Hi, Fred and George again. This is our new story The Truth About Love. It is an attempt at a KH story by someone who has never played and someone who has played only 1.5 of the games. Forgive us if some facts are off.

Notes: We own nothing except the plot. And possibly the other 2-4 OCs coming in later. Also, the pairings will be RoxasOC, ZexionOC, and possibly two others later. You'll be able to figure it out.

Jill giggled as she and Sarah plopped down on the beds with an economy sized bowl of popcorn. She tugged at the hem of her blue plaid pajama shorts, smiling at the small image of Winnie the Pooh in the corner. Sarah brushed crumbs of popcorn off of her tight white cami that was a size too small and revealed her entire stomach. Jill was sleeping over Sarah's house, so they were still awake at three in the morning.

"So," Sarah laughed, "any new gossip for me?"

Jill shook her head. "Nope. So…you still like You-Know-Who?"

"Who, Voldemort?!"

"Eeww! No, not that You-Know-Who! The other You-Know-Who!"

Sarah blushed as she brushed a stray caramel-gold strand of curly hair behind her ear. "Maybe," she said evasively.

Jill sighed and pulled her short auburn-chestnut hair into a ponytail, two strands still framing her face. Sarah was still in denial. "You do realize it's just us here, and I'm your best friend, and I'll forget that I could ever tell anyway?"

Sarah picked invisible lint off of her pale blue coffee-mug Life is Good shorts. "I know," she mumbled. "It's just-"

She was cut off by a loud rumble of thunder. Both girls jumped a foot high and then cracked up.

Then they heard another loud crash, this time much closer and followed by the sound of splintering wood. They looked at each other in panic and ran out the bedroom door and looked down the front stairs at the front door.

The door was swinging around, loose on its hinges. Torrential rain poured through the door and lightning lit up the empty doorway. The two girls looked at each other in confusion and headed down to examine the open door and relock it.

"I thought my mom had it dead-bolted," Sarah questioned as Jill examined the lock.

With terror on her face and a tremor in her voice, Jill whispered, "She did."

She moved out of the way, allowing Sarah to take a closer look. She could see where the dead-bolt's metal had been melted and the wood cracked to force entry.

Lightning flashed again, adding to the ominous feeling both girls had. A shadow crossed over them onto the porch steps. With a growing sense of dread, they both whipped around to face the intruder.

A cloaked figure leaned lazily against the open doorway to the kitchen, seeming to stare at them hungrily. Neither teen could see the intruder's face, but the stance seemed familiar.

"Hello, girls. Having fun?" a male voice sneered. Again, he was outrageously familiar, but neither Jill nor Sarah could place him.

With a flash of fire, a dark portal appeared behind the girls in the front doorway. They screeched as more thunder crashed and they were sucked into the portal. Each hit her head on the cold wooden floor. The last thing they remembered before blacking out was seeing the figure step out of the portal after them and remove his hood to reveal a shock of flaming red hair.

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