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What Dreams are Made of

Harry awoke in his bed at Grimmauld Place and stretched, this was his last day as a single man. He could not wait to see Ginny all dressed in white, to lift her veil and seal their union with a kiss. By the end of today she would be his wife and he would be her husband.

He got out of bed and went down to the solarium. He loved taking his tea, toast and morning paper in there. Somehow Kreacher knew exactly when he would arrive because each day there would be a steaming pot of tea and warm toast with jam waiting for him.

This morning he noticed something different on the table. A letter on a silver tray was sitting next to his teacup. It was addressed simply:

Harry James Potter

To be delivered on the morning of his wedding.

He recognized the handwriting. How could he forget it, he had reread her letter so many times. That other letter had been for someone else, this one was addressed to him. He opened it with trembling hands.

October 1, 1991

My Dearest Harry,

I am compelled to write this letter because of the dream I had last night. Though, I don't think I could justly call it a dream because it seemed so real. All I know is that I needed to get my thoughts down on paper for the fear of not being able to tell you these things myself.

If you are reading this, then one of my greatest fears has come to pass, I am no longer with you. Oh how I will miss you, my little love. The moment I first saw you, I knew that I would love you forever.

Oh, how you resemble your father! Now not just in looks but in manner as well. Just the other day I found the two of you playing with your brooms. You each had the exact same look of pure exhilaration. I have no doubts that one day you will be as wonderful a Quidditch player as he is. I can just imagine how the girls will swoon at your constant wind swept hair and beautiful green eyes. After all, you are your father's son.

You are the apple of his eye my little love. On many occasions I have passed by your nursery to find him leaning over your crib, watching you sleep. Probably itching to wake you to play, but knowing that I would be quite cross if he did.

As I myself sit here and watch you slumber my heart is bursting with joy. I have never felt such love. You have captured my soul. I am so thankful that I have been given this gift and yet so fearful that something so perfect is not meant to be.

This letter is to be delivered on your wedding day, the very day I dreamt of last night. In this dream I saw you happy and deeply in love with a beautiful auburn haired girl. Her deep brown eyes were looking back at you as only a woman in love could. The two of you were standing under a beautiful flower covered archway, the sweet smell of jasmine permeating the air, silver bells ringing in celebration of your joyous day. You are wearing the Harmony rings on your right hands, making room for the wedding bands now on your left. This dream has filled me with hope, to know that you will find someone and share this special bond.

The first time I watched the Harmony rings 'sing' I was so overwhelmed that I was brought to tears. It is hard to explain but I am sure you understand that the music they give is a true expression of your love for one another. I do believe that your father and I are soul mates just as I believe that you and your love will be as well.

Dearest Harry, I know you will be a good man, brave and true to your convictions, willing to go the distance for a cause that you believe in. I see kindness in your eyes and a desire to love with great passion. I know this just as I know myself.

It brings me peace to know that the love your father and I share will survive and, through you, it will be spread out into the world.

All the love my heart has to give,


He read the letter twice, wiping away tears with his breakfast napkin, committing each word to memory. He had to show this to Ginny, he wanted to share it with her.

His mother had dreamt of this very day. It had brought her peace and joy knowing he would find Ginny and love her as he did. She had known that he and Ginny would be wearing the Harmony rings.

This knowledge helped fill the void of not having them there. That at least his mum had dreamt about it. He hoped that she had shared this with his dad, that he too would have known that Harry would be all right.

Harry folded the letter, put it back down in the silver tray, and sent it to his room. He would show it to Ginny as soon as he could find a spare moment during the wedding.


Ginny sat motionless in the chair at Lady Elizabeth's Beauty Emporium waiting for the polish on her nails to dry. To keep her mind occupied, she, Hermione, Luna, and Diana would be spending most of the afternoon here. They would all be back at the Burrow by three, in time to get dressed and get ready for the wedding to begin at five sharp.

Her friends were doing their best to keep her calm but she was a bundle of nerves. Why, she could not guess. She had been waiting for this day. She had never been this sure of anything in her life. She loved Harry and wanted nothing more than to be his wife.

"Have a glass of wine, Gin," said Diana. "It's very good. You've been way too quiet."

"I can't exactly move right now," she said as she wiggled her toes and fingers showing off the slick polish.

Elizabeth flicked her wand and a glass of wine made its way over to Ginny. "So ladies, let's discuss what we are going to do with this gorgeous auburn hair of hers."


