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Chapter 4

-New Moon-

"Thanks again, Kouga,"

Kagome sat there, inside the waterfall cave. Droplets of water glistened and formed a tiny rainbow under the sun's light. She looked at the rainbow, thinking that the last time she had seen one was with Inuyasha. It was a big one, stretched out over them in the sky. Inuyasha, one hand on Kagome's waist, was amazed, like it was the first rainbow he ever saw. Kagome's heart painfully beated as she remembered that day.

'Oh, Inuyasha.' She thought her gaze back at the ground. 'No. That was Inuyasha. The Inuyasha today is no longer… Inuyasha. He betrayed me. He loves Kikyo…'

Tears gathered up in Kagome's eyes. Her bangs covered her eyes as one tear escaped from Kagome's eye, soon followed by many others.

"Kagome, don't cry."

She looked up to see Kouga standing over her. He sat down on a rock beside where Kagome was sitting. She looked up at those kind eyes. 'Why, oh why does Kouga have to be so nice to me?'

"Look, I might not know what it is bothering you, but you know that I'll be there, right? Whenever you want to talk." Kouga said, stareing out of the cave. He knew it was a matter of minutes until that over protective Inutrasha mutt is going to come. What did Kagome see in him, anyway? Kouga knew that he would make a better mate then that half-breed.

Kagome hiccupped. She wrapped her arms around her knees, burying her face in them. Tears ran down her face, and eventually dropped on the stone ground. She did not even bother to wipe them away. She knew that tears will replace them, anyway.

Kouga stood up from where he was sitting, and sat closer to Kagome. His arm was over Kagome's shoulders once more.

Kagome was surprised when he did that, again. But she was still grateful. She leaned in towards Kouga, and cried silently into his strong body again. Kouga wiped her tears away with his thumb.

Kagome appreciated what Kouga did, and was doing to her. He whisked away the rest of the pack when they arrived at the cave, but Kagome knew that there were probably a couple of wolf demons outside of the cave, "protecting" them. Pfft. She wasn't stupid. They wanted to hear what was going on between her and Kouga. She talked, anyway, because she really was thankful for Kouga's actions.

"I, hic, I um, hic, saw Inuyasha with, hic, Kikyo. His, hic, ex, I guess." Said Kagome between her hiccups. More tears ran down her cheeks as she confessed to Kouga.

Hold on a second… Kagome isn't the type to get super jealous like that. Unless…

"What? Did he cheat on you?!" He exclaimed. That bastard!

Kagome didn't answer, but the tears that gushed out explained everything.

"Oh, Kagome, I'm so sorry," Kouga hugged her, sniffing in her flowery scent. God, she smelled so good. It was like… beyond this world. Probably the next, too. It was so delicious. "He really is a bastard, isn't he?"

Kagome nodded in his arms. She sniffed, again, feeling a lot better. She pulled out a handkerchief and wiped her wet face. God, she probably looked terrible is now. She looked up at Kouga again, and smiled. This time, it wasn't fake. It was sincere. She really was thankful for Kouga.

"Thanks. I feel a lot better now." She smiled.

"I feel a lot better, too, considering you're a lot better." He smirked playfully. It was all he could do in his power to play with her. He can't do anything. Not even if it killed him. Kagome was hurt. She probably won't do anything for a little while now.

"What's wrong?" Kagome said, noticing the painful, struggling expression on his face.

Kouga chuckled, looking out at the waterfall again. He took a deep breath, and let it out.

"It's nothing, Kagome." He answered, defeated.

Kagome was disappointed. She thought… maybe, there was a chance that he still, you know, loved her. That would definitely cheer her up. And take her mind of Inuyasha, too.

Kagome followed his gaze. She swallowed nervously, suddenly very aware that Kouga still have his arm around her. Kouga must have sensed her nervousness, too. He quickly let go of Kagome. Hell, when did he become so shy?

Both of them blushing, they looking away at opposite directions. Kagome was the first to look at the other. When Kouga looked back at her, Kagome's blushing cheeks suddenly seemed too attractive. He couldn't stand it anymore.

"Okay, Kagome, there is something wrong," He started. Kagome nodded, urging him to go on. "I still love you, Kagome!"

His eyes fierce, blazing like two balls of fire [[I know, cheesy, aint it? Just gimme a break! xD , he leaned in, and kissed Kagome hard. He was surprised, yet so thankful that Kagome, instead of rejecting him, kissed back.

