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Plot: CSI NY goes to the Gold Coast and possibly Taupo

Note: I live in NZ so I have no idea what American TV is like so please forgive me! I hope you have the where the bloody hell are you ad showing. If not please forgive me! I stayed in the breakfree diamond resort…it really exists. There are some really nice pictures of the pool there on the internet! Oh and my timing is all mucked with the flights.

Stella Bonasera was lying on couch flicking through the channels on the television. It was 11 o'clock at night. She was really tired but when she tried to go to sleep she couldn't so it was back to the couch. She paused at an episode of West Wing but she had seen it before and she carried on her search. "Curse television" She thought to herself. Finally she stopped at an episode of Fawlty Towers (Basil the rat) and began to watch that. 10 minutes into the episode there were some ads "Aw Bloody ads" Stella muttered, she really was exhausted. She looked down and examined her cow pyjamas and orange tank top. She looked up at the TV again. It was playing an ad she had heard about but hadn't seen before. She raised her eyebrows, it was the 'Where the Bloody hell are you' ad that was banned from the U.K, Stella had kept meaning to watch it but never came round. She smiled and began watching the screen again. Inside her mind was racing, struck by a sudden idea. Grabbing her home phone she dialled in a number and waited it to be picked up.

"Danny Messer" Came the sleepy answer

"Hi Danny it's Stella" she replied happily now completely awake

"Stella why the hell are you ringing me at 11.15 at night?" He asked sounding very grumpy

"Have you ever been to the Gold Coast?" She asked

"Stella couldn't this wait, you woke me up from a very nice dream, I was just beginning to undo the top button of Giselle's dress to ask if I had been to the sodding Gold coast. And for your information no," He replied

"Don't think Lindsay would like to here you say that," Stella replied

"Go go play hide and fuck yourself," Danny retorted

"Well do you think we should go to the Gold Coast?" She said ignoring the previous comment

"Your mad…."

"Come on Danny it will be fun" Stella said "You ring Lindsay and Hawkes, I'll ring Mac and Flack"

"Two things I'm not ringing anyone at this hour and two We are no way gonna be able to take the whole team who will work on the new cases" Danny said

"They'll find people. Come on no of us have been on holiday for ages and anyway you must want to must want to go theme parking" Came her reply "Ok goodnight, talk tomorrow"

"Night Stell" Danny said despairingly

After hanging up Stella suddenly felt very sleepy and switching the tv off she proceeded to bed and fell asleep before her head touched the pillow.

The next day Stella came into work. She had everything planned. By midday she had told everyone who was coming except Mac, this was Don Flack, Sheldon Hawkes, Lindsay Munroe and of Danny Messer and she had arranged it with the lab director who supported them taking 2 weeks off. Lindsay told them of a resort her friend stayed at that supposedly was lovely and they had all agreed on a set date to go on holiday and everything was sorted all she do was tell Mac.

"Hey Mac" Stella said coming into her friend and bosses office "Wanna grab some lunch with me?"

"Sure" Mac said moving the papers he was looking at to the side and standing up and grabbing his coat. The proceeded to a small café near the lab that supposedly had 'the best coffee's in all of New York'. Taking the table near the window they sat down. Stella gulped,

"Mac, Howwouldyoufeelaboutgoingtothegoldcoast?" She said very fast, she wasn't sure how Mac would react to going on a holiday. He was a workaholic and she knew it.

"I beg your pardon?" Mac asked smiling at his curly haired friend

"How would you feel about having a 2 week holiday in the Gold Coast?" Stella asked biting her lip. "It well help you get over Peyton" Mac and Peyton had recently broken up and Mac was pretty down.

Mac blinked "I don't know…"

"Look Mac we've arranged the whole thing, the whole team is going, we leave next Friday. It's all sorted. We all need a holiday and where better than Australia. Come on are you on" Stella said smiling lamely

Stella thought he was he was going to say no when he smiled "I guess a holiday would be ok"

Stella beamed at him and filled him in. They were staying in the breakfree diamond beach resort, she had booked flights already. They left at 3am Saturday morning so they would go to Stella's apartment after work on Friday and catch a shuttle to the airport, catch their plane, arrive at Brisbane airport and then pick up their rental car and drive to Broad beach.

Soon after Stella had filled Mac on her mobile rang "Bonasera" She answered "Hi Lindsay, ooh you have, do share. That's a good idea. Ok you book, oh you have, suits me. See you later" Stella hung up. Mac looked inquisitively at Stella. "That was Lindsay, she say's we should take the chance to go to New Zealand as well as were already down that end of the world. She booked flights to Auckland then we just go down to Taupo and go walking and yeah enjoy Mother Nature" Stella said.

