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As Sarah slowly came to, she felt her body gently lower onto a soft couch. She blearily opened her eyes to see Zexion slip his arms out from under her and stalk to stand "emo-ly" in the corner. Blue waves swept in front of her vision.

She almost screamed "Help, I'm blind!" when she realized that these waves were nothing other than Saїx's hair.

"Did you have a good rest?" the berserker sneered serenely. Sarah defiantly ignored him. He just got on her nerves-if she didn't ignore him, he'd be faded twice by breakfast.

She finally noticed that she was alone with the two Nobodies. Jill was nowhere in sight. "Where's Jill?" se demanded, trying to sound angry through her fear.

"Don't you remember? Your dear best friend passed out and-shall we say-is out for the count for quite a bit," number VII taunted.

Sarah paled as blood rushed out from her head. "What?"

"Vexen drugged your food. Jill passed out before I could figure it all out. I caught you when you fell, but she hit her head really hard," Zexion intoned flatly. Sarah glanced at him quickly, gasping in horror at the small traces of blood that was not his own staining the hem of his cloak.

She nodded, swallowing stiffly. "Why," she croaked, "am I here? Where am I?"

Saїx grinned slightly. "You, my dear, are going to give me some answers. You are in our new briefing room at Castle Oblivion. Do you like it?"

A small light flickered on, illuminating the previously comfortably dark space softly. The single speck of light reflected the pure white of the walls. "Help! I'm blind!" she actually managed to scream this time. A pure white leather couch was under her, the walls were chalk white, and neither the floor nor the ceiling had a single smudge marring their perfect blankness.

Zexion chuckled while shielding his own eye. Sarah attempted to fix him with yet another fierce emo-glare, but the blinding light took some of the effect away.

"Enough fooling around!" Saїx commanded. "Number VI, please leave the room."

"What?" Zexion looked up at him. He appeared reluctant to leave. He really didn't want to risk running into Roxas, after what he had just inadvertently done to the younger boy's girlfriend.

"Superior's orders." Zexion growled lowly and slunk from the room. Saїx smirked at Sarah maliciously and snapped his fingers. A Berserker Nobody appeared and began to force Sarah into a white marble chair. She hadn't noticed it before because a) she was blinded and b) it blended perfectly into the wall. Saїx sat opposite her, preparing to ask questions.

"So…" he began when her fussing settled, "have you been made aware of your purpose in our plan to recover hearts?"

Sarah's face registered a brief moment of 'shock.' "You mean we're actually being held here for a real reason?" she gaped in mock-surprise. "I won't tell you anything until I get to see what happened to Jill!" she asserted, glaring sharp pointy objects at the Luna Diviner, who gulped inconspicuously.

Wow, he thought. Never before has a Somebody been able to intimidate me with merely a look. She is clearly one of the Keys. No average person could frighten me!

"You may see her after you give me the answers I seek. Now…what do you know of the Recovery?"

"Recovery? Nevermind, I don't care! I wanna see Jill! And I'm not going to answer anything until I get to!"

"You will have to cooperate if you ever want to go see your friend. Now answer that question." Saїx commanded.

Sarah remained quiet, studiously ignoring Number VII.

"Answer the question. Or do you need me to repeat it?"

Again, all he received was silence and a glare.

Saїx tried several more tactics, but each had had the same result. It seemed he could not manage to break through Sarah's stubborn silence.

Saїx began gritting his teeth, and it seemed he was finally nearing the end of his surprisingly long patience.

"Now I will ask you one last time before I never allow you out of this room to see your friend! What. Do. You. Know. About. The. Recovery?!"

Sarah glanced up at the blue-haired man, considering her answer. She knew if she didn't do something, she might never get the chance to see Jill, since she could tell Saїx really meant his threat this time. Darkness surrounded him as if he was itching to summon his claymore.

"Weeellll, I know lots of things about a recovery."

"Finally." Saїx rolled his eyes, clearing the darkness. It only took an hour or two to make her open up.

"I know you can recover files on a computer, you go through recovery after an accident…" Sarah recited, counting on her fingers. Saїx sighed in exasperation. Had he a heart, he would have gotten mad and face-palmed by now.

"…recovery of something lost, recover a box with its lid-"

"Enough." Saїx interrupted. "You may go. Find your friend. We will continue this at a later time, when you are more inclined to cooperate." And without another word, he stepped backward and disappeared through a portal of darkness. Sarah stared at the spot he disappeared from for a moment before darting around the Berserker Nobody and flinging open the door. It opened into a blindingly white marble hallway with high ceilings and intricate carvings on the base of the walls. Sarah took a short moment to admire the brightness of the hall before she took off, searching for the infirmary.

She ducked into an open door as two sets of footsteps approached.

"I can't believe you!" a young male voice hissed.

