Juliet looked out the window crying. It was a dark and stormy night and she could hear the howl of the wind outside. It was only 3 hours ago that she witnessed the tragic murder of her parents and not long after Conrad with Cordelia and herself flee from the place that was once called home. Her 2 year old mind could not comprehend why someone would take her mommy and daddy away. Because after all they were wonderful parents, they were nice, and she loved them very much. . But what would a 2 year old know. The only way that she could express her grief was the hot tears that streaked on her cheeks. Cordelia who is crying herself hugged the child and conforted her as best she could. Conrad was sitting on the far corner exhausted from the whole ordeal. He couldn't believe it, the House of Capulet wiped out in a single night. The attack by the Montagues was truly unexpected and he is trying to wrack his brain how he as the Captain of the guard could have miscalculated so badly. The Capulets were good to the people of Neo Verona; their rule has given prosperity and security to the people and so inturn they loved them because of their kindness and fair rule.

"It is no use crying over spilled mik what's done is done. The important thing is that Lady Juliet is alive and well and I have to be strong for her sake." he thought.

Once Juliet cried herself to sleep; Cordelia put her on the bed and slipped some covers over her. Tired herself she looked over at Conrad to see if he is doing alright. Other than being exhausted and worse for wear he looked well enough so she decided to rest beside the sleeping Juliet and soon she too fell in deep slumber. Someone knocked at the door and Conrad tensed up stood up went to the door and unsheathed his sword. "Who's there? he whispered harshly.

"Beneath the Iris Banner!" someone whispered back.

Conrad immediately opened the door and two young men quickly went inside. The shorter of the two had a handsome face with shoulder lenght blond hair tied in a pony tail. Other that a few bandages here and there he looked like he escaped unscathed and Conrad was relieved that he still had that bright smile that would melt a woman's heart despite the circumstance that they are in now. Curio however didn't look so well. He had numerous injuries and he has a bandage wrapped over his right eye. Conrad wasn't sure if he was angry because of the fact the he lost his right eye or because of what happen in the Capulet mansion. It was unusual for Curio to show emotion as he was a very calm and quiet person when he was a child. It pains Conrad that all of them...had to suffer and for what greed, ambition, and lust for power?

"Are you two alright" Conrad asked in concern

"Ya a little tired and all but I guess I'll live." Francisco replied. Curio grunted and nodded in reply.

"Good. So how did everyone else fared? "

"All the men got away and they are all in hiding now." Curio answered.

"Very good perhaps we have a chance after all."

Another knock came from the door and exlaimed the same cry..."Beneath the Iris Banner!..and several men came in. Several of them were injured but their spirits did not diminish. All of them had vengeance in their eyes and when they saw Lady Juliet sleeping it somewhat relieved them that she is alive. Conrad decided to go to the other room so as not to disturb their rest. They deserved after what those two have gone through. In the room they discussed what happened and planned for the future ahead. They swore to protect Lady Juliet even if it costs them their lives and most important of all they swore that justice will be served on those vile Montagues and his ilk. However long and hard a road they will take vengeace will be's only a matter of time.

to be continued...

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