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Gabriella sighed happily. It was English, one of her favourite subjects, but today she wasn't thinking about the work. She had finished 10 minutes early, and was waiting for the lesson to end, as she had only one lesson left before lunch (she had had a small breakfast, and was getting kinda hungry).

She thought about the double chocolate fudge chip muffin she had in her bag, and pushed aside all temptations to grab it and eat it at that moment. She slowly slipped into a daydream about chocolate and fudge muffins, without realising that she was also staring at the back of Troy's head with a dreamy smile on her face.

Anyone who happened to glance in her direction saw this, and immediately thought she was thinking about him. Unfortunately, Chad, who was sitting beside Troy turned round and thought exactly that. He nudged Troy, who was annoyed that Chad had jogged him, but his frown turned into an amused smile when he spotted Gabriella. Her eyes were now closed, and she was resting her head in one of her hands that was propped up on the table by her elbow.

She was now daydreaming about her favourite caramel sundae, and she didn't notice Troy moving slowly towards her, or Chad laughing silently, nor did she notice the fact that Troy's face was now just about 5 inches away from hers. She sighed deeply, much to both Chad and Troy's amusement. Chad tried not to laugh, but let out a small snort.

Gabriella's eyes shot open, and she saw Troy, who was so close to her that had she moved forward a few of inches they would have kissed. Both of them turned away, blushing slightly, and Troy swivelled round in his seat so he was facing the right way.

At that moment, the bell rang, signalling the end of the lesson. 'Phew, saved by the bell,' Gabriella thought. She quickly grabbed her stuff and made for the door. She got as far as the teacher's desk before Troy stopped her.

"Umm, Gabi, about that… well, you were daydreaming, and I just… never mind." He reached up to scratch his neck. "You seemed happy, what were you thinking about?"

Gabriella blushed again, mentally scolding herself for blushing unnecessarily. "Oh, just… chocolate muffins and caramel sundaes."

"Well, that would explain the cute- I mean, uh, dreamy face you had." Troy laughed uncomfortably, hoping Gabriella didn't notice that he just said she was cute. "Umm, I have to get to class, so I'll see you at lunch, okay?"

"Bye, Troy. See you later!" She replied, as Troy made his way down the hallway. She smiled as she watched him slowly disappear from sight. "Troy just said I was cute!" she thought aloud.

Taylor, who happened to be passing, heard Gabriella and crept up behind her as she started to walk away. "Ooh, I see someone has a crush on Troy Bolton!"

"Did I say that out loud?!" Gabriella gasped.

"Yep, but don't worry, your secret your secret is safe with me! Now come on, we can't be late for class!"

"Okay, let's go." They made their way to their next class.


Chad didn't really think Gabriella was dreaming about Troy (he thought it was something along the lines of a shoe sale), and Troy just thought she was dreaming about chocolate muffins and caramel sundaes. But only Gabriella knew that she was daydreaming about not just the muffins and sundaes, but also the blue-eyed boy she shared them with.