Oooooookay. I originally meant what I said and was going to take it down but...well... a lot of people are asking me to not to close the account and leave the stories. So I'll do this. I'll compromise. I will keep the account open, I will not take the stories down but I will not add to the stories until my health gets better. This whole time I've been fighting through it and honestly felt since the stories were not popular to just close it all and retire and call it good. I didn't do this to hurt anyone, I was doing what I thought was best for me at this moment in my life. But I can't just... ignore all these people asking me to not. But just to be clear I did not announce what I did for attention or to get reviewers out of people. No, no, no. That's not it. I wanted to warn people, give everyone a chance to see it and download the stories they liked. I know I have followers and people who enjoy the stories for what they are, despite the decline in popularity or hits. I think if I take down the account at this point, knowing so many people don't want me to it would be mean, selfish and I don't wanna... do that to anyone. I just wanted to get better and work on my writing skill and quality. If you guys can bear waiting, for however long it might be, then I promise I will complete the stories I have and post them, and if you still want unreleased updates before I post them on the site, I'll mail them too. Sorry if my decision to leave made people freak or upset. I'm just tired and really sick and the way I deal with my pain is by disappearing, I do this offline too. I just go away, but too many people want the stories to stay... so they'll stay.