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It was the moment of everything. No life in sight and blood everywhere. Bodies were laying motionless. She thought that she was the only one but as she continued to search she looked through a window seeing two boys. There were two adults in the middle but it all ready looked like that they have been killed. There she saw a boy named Sasuke Uchiha and the killer of their clan, Itachi Uchiha.

She watched helpless as Itachi moved closer to Sasuke who was also helpless like her. She was filled with a spark of delilght as Sasuke made it out safely. The girl followed Sasuke as he screamed in tears," I don't want to die! " The girl also cried seeing all of her family and friends dead. She quietly hid herself trying not to let Itachi see her. She too, did not want to die.. Not this way atleast. The girl watched as Sasuke got left there alone after Itachi left not knowing about her.

That girl was Tenshi Uchiha. Tenshi was all alone with no place to go. She was too young to travel on her own. She was felt scared and once again, helpless. Tenshi told herself that with no family she must learn how to live alone. To survive and continue her life as a ninja. She must be brave.

From that day on she started on her own training with not a single sign of help.

When that happened Tenshi was 6 and Sasuke was only 8 years old. Now 4 years has past after the incident and it was now time to show herself still hiding her secret of being an Uchiha.

Tenshi quickly walked past all of the people surrounding her. How long has it since she has been in a crowd like this? She ran towards Konoha looking for their Hokage asking if she can join their village. Tenshi nervously talked to the Hokage guard," Mr. Sensei, may I see the Hokage please? I plan on talking to her about something important. " The hokage's guard nodded and let her in.

There she saw Tsunade sitting at her desk doing paper work as always. Tenshi quickly spoke," Ms.. " Tsunade looked up at Tenshi finishing her sentence, " Ms. Tsunade." Tenshi felt embarrassed. " Ms. Tsunade.. Ma-May I please join your village? " Tsunade paused at what she was doing and looked intrested in the girl. " First things first, what village did you come from? "

Tenshi frozed, she didn't know she had to tell her what village. But she still wanted to keep her village a secret. " Uhh.. I was an orphan, so I grew up alone.. But I don't remember the name of the village. " At least it was partly true. She thought. Tsunade stared at her making Tenshi feel stupid. Tsunade sighed and continued to talk," Fine then, you may join. Just tell me, what is your name? " Tenshi stood up straight and replied," Tenshi Uch- Just Tenshi." Tsunade nodded and went back to her work. " You may go now. "

Tenshi turned around and headed towards the door. " W-wait. May I have your villages sign? Like.. a headband so I can fit in.." Tsunade got up and handed her a Konoha headband. Tenshi happily ran out of the room outside in her new village. She was happy that she can be around more people than she had ever been before. Now she can stop living alone and find a friend to stay at. Tenshi quickly started looking. Maybe in one of the stores I can find friends who will like me.. She thought.

Tenshi quietly walked over to the first place she saw. A ramen shop. There she saw a blonde haired kid,a pink haired girl, and another blonde haired girl. Tenshi rushed over to greet them nervous about talking to other ninjas. Tenshi greeted them each a hello," Um- Hello.." The three kids turned around grinning. The blonde hair kid spoke first," Hi there, whats your name? " Tenshi turned red still nervous on speaking but replied," My- My name is Tenshi.. I'm new here in Konoha.. "

The pink haired girl smiled," Well its great that your here, I'm Sakura.. This blonde hair kid is Naruto and right here is Ino. " Naruto and Ino each greeted her hello. Ino turned to talk to Sakura," Well, I have to run, nice meeting you Tenshi. " Tenshi just smiled. Naruto looked at Tenshi with amusement.. Her outfit.. It looks familier.. He nudged Sakura telling her about it. Naruto," Hey Sakura, isn't that outfit familier? Like Sasuke's but for girls. " Sakura looked confused but simply replied, " Thats impossible, Sasuke and Itachi are the only one left. " She looked at Tenshi who was wondering what they were saying. " She doesn't even have the Uchiha sign. " Naruto sighed in agreement.

Tenshi," I have a question.. I can't afford a place to stay.. May I stay at one of your places? " Naruto and Sakura both paused. Naruto started to talk in a whining voice," Don't you have parents? Or family? " Sakura and Naruto both stared back at Tenshi as she looked down. Quietly Tenshi whispered," I- I don't have any.. family. " Naruto and Sakura both looked at her in shock. Sakura tried to cheer her up," You can stay at my place! Like a sleepover! " Naruto happily agreed, " Yea! I only have one bed in my place anyways. " Tenshi smiled in happiness. rumble Tenshi looked down at her stomach. Thats right I didn't have anything to eat in awhile. She thought.

Sakura looked at Tenshi," Here, I ordered an extra one, so you can have it. " Tenshi grinned filled with joy," Thank you Sakura chan! " She quickly digged in her meal.

The sun passed away as Tenshi quietly slept on Sakura's guest bed. I have never felt do comfortable. She thought. Few moments later she was fast asleep. Sakura looked at the sleeping girl. She looks so happy in her sleep. Sakura thought. But when she said she didn't have a family.. could it be.. Sakura shook her head getting rid of the thought. " Maybe I should ask Sasuke. " Sakura said.

Sakura walked as the clouds started to spread into the sky. It was dark and humid out with the wind blowing slightly. But there, she saw Sasuke at the entrance of Konoha. Sakura started to worry as she started running towards Sasuke. " Sasuke! Where are you going! " Sasuke stared at Sakura. She knew the answer to that.. He was leaving. To Orochimaru. That night Sasuke left as Sakura never went back home.

The next day everything was in a rush. All everyone was talking about was about Sasuke leaving. Everyone beleived Sakura's side of the story, so they defiently needed to go after him. Sakura opened the door finding Tenshi looking at her.

Tenshi," Whats wrong Sakura chan? Have you been crying? " Sakura burst into more tears," Its Sasuke.. He left Konoha. " Tenshi looked confused," Who's Sasuke? " Sakura," My friend.. a person I love so much.. He always wanted to kill his brother for killing his whole clan. Apprently only him and Itachi were left. Tenshi frozed in thought. That sounds so famlier..