In the world of ninja's there can be said that tragedy dogs each step with darkness part of their life. However, Usagi had grown far too tired of the darkness and its evoking wrath, so she decided she needed answers, and it was answers she would get. At any given time she was aware of her mission in life, and the taboos that surrounded her power, however it was time she did something constructive. Aware once more that doing this would strengthen her direct opposite bring the battle closer to bare, she summoned Pluto's time key. Waving her staff and pouring all of her power at her disposal she shoved the ninja world into stasis, apologizing softly to her new young brothers. However, they wouldn't even know this had happened, and it was time for the fates to shed some light on her purpose her, and the reason she currently had souls resting in hers.

Flicking her wrist she vanished off the shores of the ninja era on the blue star, feeling a slight tug on her heart from the bond she shared with Naruto as she pulled away. She used her inherent power to assure the bond, informing it of her upcoming duty, apparently there was more going on the even she, the yin balance was not aware of or being made aware. Her form touched outside of the galaxy cauldron brushing the lip of the cauldron lovingly with a few fingers she awaited the guardian. The little figure appeared before her, almost scowling if it could, before it could scold her Cosmos shushed her. "I know freezing time is tabooed for a reason, but the fates have played with me long enough as I sense it will soon continue to do so with Sasuke and Naruto." She informed the being. "I will not have it though, you know I would do anything for my friends and family, and I know I shall pay for my hubris, but I shall see the weavers, but I will not leave my family in danger so it is frozen they shall stay for now." Cosmos finished and walked beyond the guardian to a patch darker than any other and slip beyond the realms.

"She's going to get in so much trouble one of these days." The guardian of the cauldron muttered before turning back to watch the growing souls.

"Our favorite daughter, you have broken the time laws." Two glowing beings stated as Cosmos walked forward. "However, that isn't all you have been doing, are you anxious to fight Chaos so soon?" They inquired together once more.

"You can stop the cloak and dagger routine, there is no cause to impress, Fate and Destiny." Cosmos spoke watching as the light faded away. "Where is Chance by the way?" She inquired.

"Doing what Chance does best, screwing up our plans." Fate muttered while hugging Cosmos slightly.

"Yes, about those, tell me why oh why do I have soul residents?" Cosmos asked.

"Ah, yes, you are now known as a Jinchuriki in this world, but only by soul." Fate answered, looking over the weaving threads.

"I do not understand, what is the use of this, to what do I need this?" Cosmos inquired.

"Uh, uh that would be telling." Destiny clucked while waggling a finger in front of Cosmos's face. Unimpressed Cosmos merely raised an eyebrow and swatted at the finger while waiting for a more comprehensive answer. Destiny merely frowned before huffing and waving her hand to the loom which had stopped briefly. "Your answers are in the loom but only a few will show before you, of course none of it will be that which correlates directly to your intervention." Destiny responded. Cosmos rolled her eyes while gracefully approaching the loom, watching as certain parts darkened to her eyes the closer she got to the loom. Fate posed in front of the loom blocking Cosmos from completely seeing it for the moment.

"You know you aren't supposed to know the future, not even you have that privilege fully, and you know it never turns out well." Fate informed here. Cosmos nodded and brushed past Fate with a slight huff.

"If I wasn't meant to be here you wouldn't allow me to do so, so let me see." Cosmos stated and Fate stepped away while gesturing to the loom. Cosmos approached the loom and began to sink into the past history. Closing her eyes she let the power of the loom carry her into the past.

The sage brushed his eyes of tears as he watched his two sons' feud while gazing at the nine spirit animals around him. Causally he leaned against the leg of a mighty nine tailed fox while tucking his hands into his robe and he sighed. The nine tailed fox leaned his face down to the sage and whined slightly while passing a glance at his two human brothers. The sage rubbed a hand on the muzzle of his fox son and gazed behind him when he felt another one of the animal spirits come up behind him. He was wrapped by the two tails of the cat daughter in a caring hug as they waited for the two humans to stop fighting. Letting himself recline against the fox and the cat he sought his meditation to summon his powers. Vines and trees began to blossom and grow around the two fighting men capturing them in wooden cages as the sage glowed with mighty powers. Once the sound of fighting stopped the sage called forth a realm of water to cool heated tempers, in that he drenched his sons to the laughter of his spirit animal children.

