The cool breeze fell upon the two. Kagome, in her unusual green school uniform. Inuyasha, in his red kimono. The two were sitting on a grass field. Little flowers here and there. Kagome picked up one, held in to her chest, and breathed in the scent. Inuyasha, fresh grass and the essence of the white flower mixed together. It smelt like heaven.

She leaned against Inuyasha, and snuggled against him. Inuyasha had his two arms behind him, supporting his and Kagome's bodies. Leaning forward so he wouldn't fall, his arms wrapped around Kagome. Her scent filled his nostrils. It smelt better than anything. Even ramen.

At the though of ramen, Inuyasha's stomach growled. Kagome looked up, and smiled.

"Hungry?" She asked, straightening up.

"Yeah. Really hungry." Inuyasha responded, smiling sheepishly back.

"I'll make some ramen," She said, grabbing her backpack. "Kimchi?"


Kagome lit the fire on her portable cooker. She boiled some water.

"Sure is nice to have that around, huh Kagome?" Inuyasha eyed the pot hungrily. He had finally understood how it works. You first boil the water, then pour it in the bowl, and leave it for two minutes, and then you eat! Simple!

"Yeah, it sure is." Kagome responded.

As the two watched the water boil, Inuyasha became more impatient.

"Hey, Kagome, how long is it going to take?"

"About... 5 more minutes?"

"Can I go for a walk? Just a little one," Inuyasha turned to the flowing river, separating the field and the village.

"Sure, but if you come back late, the ramen will be gone." Kagome grinned evilly. To Inuyasha, it just turned at cute.

"Yeah… I know." He smirked at Kagome. He stood up, and walked towards the river.