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Chapter 20: The Final Battle: The True Evil Revealed

Phobos stood in the ruins where his Lurden army was hidden, preparing for the ritual that would call fourth Orgoth. With some clever wording and preying on the rebellion's dire need to end the war in one last battle, it was an easy task to get the rebel leaders and Elyon to vote in favor of not only accepting Phobos' plan, but also letting him act as Regent until Elyon was older, thus allowing him to keep the Light of Meridian.

Phobos had no intention of giving up the power of course. His plans were to take Meridian's throne the second he had crushed his aunt and her forces.

As Phobos completed his spell, a circle with a five-pointed star in the center appeared before him. Slowly, a seven-foot, armor-clad juggernaut of pure power stood before the evil prince.

What most legends did not say about Orgoth was that he was a golem and not an actual person. A different branch of the cult, which created the tablets Phobos used to create the Knights of Destruction, had created it. But this branch lacked the power to maintain their creation and it ended up draining their life force away to nothing while trying to kill the Queen of that time period.

But Phobos had the Light of Meridian now, thus had no such problem. Phobos could call fourth Orgoth and use this powerful warrior to crush all those in his path. "Soon my dear relatives, you'll be crushed like the bugs that you are!"


Meanwhile, Will and her parents were having breakfast in the dining hall, along with Caleb and the girls. Jaden was kind and courteous to Irma, Hay Lin and Taranee, but like all good fathers, was trying to give Caleb the first through seventh degree.

The only thing saving the former rebel was the glares from his wife, which both Will and Caleb were thankful for. Will was still blaming herself for the loss of the Light to Phobos, but a few mother-father-daughters talks, support from Caleb and tongue lashing from her friends helped the redhead snap out of it a bit.

"Well, it is good two know my daughter has such good friends…though I wish someone would stop me from doing my fatherly duty," Jaden said in a bit of sour tone at the end and glancing at his wife.

"Oh leave the boy alone, Jaden! He makes your daughter happy!" Susan shot back at her husband, who glared at her, while those around the table got ready to duck under an object.

'Great! We got one of the most powerful warriors on the planet going up against one of the most powerful magic users. Should we try to stop them or sell tickets?' Irma asked into the mental link Taranee provided for the group.

'Neither, lets just stay out of their way and hope we don't get dragged in,' Caleb replied into the link. He wanted to stay out of the sights of Jaden for as long as possible.

'Wimp!' Irma mentally called out to Caleb, who got a glare from both the former rebel and his girlfriend. This instantly made the joker cower in fear because she knew how scary those two combined could be.

'Who is the wimp now?' Taranee asked into the link, both she and Hay Lin keeping their giggles at Irma's expense quiet so not to draw Susan or Jaden's attention.

While the verbal bickering between Queen and her Consort and the telepathic chatter between Neo W.I.T.C.H. continued, Raythor rushed into the room. The commander of the royal army looked terrified, which drew everyone's attention, because Raythor rarely ever looked scared.

"Your highnesses, the final battle has begun and…I can't believe what Phobos has done," The warrior told Susan and Jaden, while growing even more paler by the second.

"What has he done, Raythor? Has he mobilized his Lurdens? If so, that is hardly something to be so shaken up about. There may be many of them, but…" Susan started to say, but was quickly cut of by Raythor.

"No my Queen, he has not called on his Lurdens yet, it is much worse. He has resurrected Orgoth and is having it lead one of several small rebels armies that are heading our way!" Raythor exclaimed, which now made Susan, Jaden, and Caleb go pale.

"Why do I suddenly get the feeling we are in trouble?" Irma asked aloud, but when she did not even get a mild glance from the two royals, Caleb or Raythor, it made the Water Guardian feeling as scared as the other four looked.

Will, Hay Lin and Taranee felt the same. Usually most people of Meridian did not handle Irma's humor the same as people from Earth did. To get zero response meant this was very bad indeed.


A half an hour later in a large meeting hall, every one of Susan's supporters were gathered together and the girls were finding out just how bad things were, as Susan explained the situation.