Harry, Bill, George, and Ron were to report to the Burrow just before lunch. Ginny would be gone by then and Mrs. Weasley wanted them to help make sure the marquee company got everything right.

Harry felt like he was walking around in a trance, following orders and doing whatever he was told.

At one point, Harry was ushered out of the house and into the barn. This was a sure sign that Ginny had returned from her day at Lady Elizabeth's. Luckily her brothers decided to keep him company. They wanted no part of the estrogen fest that was going on in the house. All the women - including Fleur, Gabrielle, Penelope, and Katie - were now getting ready. There were dresses and shoes all over the place. The only safe spot was in the barn with Harry.

"Mate, I have never seen you quite this shade of purple before," said George with a chuckle as he surveyed Harry sitting with his head in his hands taking deep breaths.

Harry looked up and gave George and evil glare. Just wait until it is his turn. We'll see who's making wise cracks then, he thought as he did his best not to hyperventilate.

"Trust me mate, it will all be over soon," assured Bill. "Once you get your dress robes on, time is going to fly by. Pretty soon you and Ginny will be off on your honeymoon, far away from this madhouse."

Harry looked up again. He really thought he was going to hurl. Was Bill really trying to freak him out? If so he was doing a great job!

"Who's got that basketball you brought with you Harry?" asked Charlie. "Let's get that out and work off some of this nervous energy."

"That is a wonderful idea," said Harry with some relief. He went over and dug the ball out, then attached a basket to the side of the barn with his wand.

Soon they were all running around playing three on three. Harry was working up a good sweat, practically forgetting about his wedding that was just two hours away.

"No using wands!" yelled Ron, who had played this game with Harry on several occasions and was actually quite good.

"I don't think the ball is supposed to growl," laughed Bill as he eyed George stashing his wand in his jeans.

Everyone was now really into the game, which was great for Harry because it was helping him keep his mind off the wedding.

Charlie stole the ball from Bill and jumped to sink the shot then Harry jumped to block him.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. Charlie came down and elbowed him right in the face causing Harry to fall with a crash, his nose now broken and gushing blood.

"Oh, Ginny is going to kill you Charlie," said George with a muffled chuckle.

Bill shook his head, "I would be more worried about mum if I were you. She's going to blow her top."

Harry was still on the ground holding his nose and squinting through his blood covered glasses. "Some help please!"

"Shit," said Charlie. "Does anyone know how to fix him?"

Everyone stared at Harry, covered in blood, and getting married in less than an hour.

"I hate to say it mates," said Ron. "But I think we are going to have to go see mum."

Harry looked up at him, "Are you barking mad!" he yelled. "She'll kill us all."

"Katie!" yelled George. "I'll go get Katie. She is studying to be a healer. She'll fix you right up."

Everyone stared at George, this was news.

"Well," he exclaimed, "With all the experimenting I do with new products she thought it would be a good idea."

"Makes perfect sense," said Bill as he helped Harry up.

Several minutes later Katie came running into the barn. "What in bloody hell is going on?" She looked over and saw Harry sitting on a haystack, leaning his head back and holding his nose with a blood soaked handkerchief. "Sweet Merlin, Ginny is going to flip."

"Well we were sort of hoping that you could fix him up so that she wouldn't notice," said George.

Katie went over and examined Harry. "What did you do? You broke your nose pretty good."

Harry grimaced then pointed at Charlie who was still holding the basketball.

"Well I can fix it. You're damn lucky we just covered this in school." She tilted his head to get a better look at him. "Wow, he really nailed you. I've never seen both eyes develop bruising this fast before."

"What!" yelled Harry "I have two black eyes!"

"I didn't want to get you too alarmed mate," chuckled Ron. "But you kind of look like a raccoon."

Katie flicked her wand over Harry's face, examined him a little closer then said, "I'm going to go grab some potion from the kitchen. Stay still till I get back."

Harry leaned his head back against the hay bale, "Maybe basketball wasn't the best idea. Maybe we should have just played cards."


Just before five, Ron and a normal looking Harry took their places under the wedding arch. Bill, Charlie, Percy, George, and Neville had finished seating all the guests and were waiting to escort bridesmaids. Mrs. Weasley was sat at the front already dabbing her eyes with a lace hankie. Ginny and her dad were in a small cabana waiting for the wedding march to begin.