The next week passed very quickly and before long everyone was in Stella's sitting room, bags by the door, eating pizza and watching Lord of the rings. It was like a slumber party- everyone was squished on the couch except for Lindsay who had bagged the other chair and no one was really watching the movie. Stella was bouncing around with excitement, Hawkes was reading about popular attractions around Turangi( where they were staying in New Zealand), Flack and Danny were talking about the rides in the theme parks in the Gold coast and Aussie chicks, Stella and Lindsay were talking about what they had packed and shopping and guys and Mac who was sitting in between Stella and Flack was trying to watch.

"Tell me again, Why are we watching this?" Don Flack asked

"Because this was filmed in New Zealand" Stella replied rolling her eyes "And mordor was filmed in the Tongariro national park, about 45 minutes-1 hour to where we are staying.

"Oh..." Flack drawing his attention back to the screen, where Sam was fighting the big spider.

"I'm so pleased there aren't spiders that big" Lindsay said shuddering

"Yeah, Imagine having on those in your room" Stella agreed

They watched in silence for awhile but all of a sudden

"God he's hot" Stella said looking a Orlando Bloom

"So hot" Lindsay replied "Drool!"

"Not again" Danny said exasperated-every time the two women had seen Legolas come onto the screen was always the same one of them would say He's hot and the other would reply so hot, this had happened quite a few times now and the four men were getting annoyed. Both Stella and Lindsay did this most movies they watched whether it be Kenneth Branaugh in Harry Potter, Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom in Pirates of Caribbean they always found someone to call hot.

"Aww Danny are you jealous, just because we don't say God he's hot-so hot whenever we see you" Stella said poking him in the ribs.

"You're all acting like children" Mac said "I think we should all get some sleep"

"Yes Father" Stella replied in a high-pitched girly voice

"Stell, I hate to break it to you, but you're mad" Flack said

"Mac lets not go to sleep" Lindsay said "I mean with this lot being as weird as their being, how in god's name are we going to find us all places to sleep?"

"Good point" Stella said suddenly back to her mature self "I know lets watch Boston Legal we haven't got long yet" She replaced the DVD in the player with another one. Everyone lay back down and watched. After one episode she turned the tv off and they all tidied up and grabbing their suitcases went out of the apartment building and waited for the shuttle. It came and they all clambered in. It wasn't a long trip and soon they were out of the shuttle and in the airport checking in, having their passports checked, going through customs and were waiting until they could board.

"All passengers to Brisbane airport please make your way to terminal 3 your plane is ready to board." Came the voice through the speaker The six friends got up and made their way over. They were soon on the plane. Danny and Lindsay were sitting in a window seat with Stella and Mac in behind and Hawkes and Flack in front. Stella put her bag under her seat and watched the plane take off before leaning back into her seat and closed her eyes.

Stella felt her head being moved and she woke up- She had fallen asleep and her head had been on his shoulder and he wanted to get up. "Sorry" She mumbled sleepily "How long have I been asleep?"

"About 5 hours" Danny replied looking over.

Stella turned tv on the back of her seat on and started watching one of movies currently being shown as in-flight entertainment. She smiled at Mac when he came back.

"You were really out" Mac said "Even when Danny started to take pictures of you asleep"

Stella smiled, she would put up with Danny's photos later. She was still dozy and she got back to the movie.

6 hours later or 2 ½ movies later the plane began to descend and Stella looked below to see Australia, it was in the afternoon about 1pm. They left the plane grabbed their bags and went over to the rental car place hired the cars. Stella had deliberately hired two convertibles and putting on sunglasses took the passenger seat next to Mac in the passenger seat. In one car were Danny, Lindsay and Flack and the other Mac, Stella and Hawkes. Before long they were on the motorway, hood down and speeding along. Stella's face was spilt in two with a huge smile. She smiled all the way down, singing along with the radio, laughing and cracking jokes. Mac was doing the same, he hadn't been like this since Claire died, and Stella loved seeing him like this. Hawkes was sitting in the back looking intently at the scenery listening to his ipod looking like an embarrassed teenager in the same car as his parents.