"Though many present know this, I must inform you that Phobos has restored Orgoth to help him win this war. Since my daughter and her friends are unfamiliar with this threat, I'll give them a brief explanation," Susan said to those present, then turned to look at Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin.

"Orgoth is a powerful golem of destruction. It is so powerful that it was strong enough to defeat the Light of Meridian when it was created. The only thing that stopped it was…the mages controlling it were drained of all their life force and allowed the heir to the throne of that time to destroy it," Susan explained, which made all the girls look horrified at this news.

"Then we all better gang up on it. There is no way it has enough power to beat all of us!" Will exclaimed, clearly worried of the same fate happening to her mother like the Queen in the story.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, but that won't be possible. Phobos has broken the rebellion's forces up into several groups, preventing us from being able to do that," Susan explained and then pointed at the map on the able in the middle of the room.

"Phobos and Orgoth are in one group; Shagon, Cornelia and Lynx are in the second group; Ember, Tridart and Elyon are in the third and Phobos' reaming troops are being led by his original followers. This forces us to break up our forces to counter them, but unless we split up all our magic users and top warriors like they have, the troops we send to counter them will be destroyed," Susan told Will, who did not look like she liked what she was hearing.

"Don't worry, Will. I'll be with your mother when she confronts Phobos and Orgoth. If the legends about Orgoth are true, then his main strength is being highly resistant to magical attacks, something I don't rely on. In theory, I should be able to hold it off until you mother has defeated Phobos and retrieved the Light . Then she'll be able to banish Orgoth once again," Jaden told his daughter in hopes of calming her, but that had minimal effect.

"But there are too many things that could go wrong! What if mom can't defeat Phobos? Or if you're not strong enough to fight Orgoth? Or…" Will started to say, when Caleb came up to Will and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Will, have faith in your parents. They can handle their job, just like we can handle ours. Besides, all we have to do it take down the ones leading each group, then we can head over to help them out if we need to," Caleb told his girlfriend and caressed her face gently.

Jaden let out a small growl in the back of his throat, but Susan elbowed him in the rib and gave him 'the look'. This made the Consort of Meridian back off and allowed Susan to say, "Alright then, lets stick to how my daughter arranged things for that last battle. Face the same opponents as last time and take them down as quickly as you can! There are troops waiting out in the courtyard, they will deal with the rebels while you deal with your opponents!"


"At last, the final battle has begun," Cedric hissed as his unit saw the royal army approaching. As expected, he saw the familiar forms of Sandpit and Gargoyle out in the distance, so everything was going as Phobos had planned.

'They have divided their forces as expected; this will make it easy for Phobos to claim the last piece of the Light from his aunt and kill Jaden. With them out of the way, the rest will be easy pickings!' Cedric thought evilly and then turned to his troops.

"Miranda and I will deal with Sandpit and Gargoyle. Frost! Tracker! Take care of Raythor! With him down, we will crush the rest of the troops with ease!" Cedric commanded and then ordered the charge.

As the two shape shifters and the two heavy hitters of the royal army went at it once again, Frost and Tracker tried to gang up on Raythor.

"You might be a match for one of us Raythor, but not both!" Frost stated with an evil grin his face, while Tracker threw his ball and chain at Raythor. The leader of the Royal Army was quick to act though and side-stepped the attack with ease.

This left him open to Frost's charge though and the large warrior swung his ax at the other warrior. What Frost had not expected was a second highly skilled warrior being present and block the blow for Raythor!

"You!" Frost roared out in shock as he looked to see it was Julian of all people.

"That's right, Frost. Guess 'treachery' runs in the family!" Julian responded and he pushed the massive warrior away, then both Julian and Raythor stood back to back.

Raythor was glad to have his old friend watching his back once again. Before leaving the castle, Jaden had a small talk with Julian, explaining what had happened before his death. Having the word of a long lost warrior speaking of Phobos' treachery had helped Julian make his decision and join Susan's forces for the final battle.

"Feels like old times, doesn't it Raythor?" Julian asked, while keeping his eyes on Frost.

"Yeah it does. Let's see if we can finish this up quick. I got a few very good bottles of scotch that I have been saving since this war began and I would love to open them in celebration of our victory!" Raythor replied, which brought a grin to Julian's face.

