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Chapter Three: Iris

"Wow...and you remember all of this vividly?" Oscar asked Kieran as he finished.

"Yes! I have an amazing memory! Ah...the days of my youth like the fresh scent of lemons! as my father used to say when he told me the most magnificent stories!" Kieran reminisced.


"Do you really think I would forget the most wonderful time period in my life?"

"Probably not if your memory is as sharp as you claim."

"Well then...now do you remember a certain someone who used to have a crush on you?"

Oscar stared at Kieran.

"Someone had a...crush on me? I don't remember that..."

"...Are you serious? You forgot?" Kieran asked, disbelief written all across his face.

"Yes. I don't remember liking anyone...or anyone liking me. I do remember you and Crispin fighting over this one girl though...I don't remember her name ."

Kieran stiffened at the mention of the 'Accursed One's' name.

"Yes...that fight...you really don't remember why that fight started?"

"No. I just remember you and Crispin always at each other's throats for about a week or two."


"Hey Kieran, look over there!" Kirk called out to him one day during an archery lesson.

Kieran was concentrating extremely hard on his target. He lost his concentration thanks to Kirk.

"KIRK YOU CURR! YOU MADE ME LOSE MY CONCENTRATION!" he bellowed, whipping around.

"Whoa, Kieran. Calm down. Lookie over there," he smiled.

He followed Kirk's gaze and his jaw dropped to the ground and beyond.

"She's pretty right? I heard her name was Iris."

Iris was one of the girl recruits. She was extremely skilled with swords, bows and horsemanship. She had long dark lavender hair and deep violet eyes. Her armor was a light purple and white and she was riding on a white mare.

"Kieran...earth to Kieran are you still there?" Kirk asked, waving his hand in front of Kieran's eyes.

"Uh...yeah..." he replied.

"Kieran...shut your mouth man. You're starting to drool."

He immediately snapped out of his daze and turned back to the target he was supposed to be hitting.

"Love at first sight, eh Kieran?" Kirk teased.

"Silence or I will shoot you instead of the target."

"Oh...ok," Kirk said, sidling off to where Oscar was practicing.

"Hey Oscar...didja check out the ladies over there?" he asked as Oscar made another bullseye.

"Hm? Oh, yes I saw them practicing over there."

"So...what'd you think?"

"Think? I haven't really been paying attention to them like you and Kieran, I've actually been trying to do what we were told," he scolded.

"Aww...Oscar you are such a stiff!" Kirk said heading back over to his target and picking his bow up.

A few minutes later, the girls began to migrate over to where the boys were practicing.

"Hey, Iris, I saw you checking out those guys over there! So which one do you think is cutest?" a girl named Claire teased.

Iris blushed slightly.

"Well...I guess they all are cute in their own way but..."

"But what? I kinda like the guy over there...next to that jerk Crispin..." Claire said.

She was pointing at Kirk, who had expertly hit the bullseye.

"He's cute...but I kinda like the guy over THERE..." Iris pointed.

"Really? Have you ever talked to him before?" Claire asked.

"No, but I've seen him around a lot. He's always so polite, unlike Crispin. I swear, the next time he tries to hit on me, I'm gonna feather his behind so much that he looks like a deranged peacock..." Iris said angrily.

Claire laughed. She had long blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

"I would so help you do that! He is such a womanizer, and he needs to be put in this place! I think they're done for the day...shall we go say hello?" Claire smiled.

"Um...I'm not sure. I guess we could, but I'm going to the barn first."

"Alright, I'll meet ya back here!"

Iris clucked to her horse and began to lead her back to the barn. As soon as she was put away, she headed back toward the training field.

"Hey, Iris."

She turned around. Crispin was leaning against the wall, obviously waiting for her. He had short brown hair and cold black eyes.

"Hello...Crispin," Iris said through gritted teeth.

Why the hell did he have to show up now? she thought.

"I saw you eyeing us during practice."

"I wasn't looking at you."

"Oh really, that's what it seemed like."

He moved off the wall and put his arm around her.

"Get your arm off of me before I stab your eyes out with my sword," she said, putting her hand on the hilt of her blade.