"I have had enough of your fighting for one day, you are brothers, and you shouldn't fight each other." The sage scolded while rising from the cat and the fox and was gently lifted by the horse like spirit to be carried. "I grow weary of your tantrums, neither is more important than the other, neither is stronger or more powerful, you are to be my envoys when I pass." Their father issued, he rubbed his hands across tired pained eyes. "How am I to trust the world to you if you continue fighting like children?" He proffered. His sons casted their eyes down, shining with regret and yet anger gripped their hearts. "I'm tired my sons, I'm old, and soon you will have to take up my mantle." He warned them, and then nudged the horse like spirit toward a small house in the background. "Come see me when you are ready to be adults." Was his last comment to his human sons before entering the home.

The human son on the left with hair as dark as crows clenched his fist and glared balefully at his brother before glaring at the others as well. Clenching his teeth he let out an angry growl and yanked at the wood around him. "It's always about you," he said pointing at the animal spirits, "or about the world," he cried struggling with his wooden cage. "It's never about how proud he is of us, or if he loves us, we don't matter except as heirs!" He crowed and yanked a bar from his cage. "All my effort goes into my power to show him I'm worthy of his time, and he cannot bare to spend any measure upon us!" He yelled and snapped another bar. His brother across from him just shook his head calmly sitting down and folding himself into a praying position.

"You, my brother do not understand, and until you do you will not have any peace." The second brother stated while brushing his golden hair from his face. He closed his eyes and waited for the peace he sought from his mediation coveting the energy around him.

"You, my brother I despise!" The raven cried, calling for fire to his hands. "You act all high and mighty, like it doesn't bother you that he doesn't acknowledge us as his sons." He bellowed, flinging his hand not holding fire to the animal spirits that had been watching. "He loves them more than us, his own flesh and blood!" He cried in his anger then set flame to his cage. The vines were quick to wrap him in their embrace as the wooden cage turned to cinders.

"He does love us, just as he loves the others, but he expects more from us," The blond responded not opening his eyes even as he felt his brother burn his way free. "He just expects more from us, and he should for we are his sons." He remarked. Breathing deeply he felt his wooden cage tremble then receded but he did not move from his spot.

"We aren't his sons, we're his envoys, you heard him." The raven growled out, struggling to free himself from the vines. "You're content to be his little errand boy, his perfect little messenger.." He sneered.

"So much anger you're filled with my brother." The monkey like spirit rumbled as he watched the raven human hissed and growl.

"I'm NOT your brother; do not ever call me that!" The raven human responded causing the monkey one to flinch. "One day you shall bow to me." He swore under his breath, not catching the raccoon like one flicking a concern gaze when he caught the promise.

Cosmos blinked as the world flickered and wavered as she was called to the present. Turning a gaze to the two weavers she sucked her teeth and shook her head. "That told me very little weavers." She mocked and the two shook their heads.

"It wasn't us who summoned you from your perusing. " Destiny answered.

She tilted her head while letting her power ebb and flow down the lines of call. Stardust fell from her fingertips as she searched hunting for who called to her. For she knew she left time frozen upon her new brothers so it could not be them. Surprise colored her features when her power brushed against an echo. In shock she raised a hand to her mouth to muffle a gasp and reached out her soul in concern.

"Saturn?" She whispered in sorrow. What had caused the death senshi who guarded the gates of death to cry out to her? She who was merely an echo of an old friend, and old sister? Knowing she must answer Cosmos cast her powers to the very edges of the universe to seek the gates of death, for they were forever moving. Finding them she only casted one baleful gaze to the loom before zeroing in on the call, with nary a sound she was gone from the center of the universe.