"Deal! How old were they before the war though?" Julian asked in one part curiosity and one part attempt to anger Frost at being ignored.

"Seven years, was trying to age them for another five, but then saved them as a victory reward for when this war was won!" Raythor replied then both dove back into battle, wanting to pop a bottle open as soon as possible.

After all, it was a twenty-year-old scotch and neither warrior had had a good drink in years.


"Here they come!" Elyon called out as her group and Hay Lin, Irma and Taranee's group came charging towards them.

"This time don't attack me you overgrown ice burg!" Ember screamed at Tridart, before flying into battle.

"Same to you,hothead!" Tridart yelled back and followed after Ember, while Elyon let out a sigh.

"I'm glad that after today, this war will be over. Those warriors Phobos found are a blessing most of the time, but I worry about them. They are so aggressive - and angry," Elyon mumbles, before engaging Hal Lin once again.

The battle between Light and Air elemental users was like last time. Hay Lin could not breach Elyon's defenses, but Elyon could not land a single hit because of Hay Lin's speed and invisibility.

Tridart and Ember's battles were much different this time though. As the Ice Knight of Destruction and Fire Guardian flew at one another, they launched fireballs and ice shards at one another.

It looked like the battle was even, but Taranee knew she would gain ground eventually because her fire element had the advantage, it was just a matter of landing a few hits in, then pounding away on Tridart until he was nothing but a puddle on ground.

Irma one the other hand, was fairing a bit better, but only because it was easy to goad Ember. All the Water Guardian had to do was mock Ember until she made a mistake and then sneak a water attack in.

But despite two Guardians having an advantage on their enemies and the other tied with hers, the battle would still be a long one. Chances are that by the end of their battles, the other fights would be over or they would be too drained to help their friends.


With Will, Caleb and Kor's group VS the Cornelia, Shagon and Lynx group; it was off to a big start.

Lynx and Kor started round three of their grand battle. This time though, neither intended to leave until the other was defeated.

Caleb and Shagon each fired powerful blasts at one another, which exploded on impact. Both did not want too much long-range warfare this time though, their hatred for one another was too strong. They wanted the satisfaction of hand-to-hand combat.

They flew at one another and let the fists fly. Caleb connected with a punch to Shagon's metallic face, while the black-winged warrior countered with an upper cut.

Caleb continued the aerial brawl by giving a headbutt to Shagon's forehead, not caring if the other warrior had metal plating protecting it. The blow did not slow Shagon down and he kneed Caleb in the gut then gave Caleb a double ax handle to the back, sending Caleb falling downward.

But Caleb quickly recovered and with mighty snap of his wings, flew straight up with tremendous force. Using the momentum, Caleb slammed his fist into Shagon's chin and badly dazed the evil warrior.

Caleb followed though with an aerial spin kick which connected with the side of Shagon's face. It was now Shagon's turn to start falling to the ground. Shagon recovered in midair as well, but unlike Caleb, would not be countering attack.

Caleb had followed after Shagon, so when he recovered, Caleb fired a point blank Gaea blast at Shagon and sent the dark angel flying into the ground.

As Caleb touch down on the rocky terrain just bit off from where the rebel and royal forces were fighting, he called over, "You know, I have been wondering something. Mathew Olsen was not present at any of the war meetings since I joined forces with the Queen. It is also rumored he is smitten with MY girlfriend. Now let's double-check something, you seem to have your eyes on Will and whenever the young Olsen in missing, you are out causing trouble. That's a rather big coincidence, don't you think?"

Shagon was just getting to his knees when he responded, "So I have been found out. And who else has realized this little piece of information?"

"No one to my knowledge. So I'm going to give you two choices. First choice, surrender and leave the battlefield and I'll never mention this to anyone. We can forget you ever betrayed the kingdom and we can continue the 'rivalry' by more civil means. Second choice, you keep fighting and I beat you to a bloody pulp. Which will it be?" Caleb demanded in a cold tone.

Caleb could not see it, but Shagon/Matt's eyes started glow green as he replied, "I choose…NEITHER!" Shagon/Matt's head then shot up and fired powerful beam from his eyes at Caleb.