Ott's had outdone themselves transforming the marquee and garden into a floral paradise. At the front of the marquee, the wedding arch stood covered with an array of tiny white and blue flowers, the air was heavy with the scent of Diana Jasmine. Everywhere you looked, you would find a magnificent floral display. There were topiaries of fire and ice roses, cascades of orchids accented with deep blue Anemones and vases filled with Gerberas, Hydrangeas, and Iris.

At last the quartet began to play Cannon in D, signaling the wedding procession to begin. The girls seemed to float down the aisle, their deep blue satin dresses shimmering in the light from the hundreds of magical candles above. Once the bridal party was in place the musicians began to play The Bridal Chorus, everyone stood to watch Ginny and her father make their way down the aisle

Harry's heart was beating its way out of his chest, for a moment he had to remind himself to breathe. She was a vision of absolute perfection. He wanted to memorize every part of her. Her dress shimmered in the candlelight. Her silky auburn hair was pulled up loosely with several curls falling gracefully to her shoulders. He could see her lips through her veil, full and red, her eyes bright and full of joy.

Harry felt his knees weaken causing him to sway. Thankfully, Ron put a hand on his shoulder to steady him. "Here she comes, mate," he said, not even sure Harry even heard him.

Mrs. Weasley joined Ginny and her father at the end of the aisle. Reverend Miley spoke, "Who gives this woman to be joined?"

"We do," they answered. Mr. Weasley took Ginny's hand and placed it into Harry's.

This was a symbol of trust that Harry took seriously. He would make sure that Ginny lived a life filled with love and happiness, something he had fought very hard to ensure. He looked down at their entwined hands, not knowing where his left off and hers began.

"It has been almost exactly twenty years to the day since I had been given the privilege of performing a Potter wedding. It seemed like yesterday that I stood here holding these same four rings." He held one hand out, "The Harmony rings which bonded Harry and Ginny also bonded James and Lilly." He held the other hand out, "The wedding bands which joined James and Lilly will now join Harry and Ginny. Life and love have come full circle."

Harry had no idea that Reverend Miley had performed his parents wedding. He looked over at Mrs. Weasley, who was still crying into her handkerchief, and Mr. Weasley, both smiled knowingly at him.

As the ceremony continued, the young couple eyes remained locked upon each other. Ginny had tears shimmering in her eyes, Harry mouthed I love you to her, both oblivious as to what else was happening around them.

Harry finally looked when he felt Ron nudge him. Reverend Miley was still holding the four rings, Harry's in now one hand and Ginny's in the other. He opened his arms wide and began an elaborate incantation.

The four rings sprang to life above them in a burst of small fireworks. Harry and Ginny felt the warm glow of the rings encompass them, uniting them in marriage. The rest of the ceremony was a mere formality. Harry and Ginny were as one.

It seemed as if only seconds had passed when Harry heard Reverend Miley announce, "I now pronounce this couple joined in marriage. You may now seal your union with a kiss."

Harry looked down at his and Ginny's hands. Somehow they now each wore a Harmony ring on their right hand and a wedding band on their left. After the ceremony, Ginny would be able to move her engagement ring back over to her left hand enabling it to magically join to her wedding band.

Harry reached up and lifted Ginny's veil, gently he cupped her face and kissed her. He only pressed further into the kiss when he felt Ginny's pull him closer.

The balloons above them disappeared, leaving in their place hundreds of tiny silver bells, which rang out in celebration of the union.

Harry released Ginny and looked up at the bells. He remembered the letter he had safely tucked into his breast pocket. His parents were here with him to share in his special day, even if it was just in the memory of a young mother's dream.

Reverend Miley turned the couple to face their guests. "It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Harry James Potter."

It started to magically shower confetti as the young couple ran hand in hand down the aisle. They made their way back to the bride's cabana to spend a few minutes alone before the reception began.

The newlyweds had not stopped kissing since they entered the tent. They just had a few minutes while their guests enjoyed the cocktails and appetizers at the reception. They absolutely had to be there when the MC announced them prior to dinner.

"Hello Mrs. Potter," said Harry as he pulled Ginny into a very passionate kiss.

She sighed, "I love the sound of that."

"Do we really need to go back out there?" he asked as he gently caressed his wife's cheek. "Can't we just stay here and let them enjoy the party without us?"

"Afraid not love, mum would hunt us down and murder us for sure. This is her dream wedding so we better not mess it up."

Harry laughed, "I guess you're right. But as soon as we can, we are sneaking off for some more alone time."

"Oh, you have no idea Mr. Potter," whispered Ginny as she kissed right below his ear. A spot she knew would get his attention. "Just you wait and see what I have planned for you."

