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Chapter 5: Crispin Plus Pie Equals?

"Are we done yet?" Kieran complained as he yawned for the thousandth time that morning.

The sun hadn't even risen above the horizon, so it was still completely pitch black outside, with the tiniest bit of light from the slightly wanning moon and the very few stars that decided to show up for duty that night.

"Kieran...you asked that barely thirty seconds ago. And the answer remains the same from the last twenty thousand times you asked before that. NO WE ARE NOT DONE," Oscar sighed as he perfected the rest of the exquisite food he was preparing for that days picnic.

"Why don't you make yourself useful and go grab a horse so we can pack all this stuff? Unless you want to carry it that is..." Kirk said after a few minutes of silence.

Kieran grumbled, but he slowly rose from the sack of potatoes he had been sitting on for the past two hours. When he walked outside, he right away wished he was back inside near the fire. It was FREEZING outside in the wee hours of the morning. But he had to grin and bear it, otherwise he would never hear the end of it and would be forced to carry most of the food that was being prepared. He jogged quickly over to the barn and into the warmth of the building. After quietly shutting the door behind him, he headed down the isle to find his horse, a very reliable stallion aptly named Pride. He was a milky brown and was as cuddly as a bunny rabbit! Well maybe not that cuddly, but you get the picture. He fed Pride and while he waited for him to finish his food, he began to groom him to pass the time. The horse seemed to really enjoy getting pampered.

"You are beyond spoiled you know that?" he grumbled lovingly to his horse.

"Who's there?" came a voice from a stall father down.

Kieran froze and his hand automatically went to the hilt of his sword. Stealthily, he pulled out his sword and made his way out of Pride's stall to the source of the mysterious voice. What he didn't know that at that exact same moment, another person had drawn their sword and was preparing to attack just the same. After a brief pause, both Kieran and the other person jumped out into the open and their swords crossed.

"Kieran?" came the surprised statement from Claire.

"Claire...? What're you doing in here?" came Kieran's suprised reply.

"I was readying Iris' horse for later this morning...but what were YOU doing in here?"

"The same, but I'm readying my own horse."

They hadn't realized that their swords were still crossed. They both hastily re-sheathed their swords.

"Well...I think I'd better be getting back to my horse..."

"Umm...yeah me too! See ya in a while!" Claire said as she went back to tending to Iris' horse.

Kieran finished grooming Pride and quickly saddled him up. After waiting a few minutes, he decided to go check up on Oscar and Kirk to see if they were somewhat finished with the lunch. He despised wasting so much time on food, but had shut his mouth to avoid further complications. As long as it was edible, he didn't really care, but Kirk and Oscar had other plans. They had chastised him and gave him the longest lecture of his life on the importance of making a good impression, preparing good food and whatnot, and to make a long story short, his eardrums wanted to bleed afterwards. After making the long, cold trek back to the kitchen, he threw the door open and shut it with a slam. Both Kirk and Oscar jumped out of their skins.

"KIERAN! I had a knife in my hand! Don't do that!" Oscar scolded, waving the butcher knife he was holding in Kieran's face.

He chuckled.

"Oscar you yell like a fish wife."

"Kieran...I have a knife in my hand or didn't you notice?"

"Ok, ok I get it. Are you almost done? If my horse gets any sores from that saddle you will be VERY sorry."

"We're almost done, no need to worry. Just go get Pride and we'll load him up," Kirk replied.

Kieran grumbled, but did as he was told. On his way there, he was almost run over by Iris' horse. Claire was desperately trying to pull the mare, but it wasn't working out that way. More like the mare was trying to pull Claire instead. Kieran grabbed the lead rope and tugged it a little. The horse stopped and nuzzled his hand.

"THANK YOU! She decided she wanted to misbehave while I wasn't looking!" Claire thanked him, exasperated.

"No thanks needed. Just be more careful from now on."

He continued on into the barn and lead Pride out of his stall to be loaded up.


"Kieran is such a sweetheart! Bridget, you are way lucky!"

The red-head blushed.

"Really? I heard he was an arrogant clod with a brain the size of a peanut...not that I believed Crispin, mind you."

Claire whipped around.

"How can you even acknowledge what came out of that arrogant bastard's mouth?!"

Her face started turning red.

"Well, you didn't let me finish. I didn't believe anything that came out of Crispin's mouth after I acutally met and talked to Kieran, as subtle as the conversation was. Crispin is just full of hot air anyway."

She looked expectantly in the oven.

"Is it done yet?" Bridget asked after a few mintues.

"YES! FINALLY!" Iris cried out triumphantly, pulling on some oven mitts to grab the delectible cherry pie she had baked way early that morning.

"YAYE! Now it has to cool off for a while?" Claire asked.

"Yeah...and it should be ok to bring with us when we actually leave. Now to prepare everything else..." Iris replied a bit absentmindedly as she began to bustle around the kitchen readying things to be packed.

"Well...Lady is waiting outside...is there anything I can do?" Claire asked a few minutes later.

"Ummm...can you NICELY pack these onto her saddle? Make sure they don't get crushed either," Iris said, putting a pile of packages in Claire's awaiting arms.

"Ummm...but that wasn't really what I had in mind..."

Meanwhile once more...

"What are those dopes up to?" Crispin hissed to Erik from his hiding spot under the window of the kitchen.

"They're...cooking it looks like."

Crispin growled.

"Feh...let's go see what the girls are doing in the wee hours of the morning..." he said, stealthily making his way across the field to where the girl's were at.

Erik followed EXTREMELY noisily.


Erik gave him a scared look and tried to be quieter.

"That's better...now..."

He stealthily made it under the window of the other kitchen. He could smell the most tempting aroma's wafting out the open window.

"Look..a pie..." Erik whispered as he neared the window.

"You touch it and you will lose your hand, got it?" Crispin growled.

Erik gave him an indignant look and turned away to keep a look out for anyone who wasn't welcome, or so it seemed. But what he was ACTUALLY doing was eyeing the pie. It looked so good, and he just had to have it. He planned to make it all his when Crispin wasn't looking, and he wasn't gonna share it either. It was just sitting there, unguarded and seemingly unwanted, or so he thought. Crispin was concentrated on something inside the building, so he sneakily snuck his hand up to the pie and pulled. Instead of falling into his hand, it fell onto Crispin's face. And boy was he ANGRY.

"YOU FOOL! I'LL KILL YOU!" he screamed.

But he was just screaming into thin air. Erik was long gone.

"CRISPIN? WHAT IN ASHERA'S NAME DID YOU DO TO MY PIE?!" Iris screamed as she looked down out the window.

She had a frying pan in her hand and a look that would kill.

"Ummm...I have no clue."

"I WILL KILL YOU!" she yelled, jumping out the window.

He took off running as she swung at his head with the frying pan. It barely skimmed the top of his head, but it made contact. He howled in pain all while sprinting and holding his shoulder.


Erik sniggered.

What a fool. No one get's the best of me without payback! he thought.

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