Harry Potter and the Heir of Gryffindor

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Chapter 3: Questions and More Questions

Harry slowly woke from the void of darkness that he was in. He felt like he had not gotten any sleep in a long time. It was like his body was suddenly deprives of all it's energy. He was able to hear two low voices arguing about something.

It sounded like Professor Dumblemore and Sirius. Though he could not be sure cause his eyes were heavy with what he could only describe as lack of sleep. He tried to open them to see what was going on around him but his efforts were in vain. So he succumbed to the call of sleep once again.


"But sir! You know as well as I that it is impossible to block that curse." Protested Sirius as he sank into the chair besides Harry's still unconscious form.

"Sirius. Even I am amazed by what has happened, but it is know use dwelling on it now. He has been unconscious for two days so obviously it has drained him in some way. We can worry about how he did it when he awakes. But until then you must calm down. You will be of no use if you are a nervous wreck all time." Proclaimed Dumbledore with the familiar twinkle in his eye, as he looked down at the distraught Sirius from his spot by the door.

"I'm sorry sir. I am just so worried about him. He has been unconscious for two days now!" Exclaimed Sirius with a defeated look on his face.

Dumblemore moved over behind Sirius placing a hand on his shoulder. With a sad smile he said "Sirius. We are all worried about him. But you need to get some sleep. You cannot stay here without any rest and you would be useless to Harry when he awakes. I suggest you go get some sleep, or else Poppy will shove some sleeping draught down your throat."

With a dry chuckle he agreed. Looking down at Harry's still form he whispered that he would be back soon. With one final glance at Harry, he strode out of the Hospital Wing. And with a quick 'Pop' he was Padfoot once again, running towards his room that he was staying in.

Ten minutes later Dumblemore was still their beside Harry just thinking. "Harry. I know you are special. I know that you have had a hard life with all these surprises. And the whole time all u wanted was to be normal. But just hang in there. I know parts of your destiny but there is much more to it that I do not even know. I suppose only time will reveal your secrets. I just hope you are up to it." With that said he strode out of the room thinking that he had some research to do.


Harry awoke the next morning to find seven blurry figures in various places around the Hospital Wing. Three of them were lying on the beds in various states of disarray that he could not figure out. The rest of them were just sitting around the beds staring off into space.

After he fumbled for his glasses a little they were shoved into his hands by the blurry figure by his bed.

After shoving his glasses on his face he began to realize all the figures around him and in the beds were. They were the Weasleys! He glanced around and saw that Bill, Charlie, and Mr. Weasley were in the beds near him sleeping with a relaxed look of peace on their face. No doubt from Madame Pomfry's sleeping draught. Upon further looking he saw that Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny were sitting around the beds in various states of shock. From what, he did not know.

"Mrs. Weasley! What are you doing here?" He exclaimed startled that all of the Weasleys save for Percy were in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts

"Harry. How are you feeling dear?" she said with genuine motherly concern. She looked all right to him but still their was something in her eye's that he did not like.

"I'm fine Mrs. Weasley; but what happened? Why are all of you here?" He said with a worried tone in his voice.

"I might be able to help a little bit, Harry" Said a voice lined with wisdom and age from the doorway.

Harry looked up from Mrs. Weasley to see Dumblemore standing by the doorway to the Hospital Wing with a smile on his aged face. Harry noticed that Dumblemores face seemed to have more wrinkles on it then usual.

"Professor Dumblemore! What happened? Why are the Weasleys here? What happened to the Death Eaters? How long have I been out? How come I'm not dead?!" He exclaimed all this in a hurried rush of words and with confusion and concern in his eyes. Before falling back on his bed trying to figure out what was going on.

This seemed to have made the four Weasleys who were not in beds wake up from their stupor to stare at him.

It took a moment for comprehension to dawn on their tired faces. The four youngest Weasleys jumped up from where they were and raced over to his side opposite of Mrs. Weasley with identical looks of concern on their faces save for the twins who still had a bit of a smile.

They all started questioning him what he meant by that statement and other things ignoring the looks their mother gave them to be quiet. Before he could say anything Dumblemore interrupted with a quick "Ahem!" from where he was now standing at the end of Harry's bed.

They all quieted down under Dumblemores stare and the furious shushing of their mother. "Now Harry. As to your questions about the Weasleys, Their house was attacked yesterday by a group of Death Eaters. Fortunately they had ample warnings so they were able to get out in time without and serious casualties. I am sure that they will fill you in on the details later. The Death Eaters that attacked your house were captured except for two of them who Dissaperated in time before we could stun them. After you were knocked back from the stray spell you lost consciousness and have been out for around three days since the attack. And as to why you are not dead I will talk to you about that at a later time. But until then I suggest you get some more sleep before the lovely Poppy here gives you some more sleeping draught." With that the Headmaster exit out of the door to the Hospital Wing. No doubt to escape the Nurse's wraith.

Harry looked up to see Madame Pomfry standing in the doorway to her office with a furious look on your face. "Out, out all of you! They need their rest. All of you can visit the four of them later." With a few reproachful glances at Harry and the rest of their family Ron, Ginny, and the twins left the hospital Wing. With one last quick hug Mrs. Weasley left with a goodbye to the nurse and a glance filled with worry at Harry, her husband and sons in the beds alongside Harry's.

