Dreams are powerful, they show you many things, and as power grows so does the call for it. Cosmos sat high above the blue star known as Earth, her power strong and stagnant that gave her an aura of command. Though it didn't matter, for those she commanded had long since moved on either in longevity or in death. Her right hand rested on Pluto's time staff, she had freed her senshi long ago, and now their powers were diluted into human systems called chakra. For a minute or so she had been surprised on how the world changed after the golden millennium fell, but after awhile she shrugged she now knew how Pluto felt all those years ago.

However, she had inherited Haruka's rule breaker attitude, not to mention her life never quite followed a straight path so with a wave she peered into the orb that rested on Pluto's rod. A growing darkness could be felt as she waited for the image to clear, but there was also a brilliantly shining light as well. Cosmos smiled grimly, so Fate had a new object of destiny in the grand design. There were several smaller lights as well, much like the senshi had been. A sigh escaped her then, every few centuries there was a similar parallel to her life.

An image began to clear even as her senses screamed in warning. Something was going dreadfully wrong on the blue star, however, she had long since learn that time is crucial so she waited for the opening. Even though her heart was ripping itself out of her chest to save the boy…

Yamato turned his once teammate with a careful countenance, unsure on how to address the man. Kakashi was always so careful when it came to attachments and emotions that Yamato wasn't quite sure how Naruto's disappearance would affect the ashy-silver haired male. Surely Naruto was rash and stubborn, he had learned that in the first day of training the youth, but the boy had a heart and will unlike any other. Yamato wondered about the boy, but he hadn't been around him as long as Kakashi. Letting out a quiet sigh, he approached the Copy-ninja with disturbing news.

"Kakashi," Yamato started, and the ninja turned to face him.

"He's gone, they took him." The nearly emotionless tone of Kakashi told Yamato exactly what he needed to know. Kakashi was concerned about the boy and was hiding behind his façade. "Those damn nine got him, even after we took out those two members recently." Kakashi growled his one black eye flashing. He was losing those whom he considered family once again. His team had gotten to close, they wouldn't let him just sign them off as subordinates. Clenching one gloved fist he flicked a glance at the Hokage Mountain before looking back at Yamato. "Let's go." Kakashi stated and transported to the Hokage mission office.

Yamato hung back behind the determine jounin and glanced toward the sky. "Don't let us down kid." He murmured and could almost here Naruto respond with a juvenile comment. Following Kakashi's tracks he arrived just in time to duck out of the way of a thrown desk. The Fifth Hokage was pitching a royal fit, Naruto was one who was close to her, and Yamato knew she die before she see him crumble.

"I don't care what you have to do, just get him back Kakashi." Tsunade's voice was shaky as she ordered one of her best. "Bring him home, as well as yourself." She added as Yamato walked into the room.

"What about the council?" Yamato asked, heeding the glares thrown his way. He had to; he was the only level-headed one at the moment.

"I would like to say screw them too," Tsunade sighed out, "but they want the power of the nine-tails under their control and out of enemy hands." She growled out, Konoha was supposed to be a family come hell or high water. "They give the order though that if he cannot be rescued, he is to be killed," and with that the Godaime collapsed in on herself, tears collecting in her eyes.

"Don't count him out just yet, he is a surprising boy." Yamato reminded, and laid a hand on his comrades' shoulder. "Let's go bring that little deviant home." He added, and watched as Kakashi nodded.

"Yeah, he'll probably be waiting for us with something to show for his troubles." Kakashi muttered lightly and shook his head. Together the pair disappeared into a swirl of leaves, leaving their hokage to gather her self to greet the boy when he returns.

"You better be safe, you little brat." She mumbled affectionately into her arms…

Cosmos felt the pull; they were going to draw a large demon from Saturn's domain. She let out a scream of defiance as she arrived on scene, pushing the demon back, how they dare to defile one of her precious one's domains. Saturn's soul still kept watch there, sentient, but otherwise untouchable, her job making her a mere shadow. Angrily she descended, but her power was warped and instead she was tied to the summoning. She stumbled, she had descended to early, and the spell was still an active summoning. Quickly, she turned her power onto the boy, hoping that he would pull through. She did not want her power to be used for Chaos.

"What is your wish?" Her mouth was moving on the spell's command, simple puppet to the whims of the castors.

"Save Sasuke, return him to Konoha." The boy's voice cracked weakly, straining for purchase against the pain of death he had endured. Cosmos felt her power reign, shattering the boundaries, and removing the shackles of the binding on her. The spell shattered, but she was still force to do the will of that one wish. Her power wrapped around the blond haired boy and searched out the domains of his wish.

"Granted," She uttered, her power flared out, removing a part of the seal on the ground and breaking contact with the summoning. Cosmos heard the silence shatter into fragments, as her body removed itself to the confines of the wish. She gathered the bright boy up, gentle as a baby's touch and vanished. Leaving the cave into which she had been summoned in ruins, and quite hopefully injuring some of those who worship the dark.

Cosmos had to recoil as she landed in front of a darkly tainted boy. Someone had been dabbling in Chaos's dark magic and was twisting it into an even worse desire. She had to remove the taint; there would be no way they could considerably reside near each other and survive. Her power would reach out to smite the boy were he stood, and he would be driven to fight her even though he stood not a chance. Gathering the simple, whimsical power of the moon and light she reached forward and ripped the double soul apart. Hastily she flung the dark soul away, observing as it attempted to enter one of the three others, but her power would not allow it.

She felt it cry immortality, but she had to ignore it, the dark haired boy in front of her was descending into madness built on darkness. Soon he would be as dark as the soul she cast away to save him. Letting a gentle hand brush his brow, as her other hand crowned him with her staff, she yanked the taint away. Cosmos saw a brief flash of his life and she sorrowed for him, but his decisions were his own. She shook her head in respite; vengeance would get him no where. Cosmos felt more then heard the blond hair boy whisper Sasuke, as he rested in one of her wings, and she turned her attention to the dark haired boy.

His name was obviously Sasuke, for he is where her power had taken her in confine with the blond haired boy's wish. She looked down at the pair with a sisterly smile, before rifling the blonds' memories once more for her new destination. "Konoha," She whispered, and with a flash, they were gone…

Kakashi blinked at the outpour of chakra, they were close to succeeding, but he would be damned before he allowed them to take one family member away from him. He could feel the nine-tails chakra struggling for domination and freedom, but then it recoiled as if blasted by resistance. Both he and Yamato stumbled as a powerful wave of pure chakra exploded outward. They had never felt such a thing, and it definitely was not the nine-tails or the beast the nine had tried to summon. For it was to pure, to light, and to powerful to be controlled passed the initial summoning.

Kakashi's ears perked as he heard a welcome voice still crying out to save Sasuke. He resisted the urge to chuckle, that Naruto, always putting others before him. His training did not allow him to miss the next words. "Granted," The voice chimed, power roaring from it in waves. Kakashi smiled, his family was coming back together, Naruto and Sasuke were going to come back home! He shared a grin with Yamato and they rushed off, they did not wish to encounter the nine by themselves especially when they had some place better to be…

Home, his family was coming home!

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