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A kunoichi is a female ninja, I knew this from the day I entered the academy but I did not understand why we were called kunoichi instead of everyone being called shinobi. I did not really understand why I had to take so many other classes while the boys practiced what we had learned in class. Now I understand.

Like all ninjas, a kunoichi is a weapon. But, a kunoichi is a specialized weapon, one that is able to infiltrate anywhere with the right smile. It is apart of our ninja way to look pretty and to practice flirting. We practive arranging beautiful, poisonious flowers, studying these delicate blossoms that, if arranged correctly, could tell another kunoichi any amount of information and then be used to kill our target. We cultivate graceful, poised, delicate personas. We are ridiculed for spending more time making sure we do not develop tell tale calluses which the boys display with pride. They do not know that a callus on the hand of a woman who has supposedly never picked up a weapon in her life could mean death. They do not remember, no matter how many times it is proven, that velvet and silk can be just as effective weapons as chakra and steel.

These things go through my mind as I wield the weapons that would be forbidden to me in a civilian life. Blood pours around me like rain as my enemies fall to the ground. My movements are hampered slightly by the tight red dress I wore for the mission. I knew that as my teammate killed the man poised to strike me, I would not hear the end of this for a long time, despite the dress being the tool that got us into the mansion in the first place. But I can deal with that.

I have grown up like this and I have learned many things from my experiences. I know that while my teammate will rush ahead, I will be there behind them and I will be there when they fall. I will be the one who picks them up and who watched as they rush ahead yet again. I will be there behind our enemies who try to attack my teammates from their supposed weak point. I will be the one that they do not guard against. I will be the one who gives the final strike.

This is because I am not just a ninja. I am a kunoichi.

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