"I told you, XIII, it wasn't my fault." The second voice sounded familiar…

"Don't 'Number XIII' me! It was your fault and you know it," Roxas growled. "Besides, Number VI, what would your little girlfriend say? Does she know you left her best friend to get injured? Does she know Jill is in a coma and may have perma-"

SLAM! Roxas's body was shoved roughly into the wall beside the door Sarah hid behind. Zexion's enraged face could be seen through a crack in the door, both hands pinning the younger teen's shoulders to the wall.

"You listen to me," he growled, "you leave Sarah out of this. She had nothing to do with it. I don't think she needs to be told all the bad news right after her interrogation-"

"No! She had everything to do with it! If you had just been paying attention to-"

"Don't pin this on me not paying attention!"

"-your job instead of your little girlfriend-"

"She is not my girlfriend!" Zexion roared. The hatred etched in his face frightened Sarah and Roxas in its intensity. Not even the Schemer himself knew whether it was hatred for Sarah or Roxas, or even self-loathing. "And she never will be," he added in a dangerous monotone whisper.

Sarah listened for a few more minutes as they bickered and accused, only able to pick out a couple more words. "Jill…because of her…I can't…be in love…"

Their voices faded as Zexion released the Key of Destiny and they continued down the hall as they had been doing. They stalked down the corridor still fighting about Jill, and who it was that Zexion did or did not love. Sarah stood dumbly for a moment with her ear pressed to the door. When she was sure no one else was coming, she tore off in the direction the boys had originally come from. She began to sob blindly as she ran.

She knew she liked Zexion. Their kiss had not been the type one could receive or reciprocate without some real emotion behind it. Yet the snatches and snippets of the eavesdropped argument had made it sound like he wanted Jill, not her.

Her eyes were so clouded with tears that she didn't see a dark portal open up in front of her. As she stumbled through, she found herself in another blinding room.

But this time, the color wasn't white. It was red. Bright red covered every surface, with hints of flaming orange and burning yellow tinting the edges. On the very red bed sat the only things in the room not in fire décor.

A blond figure with a mullet dug through his pocket and counted out fifty munny. He handed it to the other cloaked figure, this one with hair almost as bright as the walls. "Pay up, IX," Axel drawled. "She did it."

"Did what?" Sarah asked Axel and Demyx, quite confused. She hurriedly wiped away her tears, trying to look calm and happy.

"Demyx here bet me that you didn't like me. I told him that if we opened a portal to my room and you came through, you dug me. So, you do."

"Do WHAT?" she screeched.

"You dig me," he answered smugly. Sarah never even felt herself move. Next thing she knew, Demyx was applauding, pointing, and laughing. Axel had fallen off the bed and had his hand covering the painful, angry red handprint blossoming on his cheek.

"Listen up," she hissed maliciously and sadistically, "I will never dig you. My heart is not up for grabs in bets. Never! N-E-V-E-R! GOT IT MEMORIZED?!" she bellowed.

He whispered meekly, "Committed to memory."

She snapped back into reality a moment later. "Demyx," Sarah called with a false-sweetness. "Do you happen to know where the infirmary is?"

Demyx flushed a faint pink. I thought the only girl who talked to me like that was Larxene…even though it was only for death threats. That fake-caring voice is disconcerting...should I be worried? he thought.

"Um…yeah…?" he reluctantly said. Axel finally managed to snap out of his stupor and scramble off the floor, portalling out while darkly muttering threats.

"Could you take me there?" she flirted. With three short steps, she was on Demyx's lap with her arms around his neck. "Could you show me where it is?"

He nodded stiffly, and was about to attempt getting up, when Axel portalled back in, now swearing profusely.

"Hey! This is my room!" he shouted. One look at their position and he shook his head in confusion."Get OUT!" he yelled. "Go seduce him somewhere else!"

Sarah snickered, grabbed Demyx's wrist, and dragged him out the door. He led her shyly through at least twenty pure white corridors, up and down six flights of stairs, and all around at least twenty-seven corners. Sarah had not even a clue where she was, but Demyx was (gasp-eth) confident, so she decided to trust the Nocturne.

Finally they arrived at two tall white double doors. "The Dusks will only let one person, well, one Nobody, usually, in at once. You should go first," Demyx said, stopping to gently push one door. It opened with only the slightest of creaks and swung back to reveal a lone figure in a bed far down the row on the right.

"Jill!" she yelled, running toward the bed.

She screeched to a halt at the bed and gazed down at her friend. She looked for all the world like she was only sleeping, her breathing slow and even, her eyelids barely closed. Her glasses rested folded on the nightstand by her bed. In fact, the only indication that she was in a coma at all was the frightening bandage wrapped around her head.

The white blanket was pulled up half-way and her hands rested serenely on top. A small machine beeped next to the bed, but Sarah could not figure out its use, especially since there were no wires connecting it to anything.

Sarah jumped as a figure came up behind her and laid a comforting hand on her shoulder. She looked up at Demyx pleadingly, begging him with her eyes to explain and help her. Demyx sighed. At least she didn't look scary any more...

