.

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