The blast scored a direct hit on Caleb's chest and sent the other boy flying into a large nearby rock. An explosion followed the second Caleb hit said rock and a cloud of dust filled the area.

"Ha! That should do it!" Shagon/Matt stated in a triumphant tone of voice, thinking Caleb had been defeated at last.

Too bad for the black winged warrior, the former rebel was far from finished. This was proven when a Gaea beam shot out from the dust cloud and blasted Shagon/Matt in the face.

"Aaaahhh!" Shagon/Matt roared out in pain, while Caleb charged out of the dust cloud and fired more Gaea beams at the dark angel.

While the two angel-like fighters continued their brawl, Cornelia and Will were having their own showdown.

The two letting loose beam attacks like there was no tomorrow, creating a light show that was as impressive as it was deadly.

"What will it take to get it through your head Cornelia that you're helping Phobos destroy Meridian?!" Will demanded from the Earth Guardian, but the blonde just let loose another beam attack in response.

Will dodged the beam and prepared to fire back, only to find Cornelia was no longer there. The redheaded princess of Meridian then heard the familiar sound of telatransporting behind her, but before she could turn to look, she got blasted from behind.

"Not so easy when you no longer have the power and ability advantage is it?" Cornelia mocked, but deep down she had been affected by Will's words. Too many things had happened for Cornelia to have her solid belief anymore, but her pride made it impossible to admit she might wrong.

As Will fell down to the ground, she quickly performed a telatransport of her own. The redheaded princess appeared right about the Earth Guardian and let loose a massive lightning bolt to weaken and partially paralyze the other girl.

Cornelia was not out of the fight just yet though. As the blonde crashed into the ground, she dug deep into her reserves of inner strength and sent a larger number of rocks flying at Will.

Will tried to Quintessence them into stopping, but the lightning did not hit some of the smaller ones and they struck Will in the head, chest and stomach. This caused the redhead to crash into the ground as well and leave her very dazed.

Both girls tried to recover quickly, so to end the battle while the other was down. But neither one would be ready to fight for a little while given what happened to both of them during the last set of attacks.


"Ready, Jaden?" Susan asked, as she, her husband and the troops behind them got ready to face off against Phobos, Orgoth and the rebels.

"When have I ever not been ready for a fight?" Jaden replied with a grin and shifted to his humanoid tiger form. Unlike most times though, the tiger warrior also drew his two large daggers, knowing that when he fought Orgoth, bare claws were not best to battle a person wielding a massive sword.

"Confident as ever I see." Susan mumbles, but had a small smile on her face. She found it comforting to hear his casual approach to a serious situation. After thirteen years of nonstop battle, a little lack of seriousness was a breath of fresh air to the Queen of Meridian.

After saying those words, Susan ordered the charge and took to the air. Phobos did the same and the two let loose their powers, both intent on defeating the other this day.

"With your defeat, Aunt Susan, I'll finally claim what should been mine!" Phobos hissed at his aunt, knowing he was too far up to be heard by the rebels, so his secret was safe.

Susan gave Phobos a sad and regretful smile as she replied, "If only I had spoken to you sooner Phobos, this might have been avoided. But…" Susan fished before gaining her traditional 'game face' on.

"…you are still the one responsible for your own actions and I'm going to stop you for good this time," Susan finished and then let loose a lightning blast at Phobos.

Phobos batted it aside though and counter attacked with a white energy beam, while growling out, "And have you tell me I've been compromised with those who refuse to accept change in even the slightest manner? I think not! I'll make things as they should have been!"

Susan telatransported out of the way of the attack, then verbally shot back, "And that would be what? Force your ways on the people like a petty tyrant? That is the wrong way to bring about change, Phobos!"

Susan then fired a water and air combo, hoping to turn Phobos into a frozen statue. But Phobos created a sphere of pure energy to block the freezing attack and fired back at his aunt.

"If the foolish masses desire to see me as a tyrant, then so be it. They know nothing of the indignanty I have forced to deal with for almost two decades!" Phobos countered as he and his aunt both debated and fought at the same time.

