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Chapter One: Conversion...Averted?

"So nice to be able to relax for once."

"I know what you mean. We've been fighting non-stop."

"But that's not really a problem right? And that's not what I was talking about."

"Nah..I guess not."

"Lemme guess...you're hiding from Kieran again?"

"I guess you hit the nail on the head Boyd. He won't stop hounding me about becoming a Crimean Knight again. It's awfully annoying."

Boyd laughed.

"How many times have I heard you tell him that?"

"I swear it's been about one hundred times. And everytime I refuse he's always like, 'Where's your pride, Oscar?', 'You must be crazy!', 'It's an honor to serve you country when she is in dire need!'. Frankly, I've heard it all before. He's not going to make me change my mind and that's that. I love being a mercenary."

Out in the hallway, they could hear yelling.

"Oscar you curr! Show yourself!"

Oscar sighed.

"It's Kieran...again."

As soon as Boyd was going to reply, the door burst open.

"OSCAR! I have found you at last!" Kieran bellowed, storming in.

"Oh no. Hello Kieran."

"Don't 'Hello Kieran' me! I've been searching for you all day!"

"And what for may I ask?"

"Ok, I decided to stop trying to convert you-"

"You make it sound like you're trying to convert my religion."

"I think it's time for me to leave," Boyd said, as he got up and headed out the door.

"Bye Boyd," Oscar sighed.

"Stop interrupting! Anyways, I decided, since my tactics seem not have not been working, I shall give up-"

"Thank god."

"STOP WITH THE INTERRUPTIONS! This is hard enough as it is," Kieran yelled out, exasperated.

"Ok, ok I'll stop. You look like you're going to blow a gasket or something."

"As I was saying, since my tactics are not working on the likes of you, I shall give up for now and let you wallow in your shame, and try again later."

"You're just giving up...for now...?"

Kieran nodded emphatically.

"You will realise soon enough, the error of your ways. Serving your country is one of the greatest things in life a man can do! It shows your honor and pride for the country from which you were born; the country you are destined to defend if need be! The glory..." Kieran rattled on.

Oscar prepared himself for a lecture that would last a very, VERY long time. Kieran was very good at rammbling on and on about a man's pride an honor. He sat himself in a chair and listened to Kieran drone on...

Two hours later...

"But YOU Oscar...you are a dishonor to Crimea herself! You refuse to serve her and you call yourself a man?! Men do not refuse service to their home country! Men like you are what anger these proud men giving up their live's to protect their country! You are a disgrace to all the Crimean Soliders you used to serve with Oscar, and I want you to think hard about how much disgrace you've caused this country!" Kieran whipped around after finishing his extremely LONG and extremely BORING lecture to find Oscar, sleeping peacefully

"OSCAR! YOU DASTARD!" Kieran yelled angrily.

Oscar stirred and cracked open an eye.

"Wow...how long was I out...?"

"ARGH!" Kieran screamed, storming out of the room.

"Wonder what's eating him..." Oscar said as he fell back asleep.

"THAT CURR! He FELL ASLEEP WHILE I, KIERAN, was teaching him a valuable lesson about honor! How dare he! Falling asleep while I'm talking is just as bad as spitting on the name of Crimea herself! How dare he!? I shall now try thrice as hard as I did at convincing him to become a knight again!" he fumed out loud, making all the others in the company look at him.

But did he care? Of course not!

"Kieran...are you alright mate? You seem a tad off kilter today..." Boyd asked him hesitantly.

"I'm fine...just super fine..." Kieran replied, heading off to go train to get rid of all the anger he was feeling.

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