"I am the luckiest man on earth," he said as he kissed her again.

"Nah, it's pretty much a tie I think," she said as she took his hand. She wanted to hurry and get the formalities over with so that they could move on to the more exciting parts of the evening.

Harry sat Ginny down to show her the letter his mother had written him. She was in absolute shock. It was as if his mother had known that she would not survive to see Harry married. She had known that he would find her and that she would love her son as deeply as she did.


Just as for Bill's wedding, once the newlyweds had made their way down the aisle, the guests' chairs disappeared and the marquee magically transformed itself to a reception hall. The room was now ready to seat two hundred plus dinner guests, complete with a dance floor and stage for the band.

Trays of hors d'oeuvres and bottles of champagne magically floated around the room on silver trays.

This wedding was the formal affair that Molly Weasley had always wished for her only daughter's wedding. Initially it had taken her a few days to accept the fact that Harry had given her carte blanche to create the wedding of her dreams. He had actually gotten a bit annoyed with her constant fret over the amount of galleons it would cost. It was only when the young couple threatened to elope that she finally stopped worrying about the budget and got down to serious work with the planning. Her eyes had glazed over for just a minute imagining the magnificent affair she could create. Then she immediately went to work.

So far, everything was going beautifully. Her sons were even behaving like gentlemen and they were under strict orders to remain that way. She had let them know with certainty that if they stepped out of line even once, what she had done to Beatrix Lestrange would look merciful.

Once everyone was seated, Ron stood up and tapped his champagne glass with his wand, then pointed it at his throat. "May I have your attention please," he said loudly. "I would like to propose a toast to my baby sister Ginny and her new husband Harry." He turned and smiled at them. "Who would have thought that my best mate would marry my little sister?" Everyone laughed.

"I will have to admit," chucked Ron and smiled down at Harry, "We Weasley brothers can be a bit overprotective."

"I'm lucky to be alive," added Harry with a grimace.

Ron continued, "Well we had to make sure you were worthy of marrying our little sister. On that thought, we needed to make sure you were brave enough. Ginny has never had a problem putting us in our place, not to mention her arsenal of evil hexes." The audience chuckled. "When Harry snogged Ginny senseless in the middle of the Gryffindor common room, my first thought was to gather up my brothers and hex him into the next century." The audience laughed again, many of them knew just how protective the brothers could be.

"Well Hermione did some convincing and we decided not to kill Harry. Though that is still an option if he screws this up. But, he's done a great job so far. So Ginny, on behalf of your brothers let me just say; we approve."

"Gee thanks Ron," laughed Ginny. Everyone laughed again.

"Well, we are very proud to officially have Harry as a member of our family. Though mum has been coddling him for years now." Ron raised his glass, "We wish you many years of happiness."

Harry stood up, "Thank you Ron. As usual, you have a fabulous way with words. I would also like to make a toast and present my lovely bride with a gift." Ginny looked shocked, she was not expecting this at all. "To the Weasley family," said Harry as he raised his glass again. "Thank you for making me a spoon upon your Grandfather clock and showing me what it means to have a family. But most of all thank you for letting me marry the most wonderful woman I have ever met." He turned to Ginny, "Gin, you are my soul mate. Since the day I first realized that I was in love with you, I knew you were the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately, I had to take care of some other nasty business before I could make it happen. And I will have to admit, surviving your brother's little test was no picnic either." With this everyone laughed, many of them knew exactly what the brothers had put Harry through.

He continued, now looking back at their guests, "I received a letter from my mum this morning. She wrote it just days before she died. She had a dream about my wedding, that I was blissfully happy and deeply in love with my auburn haired bride. She even described the archway full of white flowers, the scent of jasmine in the air, and the ringing of silver bells that were at our ceremony." Harry looked over at his new mother-in-law and smiled, "Molly, I don't know howyou did it, but you made my mum's dream come true, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Molly brought her handkerchief up to her face to keep from crying, though the tears still managed to fall from her cheeks.

"Gin, you have made me the happiest wizard on earth, and I look forward to starting each and every day with you as my wife." He bent over and kissed her lightly on the lips then smiled mischievously. "You have always said that when we start our own family you would like to raise them here in St. Catchpole. So I thought it would be nice if we could start by building a home of our own." He pulled a scroll from his pocket and handed Ginny the deed to a 25-acre plot in the adjoining valley, now named "Potters Hollow."