"Why do you have to be so difficult?" he sighed, taking his arm off of her.

"Because I don't like you and you refuse to accept the fact that I don't want to be with you!" she said as she began to walk away.

He was about to say something, but decided against it and let her go. As she rounded the corner, she ran into Claire.

"What took you so long?"

"I ran into that jerk Crispin. I threatend to stab his eyes out and he left me alone."

"Good! Someone needs to teach him a lesson! Now...the guys are done training for today...shall we go?" Claire smiled.

"Yes we shall."

Claire led Iris over to where Oscar, Kieran and Kirk were standing. Kirk was the first to notice them.

"Well hello ladies! What brings you to talk to misfits like us on such a wonderous day?" he joked.

"Oh Kirk, you're so funny! We just came here to say hi," Claire laughed.

"Why thank you ma'am. I believe you know my partner's in crime?"

Oscar nodded politely to them both. Kieran stood, stupified for a few seconds. After Kirk elbowed him, he came back to life.

"Hello! Nice to meet you both!" he said brightly.

"Nice to meet you too! I am Claire if you didn't know, and this is Iris!" she said, introducing herself and Iris.

"So, how's your training been?" Kirk asked.

"It's great! We have the day after tomorrow off! What about you guys?" Claire asked.

"So do we. You think we should do something together?"

"That would be great! We could go on a picnic or something! And you guys outnumber us girls, I'm going to bring another one of my friends!" Claire said happily.

"One for each of us, eh?" Kirk joked.

"Yeah. Seriously."

Kirk, Kieran and Oscar looked at each other.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" Claire asked, confused.

"Uh...no..." Oscar replied.

"Well then it's all settled! We shall see you the day after tomorrow!" Claire said, happily waving good bye with Iris in tow.

Kirk, Kieran and Oscar stood there, stupified.


"You can say that again," Kieran said.

Kirk and Kieran turned to Oscar, who was still in the stupified stance.

"She wowed ever charismatic Oscar into a complete stupor! She's good!" Kirk laughed.

Kieran soon joined in. Oscar suddenly snapped back to reality.

"I forgot to ask her if I should bring anything! I'll have to ask her tomorrow..." he said, completely unaware of Kieran and Kirk.

He walked back to the bunkhouse without them.

Kieran and Kirk laughed harder.

"THAT IS HILARIOUS! He was obviously completely caught off guard by her bluntness!" Kirk howled.

"What're you two losers laughing about?" came a cold voice from behind.

They both stopped laughing.

"That's what I thought. You two lamers stay away from Iris or you'll be eating the pointy end of an arrow shaft for you next meal," Crispin threatened.

Kieran flushed red.

"Who in Ashera's name said you owned her? It doesn't look like she's interested in you, you stuck up jerk! How dare you tell us to stay away from anyone?!" Kieran yelled, infuriated.

Crispin grabbed pushed him up against one of the targets.

"Iris is MINE. You set one measly finger on her and I'll feather you so much you look like a common farm chicken," he growled.

Kieran shoved him away.

"C'mon Kirk. We don't need to be dealing with this derranged maniac."

Kirk followed Kieran back to the bunkhouse.

"Well, Iris, you finally get your chance to talk to him! Are you excited?" Claire asked on the way back the the woman's bunkhouses.

"Did you have to be so blunt? I think you freaked the poor guys out," Iris said, shaking her head. "You even freaked ME out."

Claire blushed.

"I'm sorry, but being blunt was easiest with those guys. I'm pretty sure they appreciated it. Kirk knows how blunt I can be when it really counts!"

"So...how long have you been seeing Kirk?" Iris asked slyly.

"What makes you think...I've been seeing him?" Claire stammered, blushing a bright red.

"It's kinda obvious isn't it? He acted like he knew you pretty well."

"PLEASE don't tell anyone...we want to keep it secret ok? Just do this one favor for me?"

Iris sighed.

"Alright, I do owe you anyways. Thanks a lot."

Claire brightened up.

"Thank you! You won't regret it!" she squealed as she hugged Iris.

"Ok...hopefully...I get to talk to him a little more..."

"Oh...you mean Oscar?'

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