Back on the ground, Jaden was in a purely physical confrontation with Orgoth. The evil metal golem swung its missive great sword down at the tiger warrior, but Jaden blocked it with his daggers.

The blow was powerful though and it sent a vibration throughout Jaden's whole body. Even with the superhuman strength of his beast form, Jaden knew the juggernaut of darkness had a major power advantage.

'Better dodge from now on. I don't think I could block too many of those blows before my daggers break or my own bones for that matter!' Jaden thought as he leapt away from Orgoth.

The dark warrior followed Jaden, but since its main strengths were massive levels of strength, resistance to magic and being able to take a great deal of punishment; speed and agility were not that high. This allowed Jaden to avoid the charges and at least keep it busy while Susan battled Phobos.


An hour into the battle, both sides were quickly growing tired, which meant they were falling into Phobos' ultimate trap. This meant the real final battle was about begin.

Where Raythor, Julian and their troops were battling against Frost and Tracker's, they heard a horn being blown. Both sides stopped to see a Lurden army marching towards them, one large enough battle both sides!

"At last! It is finally time to stop playing these games!" Frost called out, which made the rebels confused, but the royal guard worried. The Lurdens charged the rebels and the royal guard, but also backed up Frost and Tracker, who were finally showing their true colors.

Both the two villains had broken off from the battle with Julian and Raythor to attack the rebels and further spread confusion and fear among their former troops. Cedric and Miranda tried to do the same, but then Sandpit and Gargoyle stopped them.

"Those cowards! All troops under my command; support the rebels against the Lurden attack!" Raythor called out, hoping to organize both forces into working together in Meridian's darkest hour.

Julian did the same for the rebels, though it was mainly fear and desperation that motivated them to working with their former enemies. Julian did not care for the reasons though; his main concern was to keep the people he once led from being slaughtered by Phobos' real army.


Taranee, Irma and Hay Lin's battle against the Lurden army was even worse than Julian and Raythor's. This was mainly do to the fact that Tridart and Ember stopped fighting Irma and as to open fire on the rebels!

"What are you doing?!" Elyon screamed out in horror, but her only response was a barrage of ice shards and fireballs. Hay Lin tried help protect the other princess of Meridian, but the ice and fire warriors' attacks came too quickly and both got blasted.

Out of reflex, Elyon managed to telatransport Hay Lin and herself safely to the ground, instead of slamming into it because of the surprise attacks. Both Irma and Taranee then swooped down and got the two injured girls to safety.

Tridart and Ember did not even try to stop them, since they just went back to bombarding the rebels and guards below. This at least made it easy to ensure Elyon and Hay Lin were somewhere safe, away from the battlefield until they recovered.

"You two rest up. We will take down Ember and Tridart," Taranee told her two friends and then both she and Irma dove back into battle.

As Elyon watched the Fire and Water Guardians take flight, she asked Hay Lin, "How…how could I have been so…foolish?"

Hay Lin looked at the petite blonde and replied, "Phobos said the right things at the right time. If Irma and I did not already believe in your aunt from the start, we might have been fooled as well."

The words of the air Guardian helped Elyon a small bit, but the blonde princess of Meridian knew she did not have time to just sit here and sulk. She needed to help defeat her brother's warriors.

Sending out a wave of healing energy to restore both Hay Lin and herself to fighting strength, "Let's go Hay Lin! We got two powerful warriors and an army of drooling green creatures to take care of!" Elyon stated and got an excited cheer from the Air Guardian, as they took off to fight once again. This time though, they were on the same side.


At first, Ember and Tridart were on the defensive at the start of Irma and Taranee's new wave of attacks. But the two quickly recovered and were often letting stray shots head towards the troops below, forcing both Irma and Taranee to attack their enemies and guard their allies at the same time.

'We can't keep this up!' Irma called into the mind link to Taranee, who was getting worried as well. That was when a blast of wind and beams of light struck the Ice and Fire Knights.

"Let's see how you handle two on four!" Hay Lin called out and she and Elyon flew up beside Taranee and Irma.

Letting out growls of defiance, Tridart and Ember let loose a counterattack, but now with two magic users able to defend the troops below and two to attack, Tridart and Ember were not having an easy time.