With a few last thoughts of what was going on Harry put his glasses on the bedside table and accepted the potion from the nurse to get some more sleep whether he needed it or not.


"And after all these warning bells started to go off Mom and Dad ushered us to the fireplace. After Ginny and the Twins got through the fireplace I was just getting in when Death Eaters starting poring through the front and back doors. Dad, Bill, and Charlie stayed behind to cover mine and moms back while we went through. After we came out in the fireplace in Hogsmeades central Floo station we waited for them. When they finally stumbled through they were in pretty bad shape. But they were still lucky to be alive. We put the three of them on stretchers with mom's help and came up to Hogwarts. And that is all that really happened. We were just very lucky that Dumblemores protections worked long enough to let us get out of there safely." He said with a sigh.

It was the following day and Harry and Ron were sitting in the Gryffindor common room talking over a game of chess. Harry had been released that morning over much protesting from Madame Pomfry. Harry was talking to Ron over a game of chess while Ginny and the twins were playing a game of Exploding Snap. After Ron had finished his story he had started to pester Harry about what happened at the Dursleys but he would only say he did not know.

"Look Ron. I do not know what happened. If I did I would tell you. Maybe when I talk to Dumblemore he can give me some answers." Dumblemore had not told the Weasleys about him surviving the deadly curse yet and he was not going to change that until he got some answers himself.

Harry was not really listening to Ron question him about what happened because he was to busy watching Ginny. He could not believe how much she had grown over the short summer. She was beautiful. The way her hair sparkled and her laugh when a card exploded in her face. He could not believe that he had not noticed it before.

"Harry. Harry!"

"Oh, what Ron?"

"Oh nothing except that you just looked out of it for a minute." He exclaimed looking at Harry and trying to figure out what was wrong.

"Oh nothing I just zoned out of their for a minute". He felt his face flush a little. After all Ron would probably not like it if he knew he was staring at his little sister. He more then anyone knew how protective he was of her.

He was saved from further questioning as Professor Mcgonnagal stepped through the portrait. She approached where Harry was sitting with her normal stern look on her face. He could not help but wonder what he had done wrong.

"Mr. Potter the Headmaster would like to talk with you now." She said calmly but in a stern voice once she had reached where he sat.

With a quick later to Ron he got up and followed the professor out of the portrait into the hallway.

"Um Professor? Do you know exactly what he wants to talk about?" He asked when they were halfway to the Gargoyle that guarded the Headmasters office.

"That is for him to tell you Potter. Not mine." She answered brusquely. The remainder of the short walk was in silence. But when they reached the gargoyle Professor Mcgonnagal stopped in front of the Guardian and seemed to be thinking.

"Oh blast I forgot the damn password."

Harry a little startled of her use of words just stood their while she tried various sweets all the while murmuring different things.

"Umm. Professor? Would it perhaps be Cockroach Cluster?" Before she could respond the Gargoyle jumped out of the way revealing an entrance to the revolving stairs that lead up to the Headmasters Office. She gave him a funny look and just said. "Come on Potter." With a sigh he followed her up the moving stairs to a solid wood door. With a knock from the Professor the door opened to reveal Dumblemores office with all of its trinkets, Books, and Pictures of former Headmasters and Headmistresses.

He walked in and with a quick "Lo, Fawkes" to Dumblemores pet Phoenix he sat down in one of the high-backed chairs in front of his desk. Where Professor Dumblemore himself sat behind looking over some papers. To Harry's eyes he looked much older then he had before. It was almost as if his age was finally catching up with him.

After a minute or two he spoke. Looking up to meet Harrys eyes. "You know Harry. You and your dad were two of the very few people who actually say hello to Fawkes". He said this with a twinkle of amusement in his eye and a small smile playing on his lips.

"Well it is common courtesy to be nice and say Hello. Whether it is an animal or Human. Granted that Fawkes is a very special animal." Once he said this Fawkes who was sitting on his perch let out a twill of happiness and flew over to land on Harry's lap. Once he started petting Fawkes the bird let out a song of contentment every few minutes.

When he did this the aged Professor let out a genuine smile. Which seemed to lessen how old he looked. "Well to bad more people don't think like you Harry." He said this with a sad smile. All of a sudden his looked brightened and he asked. "Don't you have some questions for me Harry?"

"Yes. From what I can remember from the attack I survived several killing curses. How did I survive those curses? They should of killed me on impact."

"Well Harry I think you already know some of that answer. Just try to remember something. Anything that you might know about or something that has happened in the past couple weeks." He said this as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

"Why don't you go back to your dorm it is getting late and you still need rest. Come back and see me tomorrow when you have remembered whatever you should remember. Oh and Harry?"

He turned from where he was standing near the birds perch with Fawkes on his arm and responded. "Yeah?"

"I just wanted to tell you that Snuffles was away doing something for me today so he could not see you. But he should be back tomorrow." With that said the aging Professor turned back to his work.

After setting Fawkes down on his perch he allowed himself a small smile at the thought of Sirius before exiting the office with a lot of thoughts going through his mind. And more questions then answers.


Later that night Harry suddenly sat up in his bed from his troubled sleep thinking one thing over and over again. "I REMEMBER!" With that done he went back into his troubled sleep determined to talk to the Headmaster in the morning.

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