Ginny stood up and hugged him, tears of joy sliding down her cheeks. Molly had to sit down from the shock of it, now in absolute euphoria that her only daughter was going to live practically right next door.

Harry put his arm around Ginny and raised his glass, "To family; past, present, and future." After he took a drink, he gently kissed Ginny and asked her, "Are you happy?"

She nodded her head then kissed him back. She was probably the happiest woman on earth right now. Well besides her mum, who was now giddy.

As dinner was ending, Luna excused herself from the head table. "I have to go say hello to Herbert. They should be setting up soon."

Harry and Ginny went over to the cake table. It was time for them to cut the cake and have their first dance. The cake ceremony was, as predicted, a messy affair. Ginny successfully smeared her first slice of cake over most of Harry's mouth, cheeks and chin, Harry was a little neater, though he did manage to get a bit in her hair.

After cleaning up the frosting from each of their faces Harry and Ginny made their way on to the dance floor. The Weird Sisters were now up on stage accompanied by several other musicians. Also up on stage, was none other than Luna Lovegood, looking very comfortable.

Luna took hold of the small-enchanted megaphone to talk. "Harry and Ginny, this is my gift to you."

Herbert sat down at the piano and Luna stood in front. He started to play a beautiful and familiar melody, the song Harry and Ginny had chosen as their first dance. Luna started to sing.

At first they just stood their on the dance floor, almost dumbstruck. Luna had the most beautiful voice they had ever heard. It was soft and sweet and went perfectly with Herbert's when he joined in to sing with her.

Harry took Ginny by the waist and led her around the floor. Luna must have planned this all along. That is why she got The Weird Sisters to perform with her. She and Herbert performed beautifully; Harry and Ginny would always cherish this special gift.

When the dance was finished Harry and Ginny went and gave Luna a big hug. "You have the most amazing voice!"

Luna blushed. Now that she was off stage, she was not as comfortable. "Thanks, it was Herbert's idea. He insisted that I should sing with him. When Ginny told me what her song was, I just started rehearsing with the band."

"That was a wonderful gift Luna," said Harry as he hugged her again, "Thank you very much."

"Are you going to sing again?" asked Ginny.

"I might," said Luna with a big grin. "Herbert and I have done a few other songs together."

Ginny was very excited, "Oh, please do Luna! I would love to hear you sing again. Do you think you could sing our song again for the last dance?

"Sure," agreed Luna. "Let me just let them know." She went back up on stage to talk with the band.

They appeared to be having a good time playing classic dance music. Herbert, whose voice matched the music perfectly, was the lead singer for most of it. The band was saving their songs for later in the evening. When the older folks had gone home and the younger crowd remained to celebrate into the night.

Still holding his hand, Ginny led Harry away from the reception and back to the bridal cabana. When they ducked in, Harry was shocked by its transformation. He would never stop being amazed at wizard tents.

"This is beautiful Gin," he said in awe of the magnificent room before him. The cabana was draped in warm hues and featured a giant king sized bed at its center. Ginny led him over to the bed and sat him down.

"We have about thirty minutes before anyone notices we're gone," she said as she poured them each a glass of champagne from the bottle chilling next to the bed.

She started to take off his tie and unbutton his shirt.

Harry looked at her, "Now?" he asked a bit stunned.

"Now," she whispered into his ear as she helped him discard the last of his dress-robes.

Harry tried to pull Ginny to him but she resisted. She put a finger to his lips, "I'll be back in a second."

Harry sat dumbfounded as Ginny disappeared behind a screen. A few minutes later, she appeared wearing delicate lingerie covered with a very sheer camisole.

She was irresistible as she twirled before him, "I hope you like it. I picked it out just for you."

He was speechless, especially when he noticed a flash of color on her lower back. He pulled her to him and turned her around. Ginny was a bit shocked until she realized what he was looking for.

"Is that a Hungarian Horntail?" he asked in astonishment as he gently fingered the very small tattoo seductively sitting at the very base of her spine. It would not be visible, even if she wore a bikini.

"It's a souvenir from my bachelorette party," she said as she turned around and fiercely kissed him. "I was hoping you would like it."

"That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen," he said huskily as he wrapped his arms around her. He gently caressed her lower back, sending shivers down her spine. "I am going to have lots of fun getting to know it."

Ginny could not help but blush. Harry could still do that to her, no matter how intimate they may have been in the past.