The other car drove behind them and Stella saw the three other's singing along to the radio and looking more relaxed than she had seen any of the team looking in weeks, months even. Stella untied her hair from the wild ponytail that was holding it and let the wind whip her face, she felt more at ease than she had in a while. She looked over at Mac who was concentrated on his driving but even though he had sunglasses on she could tell by the look of content on his face. Stella watched the landscape for the hour it took to get to the resort. Stella saw a big peach building with lotus flowers on it.

She looked at Mac inquiring about the building

"That's Pacific fair" Mac said "It's a shopping centre" He looked at Stella who eyes had widened

Wipe that droll off your face Miss Bonasera"

Stella grinned "You see everything" She said poking her tongue out at him

"I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!" Mac said imitating Sergeant Schultz from Hogan's Heroes

Stella rolled her eyes and glanced down at the map "It's down here" She nodded and Mac drove down a road to the left

"Here we are" Stella said and they turned left. Stella and Lindsay hopped out of the two cars and went into reception

20 minutes later they came out holding keys and the party went into the resort and into the underground car park. They grabbed some of their bags and began climbing the stairs to their rooms

"Wow this is great" Stella said looking out the window at the pool, it was like an oasis and looked beautiful.

"Here we are" Hawkes said at the first landing

They had got one room, It was a two bed-roomed and could fit six people.

"Come on lets open up the hotel room" Stella said looking at Mac who opened the door. It was a nice, clean apartment.

"Before we all start fighting over who sleeps where," Stella said looking at Danny who had opened his mouth to say something, "We should get all our stuff from the car."

After they had lugged the rest of their 'crap' according to Danny, they explored the apartment One room had a double bed, the other had two single beds with a trundler underneath and the sofa converted into a bed.

"Bag's the double bed" Danny said

"You'd have to share it," Stella said grinning

"Unless you or Lindsay shares with me I'll take a single" Danny said quickly

"In your dreams Messer boy" Lindsay said poking her tongue out at him.

"How about Danny, Hawkes and Don take the single and the trundler" Mac said

"Fit's" Stella replied "Linds and I can have the double bed"

"Stella, I have to break it to you- I have a bad habit of hugging whoever I share a bed with! Not to mention I steal blankets," Lindsay said smiling apprehensively

"You just don't want to look Lesbian" Flack said

"Homo-Basher" Hawkes said

"Break it up children, Lindsay you can sleep on the sofa if sharing a bed with me pains you so much, Mac I guess we will have to share, but no coming on my half" Stella said rolling her eyes.

"That's alright" Mac said laughing

"Stella why don't we go and get food" Lindsay said winking at Stella who grinned at grabbed her handbag

"Hasta Luego!" Stella said and the two women hurried off laughing leaving the four men looking puzzled.

"Why so eager to leave?" Danny asked

Flack and Hawkes shrugged, Mac just rolled his eyes

"Don't expect them back for awhile" Mac said opening his suitcase

"Why?" Came the reply from Flack and Danny

"I get it," Hawkes said "Two women, big shopping centre, big trouble"

"Bugger" Danny said "I'm going swimming" and with that he grabbed his togs and headed down to the pool closely followed by Hawkes and Flack.

Mac finished unpacking and followed his colleges leads.

3 hours later:

"Hi!" Lindsay said smiling at the men who were stretched on deck chairs on the side of the pool.

"Where's Stella?" Mac asked

"Putting the stuff in the apartment." Lindsay replied "If you'll excuse me I have to grab my togs."

Danny looked at Hawkes "Women?!"

"Hello boy's" Stella said coming down with Lindsay, Stell was decked in a black bikini and Lindsay was wearing a stripy blue and green takini, Both had a lilos, Danny's jar dropped, Mac just raised an eye brow.

"Messer if you want to catch flies your going the right way" Lindsay said

"Oh your going down" Danny said picking up the woman throwing her in the pool, only to be pushed in by Stella who then pranced off to the other pool and delicately lying on her lilo she pushed herself into the pool still completely dry.

Flack and Hawkes went off to the spa which was right next to the pool where Stella was lounging while Mac snuck over to the bridge over the pool before jumping in, Stella had picked the freezing pool and soon was screaming at Mac.

"You son of a…" She hollered "Get your sorry, sodding arse over here"

She chased Mac around the pool area until she lost him, Suddenly she felt some arms snake around her and jump into the pool with him, Stella turned around and seeing Mac Taylor's looking at her she took the opportunity to kiss him firmly on the lips.

Mac just stared at Stella in shock for a couple of seconds before leaning in for a second soaring kiss, They both resurfaced and laughed at each other before exciting the pool hand in hand.