This did not mean the battle was won for the girls yet. The two Knights of Destruction were not going to go down without a fight and even if they were destroyed, there were still an army of Lurdens to battle.

In the overall picture, it was still anyone's game.


Before the Lurden attack at Will, Kor and Caleb's location, the threesome had been going at it heavily with their adversaries .

Both Kor and Lynx looked like they had gone through a meet grinder and Caleb and Shagon/Matt had blasted and pummeled each other into the ground.

Will and Cornelia were the worse off of anyone though. The two had poured on the magic once they had recovered from the first round's attacks. The two had had caused such a ruckus with the energy beams, earthquakes and lighting storms, the troops on both sides had stopped fighting to run for cover.

This did turn out to be a good thing though, when the Lurdens arrived. The evil creatures had expected two worn out armies, not two semi rested armies staying out of the way of the magical catfight. This made it easy for the rebels and guards to hold their ground, but just barely.

"You…got to be…kidding…me!" Will exclaimed as she panted heavily from her battle with Cornelia, who was also worn out. Their clothes were torn and/or scorched and their hair was a mess. They also had nasty looking cuts from rocks being magically thrown or sent back at each and were just barely dodged in time.

"No…kidding! Of all…the time…to…have a…third party to fight!" Cornelia replied between gasps, neither girl noticing the Lurdens coming up from behind them, getting ready to strike.

"NO!" They heard Shagon's voice roar out and they turned around to see his blast blow the Lurdens away. Shagon then set down nearby and grabbed one of the Lurdens by the throat and growled out, "What about capturing the princess, but kill everything else did you not understand?! Phobos promised her to me, you stupid creature!"

Cornelia was shocked and horrified to hear this, but Will was just heavily disturbed by it all. The redhead knew of the dark angel's infatuation with her, but it still scared her to hear how much he wanted her.

'A mind clouded in darkness, but not entirely free of blame,' Will heard the Voice of Meridian say in her mind, greatly confusing the redhead.

"What does that mean?" Will asked aloud, drawing Cornelia's attention away from Shagon. "The psycho angel is obsessed with you, that's what it means!" The blonde Earth Guardian called over, not knowing Will was referring to a different situation.

Of course, Cornelia was also dealing with her own internal problems. Though Shagon had not outright said it, it seemed like he admitted Phobos had organized this attack of the Lurdens on both the rebels and the royal army. It was hard for her mind to accept, but there was little she could come up with to deny it.

"I don't think Will is talking about 'Shagon's' ranting, Cornelia." Caleb called over as he landed next to Will, knowing she could hear the voice of Meridian. The former rebel did not know what was it was saying to his girlfriend, but that did not matter to him. All that mattered was to protect Will form the traitor of the Olsen family.

Shagon threw the Lurden aside and turned to face Caleb, his eyes green and signaling he was getting ready for another attack.

"Try it and I'll destroy you, Matt!" Caleb warned Shagon/Matt and started to gather power as well. Hearing the name Matt made the riddle the Voice of Meridian had just told Will make sense.

'Mind control, but…not the complete version; Phobos used just enough to influence him I bet. It seems like Phobos' style. After all, it's what he has been doing since the start of this war!' Will mentally concluded, adding up the fact she did have an idea that the young lord had feelings for her and what she knew of Phobos' tactics.

"Matt, don't you see? Phobos probably ordered this attack on me, hoping to make it look like an accident! He is only using you and your feelings for me to make you do his dirty work!" Will called over, hoping to snap the youngest member of the Olsen family out of it.

Shagon/Matt took a step back at hearing this, as if Will's words hit their mark. But after a moment he countered, "He gave me his word that I would be the one to have your heart! Phobos would not be so foolish to give me all this power then betray me! I would destroy him if he did!"

Will shook her head and continued her attempts to reason with the manipulated boy. "He only told you what you wanted to hear and drew you further and further into his web of lies, just like he has done to the rebellion! Besides, if you care for me, then wouldn't you want me to be happy?" Will called back, setting Matt Olsen up for what would either turn him away from Phobos or make him a permanent enemy.

"Of course! I would do anything!" Shagon/Matt responded, clearly sounding like the lovestruck boy he was.