Harry was surprised that he was not half as nervous as he thought he would be. He wanted this night to be special for her. Though they had been intimate in the past, there had always been boundaries that neither one of them would cross. There were certain things that they agreed should be saved for the marriage bed. They had made passionate kissing and heavy petting into an art form. They were now ready to take that final step and discover each others bodies in new and more wonderful ways.

Harry reached out and pulled the pink satin ribbon that held her coverlet together. What he did not expect was for the entire ensemble to fall away with the release of that one ribbon. He had to take deep breaths to remind himself that he was indeed her husband and the 'knickers on' rule no longer applied.

Slowly she crawled into bed and lied down on the pillow next to him. "We're finally here," she said with a shy smile.

He nodded his head still speechless by her beauty and the knowledge that she was his wife.

"You are very over dressed Mr. Potter," she said slyly.

"Are you ok?" he asked tenderly as they lay spent beneath the covers.

"Absolutely perfect," she said with a smile. "I can't wait till tonight, that way we won't have to worry about it being our first time and you won't have to be so cautious."

"Yes, but once the point of caution was past and I knew you were ok," he looked down at her and smiled. "Well I think it's a bit obvious that we both had a fabulous time." He kissed her forehead "Anyhow, who says we have to wait till tonight. We still have a few minutes, and no one's been knocking on the tent just yet."

"That's because I put a repelling charm on it. Anyone who comes near it will forget what they were looking for and walk away," said Ginny with a giggle.

He leaned her back against the satin sheets. "Second times a charm my love," he whispered before kissing her.

Ginny lay next to Harry, smiling as the tingly feelings permeated her body. She smiled in spite of herself. Second time was definitely the charmer. She was very glad she had the foresight to place the silencing charm on the cabana. There was no need for their guests to hear them consummate their marriage.

How they would go out there and face everyone without a stupid grin on their faces she did not know.

She now sat in front of the vanity fixing her hair. "Well, it's definitely not the same style as before. But thankfully all of the main pictures are out of the way so I don't have to worry."

"You look beautiful love, absolutely radiant," said Harry and he kissed her cheek.

She stood up in front of the full-length mirror to examine her dress. There was a definite difference. Her beautiful cream-colored dress now had a slight pink tinge to it. "Oh wow," she said in shock. She was married, the charm was supposed to have broken.

"What's the matter love?" asked Harry as he stood behind her and adjusted his tie.

"My dress," she said still in disbelief. "It's pink!"

Harry ignited his wand to examine the dress, "Just barely, it's so dark out that no one will notice, they'll think it's the candlelight playing tricks on their eyes."

Ginny swished her dress around, "I like it. Anyway, it has to change back at some point. My mum told me that she and dad…," she had noticed Harry look of shock when she brought up her parents. "Well, the wedding cabana idea is not original, so we don't have to worry."

Harry smiled and took her hand to lead her back out to the reception. He really did not want to know any more about her parent's wedding day. He needed to be able to look at them with a straight face for the rest of the evening.

As they re-entered the reception Hermione ran up to them. "Where have you two been?" she scolded. "Your mum has been looking all over for you."

Harry and Ginny tried hard not to look guilty. They did not realize they had been gone that long.

"We wanted some private time," said Harry with a sly grin as he brushed past her. He led Ginny to the dance floor and held her tightly. Luna and Herbert were back up on stage singing a beautiful ballad so the dance-floor was packed. Harry noticed that he and Ginny were getting some unusual looks.

"They're staring at us," he whispered. "I think they suspect something."

"Don't be ridiculous, everyone is staring at us because we are the bride and groom."

"Shit. Here come your mum and dad," he said as he waltzed her to the other side of the floor trying to avoid them.

Molly and Arthur maneuvered themselves over to the young couple, "Enjoying yourselves?" Molly asked with a grin.

"Absolutely," replied Ginny with a smile and a wink.

Harry wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. Ginny was just too obvious. On top of everything, she actually looked down and scanned her dress.

"Don't worry," giggled Molly, "It will change back." She drew herself closer to Arthur and giggled, "It did for me."

Harry's mouth fell open in shock. He smiled awkwardly and spun Ginny away from his giggling mother-in-law. She knew that he and Ginny had snuck off to the cabana.

He will never understand Molly. Days ago she was doing everything in her power to keep them apart. Now, just hours after the wedding, she was giggling because he and Ginny had snuck off and shagged while everyone was still finishing their coffee and dessert.

The woman was barking mad. She will not be happy until she has dozens of grandchildren running around tugging on her apron strings, Harry thought.