Summary: a few takes on a very important day. Tenth Doctor, Shareen, Jack, Martha, Rose (post Doomsday)

A/N: I lied.. this is the last chapter

Part Six: New life of a Lonely Angel

He walks sadly to the spot where she was laid to rest. He kneels before her grave and places a Lily. He does this often. His face has aged some. He no longer has that spark of hope in his eyes. But if you look close enough you can see love deep deep down. He can never let go. you can sense it..he never has..never will.

He won't let himself.

I watch from the distance as he sits in front of the grave. He runs his fingers along the name. I can see in his tearful eyes.. that he remembers her more and more each time he comes. He remembers her smile more vividly, her eyes more clearly. He thinks about her life spent here. Her three children. Her husband. Her family. He remembers how she had the strength, a strength he can't seem to find himself.

He's lost with out her. So am I.

He looks off in the direction of the bay. Where it all ended, twice. I can sense that he's feeling alone again. I think he comes here every time he looses another companion. Every time he's left. Every time he wonders what she would have done. He thinks about her death. He feels he is the one to blame. Like it's all his fault.

He's so wrong.

She refused treatment. When she found out. She knew it was her time. She felt it in the air. She told me that she needed to let go. That death was life's final adventure. she'd face it with courage. She wouldn't die crying, she wouldn't spend her last days in a hospital. she told me she'd spend them waiting for him. she said he wouldn't make the mistake again.

I wonder sometimes, who it was he was too late for the first time.

I watch him get up and whisper something that gets drown in the flowing winds. He keeps his eyes set steady on the stone. Thinking again. I emerge from my hiding spot behind the grave of my grandmother and I walk up to him. He doesn't see me coming, he's to wrapped up in sorrow and guilt. I slip my hand in his and he looks at me. I smile ans squeeze his hand tightly.

He knows who I am.

I whisper the words run to him and he looks at me in question. He calls me by my name and I nod. We have an understanding. He asks me how I knew he'd be here. I tell him I come here often to think of her. I smile. He does too.

I guess we both can't let go... even after fifteen years.

We stand in silence at the Grave of Rose Tyler. We look at the name of a woman who saved many and inspired many more. The woman who gave everything for strangers. The woman who never gave up, until she died. We both know that she was a woman of action, a woman of love, and a woman of raw determination. Finally I ask him what has happened to his latest companion. He tells me that his companion had died, in this very world. On a shore not to far from here. He rephrases that once again... and changes companion to friend. His best friend. The woman who meant the world to him. The woman who saved him. I nod then ask again. We both laugh and he tells me his companion had decided it was time to return home. I nod.

Silence takes over our conversation.

He turns to me once again and tells me that I look just like her. That my eyes say forever. That I hold so much potential for great things. He tells me that I am much like the Rose he had known so long ago. That maybe one day. I'll become great like her. That I'll save the world. I shake me head and tell him that life isn't meant for me. He nods and lets go of my hand. He tells me goodbye and walks off towards the beach. His coat whips around his feet as the cold winter winds seem to grow. The rain that had been drizzling all day has started to come down in buckets. The storm is getting worse.

I know that he'll go on to do great things, as long as he keeps her in spirit.

He turns around as rain begins to soak through our skin and drown our souls. He lets out his hand and asks me if I'd like to join him. I look at me feet and tell him that it isn't my place. He nods in understanding. I'd feel like I was replacing her. He walks off into the rain and becomes a mere apparition in my mind. A ghost of my past. A ghost of my world. A lonely Angel. He's the oncoming storm and maybe one day.. that storm will pass.

Then we'll both be ready to live again.

I stand in the rain contemplating my life and my name sake. A woman who lived and died fighting. Here I stand at her grave. In a world that doesn't belong to me. With a name I don't deserve. Living the life that would put her name to shame.

I am nobody.

I run after him.. knowing now what I must do. The rain clouds my vision but I keep running. An odd noise rips to the valley one from my past, from my childhood. I halt and turn to see a big blue box behind me. The Doctor steps from within and holds out his hand. He asks me again if I'd like to come with him. I nod and join him within the Box. I smile as the memories of my Aunt's many stories flood my mind. I look up at him and smile. He moves to the control panel and hits some buttons and we're gone.

A new day.

Today is the day that start the rest of my life. Before now I was no one, but today I am some one.

My name is Rose Tyler, and I will make something of myself, to live up to my name, and to make sure that he..lives up to his.