"The Dusks explained everything to me. She's in a coma-" Demyx cut off from the 'I-knew-that' look Sarah shot him. "-but she will wake up. She'll be completely fine…well, we think. There very well may be some permanent brain damage. But she will live. You will get your best friend back. And who knows?" he asked optimistically. "Sometimes a head trauma can help to awaken-oh! um, the uh, true emotions of the heart?" he finished guiltily with a lame attempt at innocence.

Her chocolate eyes narrowed sharply. "What are you hiding?" she demanded suspiciously.

He was saved from having to reply by the arrival of Axel, crimson handprint still marring his normally cocky expression. In his hand was Number VI's elbow. Zexion looked less than ecstatic to be there. (If he had emotions, that was…) His cheeks tinged to match Axel's bruising one when he caught sight of Sarah.

The girl's look turned absolutely furious. Axel had stopped in mid-sentence, but his last audible words as he entered were "tell your little girlfriend…"

"She's not my girlfriend," the Schemer muttered darkly, ripping free of Axel's grip to push roughly past the Melodious Nocturne to go stand in a corner like the emo-kid he pretended not to be.

A Dusk handed the injured pyromaniac some kind of ointment, which VIII greedily began to smother over his face. The handprint instantly faded, but only half-way.

"Dang, you hit hard for a girl," Axel commented, looking at his ruined complexion in a mirror over by the other wall.

Sarah's eyes narrowed dramatically as the theoretical camera zoomed in on her. "What. Did. You. Just. SAY?" she growled. They all froze in fear. If not for the absurdity of it, they honestly would have thought that an aura of pure glowing fury was glowing around her. Sarah and Axel immediately began bickering fiercely, with everyone taking sides. In the commotion, no one noticed that Jill's shadow had begun to twitch as if it was trying to pull free of some unseen restraint.

Everyone's attention then snapped to the door of the infirmary. There stood a surprised and embarrassed Roxas, clutching a small bouquet of pale pink flowers, which he promptly hid behind his back.

"I didn't realize there would be any people here…"

"Aaaw, little Roxy brought his girlfriend some flowers!" Axel exclaimed, walking to Roxas and throwing an arm around his shoulder. Sarah giggled at the look on Roxas's face.

"Axel, stop it, you're annoying." Roxas tried to shove him off with one hand, the other still hiding the flowers behind his back.

"Aw, come on Roxas! You're no fun!" Axel grinned but stepped away anyway. Roxas glared at him suspiciously. It was very unlike Axel to give in so easily.

Axel turned back to the original group and Sarah began to lecture Axel about his sexist comments again.

"OOOOWW!" Roxas yelped, drawing everyone's attention once more. He has hopping up and down and blowing on his hand, a smoking pile of flowery ashes on the floor. Axel snickered triumphantly. "Axel, you jerk!" Roxas growled, still blowing on his burnt hand and muttering curses under his breath. Axel was now full out laughing. Zexion just sighed and shook his head, Demyx was looking confused, and Sarah glared at Axel. She then cracked up in laughter as she glanced back at the highly comical picture Roxas made.

"Roxas…?" Demyx asked hesitantly.

"What!?" Roxas snapped.

"Can't you just use cure on your hand?"

Roxas's eyes widened in shocked realization as Axel and Sarah laughed even harder. The door burst open and a fuming Marluxia strode in.

"Where is that little hormonal angst-loving neophyte?" he demanded. By the word 'angst' everyone (except Jill, for obvious reasons) had turned to look at Roxas. Marluxia noticed this and he strut towards Roxas with his scythe materializing.

"Where are my flowers?" the Graceful Assassin asked in a deadly whisper. Roxas squeaked and dove behind Axel, earning more snickers. Number XI took note of the self-satisfied face Axel wore and his eyes narrowed. "You."

The look was gone in an instant. "What? What'd I do this tiiime?"

Marluxia twitched. "This…time…?"

Axel swore and ducked back behind Demyx. "I swear, I didn't know they were yours! Roxas brought them-" He decided that it was a better idea to run. Now.

Marluxia had spotted the pile of flower ashes and he ran after Axel. They dashed out of the infirmary, Axel's heels on fire and Marluxia literally hot on them. The scythe was held at a precarious angle as they turned the corner.

Roxas cured his hand and summoned his Keyblades. "Whelp, I'd better go help whichever one of them won't kill me on sight." Pause. "Hang on, Axel, I'm coming you jerk!"

Demyx and Sarah laughed again as XIII darted from the room and made a sound as if he had run straight into the opposite wall.

Zexion turned and sulked toward Jill's bed, supposedly checking the possibly useless monitor.

The beeping was all over the place. None of the monitors made any sense. If that was right, then she should be…

There. Right on schedule. Her shadow roiled one last time, then she groaned.

Demyx and Sarah turned in amazement. A groggy voice whispered, "Guys? What happened…?"

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