Harry Potter and the Heir of Gryffindor

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Chapter 2

With that bloodcurdling scream Harry froze and listened intently to what might be happening downstairs. The only clear thing he could hear was his uncle's yelling.

"Get out of my house! We don't want anymore of your kind here." Harry sprung into action after he heard a thud. It sounded like a body hitting the floor. "Damn. I always have the bad luck". "I can't leave now and just leave them to be kiled". After all they had done to him they were still his family no matter how much he did not like them. With that thought he cautiously crept out of his room and down the stairs among his aunt's shrill screams and his cousins whimpering all the while wondering what it would like to be a normal boy.

Probably Boring. He thought

Harry looked around the bottom of the stairs where two Death Eaters were standing on the door looking around the room. With a yell he leapt around the corner. With a quick stunning spell, that blasted the one on the right backwards. It caught him by surprise. The other death eater seemed momentarily stunned looking where his partner was a second ago. This only lasted a secong before he turned towards Harry raising his wand and firing the deadly curse in one swift movement. With reflexes of one who played years of Quiditch Harry jumped and rolled out of the way just in time. He sprang up and quickly stunned the surprised Death Eater.

After this was done, he quickly tied the two of them up using the BINDIOUS spell. After making sure they were both secured, he couldn't help thinking that all the training and studying with his friends for the Triwizard Tournament had actually paid off. Thinking this just made him sad when he remembered Cedric.

Half a dozen 'Pop's' brought him back to his senses. He quickly realized that the danger was not over yet. Either that or help has arrived. He quickly crept past his uncle's unconscious form and into the kitchen where his aunt was trying to cover his cousin's massive form with her body under the kitchen table. He peeked out the back door only to realize that help was certainly not the thing the half dozen death eaters in the backyard were going to provide.

Well at least Voldermort is not here. Which was good otherwise he would be in a great deal of pain. Even without him here he was going to have a time to hold out till help arrived. If they were going to come he thought. No. Help would come; they would not just leave him like this.

The Death Eaters had finally gone into action and interrupting his thoughts by blowing the back door off it's hinges. Since this was the only thing blocking him from view he stood frozen behind where the door used to me.

With a few sinister laughs and almost as one the Death Eater's raised their Wands. If they were not wearing the masks Harry would of seen half a dozes cruel sneers and half a dozen mouths forming the deadly killing curse.

Right about here time seemed to slow down for him. He could hear the beginnings of the deadly curse's and multiple pops behind him.

He whipped his head around to see the professors of Hogwarts and a few other's he did not know coming towards him. All determined to help him in time. With his aunt's shrieks and the cruel laughter in the background he could see 6 of the unforgivable deadly curses heading his way.

An instant later or a millennium as he was seeing it the curses hit the tip of his wand which he had had raised at the time. The wand disintegrated on impact with the deadly curses. But the curses themselves just seemed to bounce off him. They hit anything but him. Mostly scarring his aunt's prize garden and the doorframe around him.

Harry just stood their looking about wildly trying to figure out what had happened and thinking that he should be dead right about now. There was a dead silence from both sides. All the professors and a few others that he did not know stood behind him with identical looks of shock on their faces. Even Dumblemore's usually composed face betrayed hints of shock, confusion and even a little of pride. The Death Eaters had similar looks on that were hidden behind their masks.

Getting over their surprise the teacher's started towards him again. But still they were not close enough. The Death Eaters send four more killing curses and two banishment spells from two of the smarter Death Eaters who realized it might not work. The curses bounced off again, but the banishment spells sent him reeling back into the teachers and the table that was behind them.

With that the teachers rushed forward sending spells at the retreating Death Eaters. Amid the yelling and confusion Harry could see Professor Snape's sneering face above him with a tad bit of concern on his usual totally mean facade. With that one final glance up at Snape he realized something.
"Damn, forgot to do my potion's essay". With that said Harry Potter realized how extremely tired he was, and slipped into the oblivion of unconsciousness.


With a scream the Dark Lord Voldermort threw the two unfourtunate Death Eaters across the dimly lit room.

"HOW DARE YOU TELL ME HE IS STILL ALIVE!" After torturing the two Death Eaters for a while to relieve his frustrations he sat back on his giant throne to think.

The battered and bruised Death Eaters took this as a sign to leave. They limped and stumbled out of the throne room thankful to be alive.

"Your powers may be coming into play Potter. But you will not live to use them!" With an evil cackle that echoed throughout the Dark Lords castle he retired to go and torture some prisoners to help him relax. With his giant pet snake following he left for the cells all the while thinking up plans to kill Harry Potter.

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