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Tenshi struggled to get up; Itachi had nearly killed her after Sasuke appeared. Luckily, the sound's medical ninja Kabuto came. Slowly Tenshi opened her eyes looking to see Kabuto and Sasuke still there with her, Sasuke looked badly hurt but he was okay. " S-Sasuke? " After 1 word she started to cough out blood.

Kabuto," Tenshi don't talk, Itachi has hit one of your chakra points, so just bare with me for a few more minutes. "

Tenshi just closed her eyes as reply and just talked inside her head, " I don't feel like staying here, it's the Sound, and my real home was Konoha, with Sakura.. Naruto.. I don't belong here, not here.. Even if Sasuke is here, I know that what they do here is bad, just like what Sakura told me. Orochimaru is evil, and I had to stay away from him.. Yes.. After this.. I'm leaving.. The reason why I left was because the Academy said I was above level.. What does that mean? They said that I should be a Chunin.. What does that mean? My choice now is to come back to Konoha to my friends and search for more answers.. Even if Sasuke is part of my clan… "

Sasuke coughed and quickly spoke," You can wake up now, Orochimaru would like to see you. " Kabuto and Sasuke both got up waiting for Tenshi's reply.

Tenshi just opened her eyes and tried getting up, she looked around seeing Kabuto and Sasuke staring at her. " No.. I'm not going to him. No matter what you say. "

Kabuto looked stressed and tired," Too bad, you must follow Lord Orochimaru's rules! Or else there will be consequences! " Sasuke continued glaring at her.

Tenshi," I don't care I am never going to follow any of his damn orders! "

Orochimaru came up from behind Kabuto," Yikes.. Watch that language of your little girl.. "

Tenshi froze, unable to move, what do I do what do I do? That's right.. Run.. That's my only choice now, there is no way I can fight like this! Immediately Tenshi turned around and started running. Oh my gosh, the pain, it hurts so much!

Kabuto looked at Orochimaru who just snickered and laugh," Would you like me to chase after her Lord Orochimaru? "

Orochimaru paused for a moment and looked at Sasuke and Kabuto," Go ahead, there's no way she can get away in that condition, Sasuke, stay here with me if you want to continue that training of yours. " The two ninja's nodded and obeyed their commands.

Tenshi continued running with all her might, " Okay, I'm doing..-ugh- fine.. So far.. " She said to herself. Tenshi looked at her watch, about 15 minutes has already past," I should be more than half way there.. cough " Soon enough Tenshi began filling dizzy and exhausted, " Man.. I can't stop now.. Not when I don't know who could be behind me.. cough " As Tenshi ran through the trees she slowly went to a stop on the bottom. " I- egh.. Have to hide… "

" Tenshi! " A voice from a far away person came to mind.. Tenshi looked around cautious of anyone from the Sound.. " Tenshi! Is that you? It's me Sakura! "

Tenshi," How do I know you're not Kabuto.. Or Orochimaru even! " Slowly she started to back away.

Sakura," What? What are you talking about Tenshi? Wait, are you saying you saw them? Wait… Tenshi! " At that moment Tenshi passed out as Sakura when to her, " Oh my gosh! Your so badly hurt, don't worry, I'll get you to the hospital as soon as possible. "

Kabuto," I don't think so Sakura. '

Sakura froze and moved her gaze towards the back of her. " K-Kabuto.. What did you do to her? "

Kabuto just smiled and sighed," I'll be honest with you, it was none of our doing, it was just a little attack from another Uchiha… "

Sakura heard the word Uchiha and started to break her words," A-A-Another U-Uchiha? "

Kabuto once again sighed knowing he had to explain everything." Not who you're thinking about, it was Itachi. He found her in the woods, but luckily, someone saved her from getting killed. Now if you don't mind, I'll just take her and you'll leave unharmed. "

Sakura picked Tenshi in her arms and turned around," You're not even going to get one inch closer to her! " Immediately Sakura picked up speed and ran towards the village.

Kabuto," Looks like I have no other choice, with her here, I bet she would have some Ambu Black Ninjas somewhere around here. "

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