The taste of her lips made Kouga exited, even aroused. He moved on to her neck, sucking on it. Kouga traced a trail of small baby kisses down her neck, and bit at the collar of her shirt. He smelled arousal on her as he placed his hands on her waist, and lips on her chest. She let out a small moan as he took out the red scarf around the collar of her school uniform, and sucked on her chest between her breasts.

She arched her back, breathing faster, and ran her fingers through Kouga's hair. It wasn't as silky as Inuyasha's silver one. It was harsher. Less gentle.

Wait a second, wasn't this supposed to get her mind off Inuyasha? Yet, when she didn't meet those dog ears of Inuyasha's when her fingers ran through Kouga's hair, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. Kouga must have sensed the disappointment. His lips traveled up to Kagome's lips again, and licked her's for entrance. Kagome opened her mouth, and they tongue battled inside each other's mouth. Impressively, Kouga nibbled on Kagome's lower lip while still occupied with her tongue. Kagome tasted so… innocent, yet devilish. He couldn't explain the heavenly feeling Kagome gave him. But it was pretty damn good.

"Kagome, will you be my mate?" Kouga murmured in her ear, nibbling her ear lobe while at it. She nodded impatiently, yet she did not comprehend what Kouga was saying. She just wanted to do it, to make Inuyasha jealous.

But it was far too late when Kagome realized what she had done.

She rolled over, and felt a thin sheet of sheep skin over her. Kagome lazily opened her eyes, looked out the waterfall cave. It was almost dark. She could almost see the sun setting through the waterfall. Mm. It was almost dark and she had already slept, for what, 5 hours? Slept.

Holy shit!

Slept. Slept!

She, Kagome Higurashi, had slept with none other than the wolf demon Kouga!


She shot up, suddenly wide awake. Kagome blushed as she covered herself up with the skin. Serious ew, but it was better than nothing.

She regretted it. She regretted it so much. She had always thought she'd lose her virginity to Inuyasha. The perfect boyfriend – wait, no. He was the perfect boyfriend. Maybe he wasn't at all! How long has he been seeing Kikyo? Kagome didn't feel as guilty for cheating on Inuyasha anymore. He cheated on her first! No. It wasn't the time to play the blame game. It amused Kagome to think that she still use these childish words.

She looked over on her right. Kouga was sleeping soundly. He almost looked innocent. Kagome wondered if he was a virgin before Kagome. She blushed at the thought.

"Koga," She murmured at his ear softly. "Wake up."

He tousled over to face her. "Good, uh, evening, love." Koga said clumsily, smirking playfully.

Kagome blushed. She looked away, and found her school uniform on the stone ground next to the bird's nest they had slept on. She, nervously blushing, stood up, and rushed to her clothes.

Koga chuckled, still in the nest, still under the sheep skin, thank god.

Oh, god.

"Hey, um, where are your pack mates?" Hold on, was pack mates even a phrase?

Kouga chuckled at Kagome's question. "I'm not stupid, Kagome," He said, standing up. Kagome blushed furiously and looked away at her clothes. "I send them away. Close enough to protect us if anyone comes, far enough not to hear anything." He smirked, then went on. "Not even your cries of delight, my dear."

Kagome felt herself redden more, if possible. Oh, god. Was she that loud? She doesn't remember… but it was pretty damn good.

The guilt came back.

"Don't be so shy." Kouga murmured beside Kagome's ear. Wait, when did he get so close to her? She felt his erection on her thigh again. Her heart thundered as Inuyasha suddenly appeared in her mind.

"Kouga," Kagome said softly, pushing him away gently. "Let's not… open another can of worms."

She knew that Kouga did not comprehend that phrase. She also knew he could smell the guilt and arousment on her.


She put on her uniform and looked down at it. A little ripped, but it would do. She walked out of the water fall. When she was out, she saw wolfs and wolf demons camping outside, under the steep cliff. Wolves were drinking from the bottom of the water fall, and playing with each other. Kagome felt herself smile at the happy image. Maybe she could live a life with Kouga. It's just that Kouga isn't… Inuyasha.

A pair of strong hands suddenly wrapped around her waist. Kouga nuzzled against Kagome's neck, breathing in her scent. With excitement, he could smell the baby developing inside her. This was better than he expected. He had finally claimed Kagome. Before Inuyasha.