"Then let me be with the one I care about! I know if I was in your position, then I would probably not like hearing that but…what is the point of being in a one-sided relationship? No one would win in the end if it were like that," Will told the dark angle, who fell to his knees upon hearing Will's words.

The young man was unsure what to do. He had been shot down by the one who he cared for the most. 'Or is it lust? I'm not sure, but what do I do now? I have done so much wrong in that bastard's name!' The young lord thought in despair before letting out a scream of rage.

Will, Caleb and Cornelia thought that Shagon/Matt was going to attack them, but then saw him take to the air and fire on the Lurdens. It was hard to say if Shagon/Matt had sided with them or was just venting some anger, but either way, it was taking out Lurdens so no one complained.


"I can't believe you would launch such a cowardly attack!" Susan exclaimed, when the Lurdens had arrived at the battle. The Lurdens, combined with Orgoth and Phobos, had completely devastated the bulk of the troops unlike the other battles, where the rebels and guards had managed to get lucky and work together quickly enough to avoid being slaughtered.

Upon seeing his real army arrive, Phobos unleashed a powerful barrage of attacks into the crowd below, greatly shrinking their numbers. Only Jaden and one third of the royal army had survived. The rebels had only a fourth of their original number and so even with the royal army helping the battle was a loosing one.

"You call it cowardly, I call it being efficient. Let's let the historians decide," Phobos said with an evil smirk. The smile had infuriated Susan to no end because of how ruthless and unnecessary the attack on the troops below was.

'All those lives lost and he does not even care!' Susan screamed in her mind and attacked with everything she had. Lightning bolts, water blasts, chunks of earth, fireballs and howling winds. It was display of pure elemental power that had Phobos on the defensive, but also greatly drained Queen Susan.

Phobos on the other hand, was still ready to fight. He was a bit weakened from the barrage of the five elementals, but he managed to hold his defense and conserved his strength until his aunt had exhausted hers.

"Impressive, Aunt Susan, but now it's my turn!" Phobos stated and fires a blast that sent Susan slamming into the ground below.

"Susan!" Jaden roared out and dove out of battle with Orgoth and ran over to his wife's side.

Phobos let out a cackle at this display and called down to his uncle, "What's wrong, Uncle? Don't think your wife can take what she once could dish out!" The words angered the tiger-shaped shifter, but even he could not jump up high enough to attack Phobos.

"Why don't you come down here and see if you are brave, Phobos!" Jaden roared in a furry, wanting to tear Phobos' heart from his chest.

"And why would I do that when I could simply have Orgoth fight you in my place? I really never was the physical type after all, Uncle," Phobos responded and watched his newest minion march toward Jaden, ready to destroy the tiger warrior.

As Jaden prepared to defend Susan to his final breath, he heard his daughter's voice call out, "Then let's how much of a magic type you are!"

Phobos turned to see Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin fluttering a few feet behind him. Will was in Guardian form, but this was no Glamour. This was the real deal; proven by the Heart being around her neck, the massive boost in power and the pink aura surrounding her. All the girls had an aura around them, each having a color that matched their element.

It took a moment for Phobos to realize what was happening, then sensing two different energies in the girls. One was the Heart of Candracar, but the other was Meridian magic!

"You all merged your powers into the Heart!" Phobos exclaimed in horror, knowing that their power now dwarfed his own stolen magic.

"That's right, Phobos! And now we are going to bring you down!" Will stated to her cousin, while Irma added, "Oh and don't expect any backup to arrive. They are all a bit occupied at the moment!"


What Irma had said was no bluff. With Shagon/Matt back on the Queen's side, it had been easy for Will and her group to deal with the Lurdens. It was also thanks to the former Knight of Destruction that the rebels fully converted to the Queen's side and they moved to where Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin had been fighting.

Tridart and Ember had been badly weakened when the reinforcements arrived and with a massive boost in both troops and magic users, it was a breeze to wipe out the enemies there as well.

After that, Caleb, Irma, Hay Lin and Taranee merged their pendants with the Heart and Cornelia returned it to Will. The redhead then merged her own power with the Heart and now the girls were supercharged with mystic energy.