Kouga laughed in his mind. Poor him. He thinks he can play around? Well, too bad for him, he had lost Kagome. To Kouga. Far superior to him.

Kagome frowned. She looked down at the wolves, playing near the water. One of them playfully fell in the water, whinnying.

"This, one day, would all be yours, my love," Kouga smiled at Kagome, looking down at her little kingdom. She was now the pack's empress, the queen. She had power over Kouga, for god sakes, and Kouga was leader of the pack.

The sun set behind the mountains in front of Kagome and the pack. Suddenly, it hit her.

"Koga!" She exclaimed. "We need to go back to the Inuyasha Forest!"

She assumed that he was there.

"Why?" Kouga growled, unable to hide his jealousy. She was god damn carrying his child, and she still couldn't keep her thoughts off Inuyasha.

"It's the night of the new moon tonight!" She went on, looking at the half-sun over the mountain. "Please, if he's in trouble, can you protect him?"

God, he can't resist those pleading eyes.

"He's so goddamn intractable. He doesn't need the help." The umber-cool, ultra distance role pissed her off so bad.

"Koga!" She stomped her feet.

"Okay, okay," He smirked. "You're pretty damn hot when you're angry." He looked off at the distance. "Apparently, angry chicks are damn good in bed." He joked.

Kagome eyed him. "Let's go." She instructed simply.

"Whatever you say."

Kagome climbed on Kouga's back, and he darted off. He ran towards the forest. His pack mates looked at them, wondering what know.

They jumped and ran, it seemed like forever to get there. How far was the damn forest?

"Damn…" Kouga muttered under his breath ,as they got close enough to the forest.

"What?" Kagome said sharply, concerned.

"I smell blood," He said ominously. "And lots of it. He's going to die, soon. Damn."

"What?" She suddenly inhaled too much air, and coughed it out.

"It's okay, Kagome. We'll get there it time…"

Kagome knew he wasn't as sure as he said. She could almost hear the glee in his voice. "Kouga!"

"Sorry, Kagome," And he sounded it. "But you'll feel the same about Kikyo."

But.. did she? No, it wasn't time to think about that. First thing's first.

As they reached the Inuyasha Forest, Kagome felt the wind pick up.

"Kaugra." They both muttered.

Kagome, impatiently, waited until they got to him. She gasped when they finally reached a close distance, and saw Inuyasha.

Kouga was right. Inuyasha looked like hell. He was a mess! He had no power over Kaugra. Kaugra walked closer to him, and kicked him in the head, laughing evilly. He looked like he took the wrath of the Wind Scar.

"Don't worry. We'll save him." Kagome appreciated the word we, in his words. But, really, what good can she do?

Kaugra turned her head sharply at the two, flying towards them. She waved her fan, and a bunch of blades came shooting at them.

Kouga dodged them easily, letting go of Kagome once back on the ground, he shot at Kaugra with his claws.

Kaugra smirked. "You think you can defeat me with your bare hands?"

Another serving of blades came flying at Koga. While they fought, Kagome walked gingerly over to Inuyasha.

"I-Inuyasha?" She said softly, kneeling down, looking at him.

"K-Kagome?" The human Inuyasha turned his head around. With a pained expression, he smiled sadly. "I'm so sorry, Kagome."

Kagome's heart nearly broke. He.. was? The guilt attacked her again. She returned the same smile.

"Hush, now, Inuyasha. It's okay I'm here." She put his head on her lap again, just like the first time he was human with Kagome.

Inuyasha smelled deeply. "I love you. Never Kikyo, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it. I am. Sorry. So sorry.."

Kagome's heart throbbed again. "Hush, now, Inuyasha" She said softly again. "It's not your fault. Go to sleep."

She moved slightly to lean against the nearest tree. Inuyasha smelled deeply into her again. "You smell so good. I love you."

Kagome blushed. A single tear fell on her cheek, and landed on her shirt next to Inuyasha. She felt to guilty, oh so guilty.

'It's okay, Kagome. I won't die so easily."

Oh, he seemed to know nothing. Kagome dreaded the moment he becomes half demon again. He would most definitely smell the sex, and baby on her.

"It's okay." Kagome said softly again. Inuyasha heard her soothing words, and drifted to sleep over the fighting scene between Kouga and Kaugra. "Everything's going to be alright." She went on

, more tears running down her cheeks.

'I'm so sorry, Inuyasha.'


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