Caleb took all the troops, Shagon and Elyon to deal with the forces that Raythor and Julian had been fighting and left the original W.I.T.C.H. to deal with Phobos.


"I still have Orgoth and the Light of Meridian! I will not be defeated!" Phobos roared out in defiance and prepared to attack but the Guardians attacked first.

"Air!" Ha Lin called out and used a whirlwind to slam Phobos into the ground, next to Orgoth, while Cornelia stepped up to the plate.

"Earth!" The Earth Guardian called and the ground crumbled underneath Phobos and Orgoth and they fell into a deep pit.

"My turn, Fire!" Taranee stated and added her element to the combo. Fireballs rained down into the hole, but Phobos was able to shield himself with his powers, while Orgoth took the hits like he was built to do.

Too bad for them, Taranee was just setting up Orgoth for Irma's attack, who called out, "Water!" The Water Guardian made sure to make the stream as cold as she possibly could and for good reason. When something that is very hot suddenly got very cold, it breaks! That was something not even Orgoth's heavy defense against magic could not stop.

The evil golem started to crack and his power was greatly weakened as well, leaving it up to Will to deliver the final blow. "Quintessence!" Will yelled out, pouring all her anger at what was done to her mother, father and the people because of Phobos and his evil servants.

The lightning struck the weakened juggernaut of evil and shattered it, followed by a wave of dark magic. Phobos escaped the small explosion by telatransporting out of the hole just in time and looked up at the Guardians with a hateful expression on his face.

"You destroyed my ultimate weapon! I'll make you pay for that!" Phobos yelled at W.I.T.C.H., while the people watching the battle stared in awe at the sight of Orgoth being defeated by the five girls.

"It seems our daughter has done what we could not. Defeat Meridian's most feared enemies, including one of legendary power," Jaden heard Susan say and turned to see his wife getting up at last.

"Are you alright, Susan? Phobos hit you very hard with that last attack," Jaden asked, hoping Susan was not too badly hurt.

"I'm fine, Jaden, I shouldn't have used all my energy on a single offensive though. Now Will has to finish Phobos off when it should be my job," Susan assured her husband, though did feel very sore from Phobos' blast.

With nothing to shield herself from the attack, Susan knew she had probably taken damage she had not even noticed yet and would probably be at Lucia's mercy for at least a few days.

Back where Phobos was facing off against the Guardians, the evil prince was trying to figure out a strategic escape. Right now he was fighting on someone else's terms and he never did that. He preferred to fight when it was to his advantage and he had lost that.

'How did things go so wrong? The plan was simple, wait until both sides were weakened and then the Lurdens would move in and wipe them all out! Whenever things go wrong, it is that redheaded brat's fault, I just know it!' Phobos mentally fumed, but was snapped out his internal ranting by Will's voice.

"Alright, Phobos, it is time to bring this to an end! And I can't think of a better way than to use an attack we used on our fist day as Guardians. Only this time, I'll be able to control it!" Will stated and gave the other girls a wink.

The others knew what Will meant and could not wait to see what that attack could do when it was controlled, instead of shooting around wildly. Each girl got into position and directed their energy to Will in the form pink energy.

Will gathered the power in her hands and then fired the pink bolt at Phobos who fired back in a hope to counter it. The pink lighting like beam struck the white lighting beam and for a moment, the two pushed against one another.

But the tie lasted for only a moment, since Phobos' power was no match for the power of the five Guardians and it quickly struck Phobos in the chest. "Aaaahhhh!" Phobos cried out in pain and at the same time, felt the Light of Meridian and all the life force he stole being drained away.

The power was flowing back into Susan and as it did, her strength returned. Susan quickly flew up next to the girls and asked, "Mind if I join in?" The girls all nodded their head with smiles on their face. (Though Cornelia looked a bit nervous, since she had not exactly been the nicest person towards the Queen until now)

"Don't worry…Cornelia was it? We can talk about certain 'incidents' later, Susan said to the Earth Guardian, who was not sure if she should draw comfort from those words or be scared out of her mind.

Cornelia put those thoughts aside and each girl fired a beam of light at Phobos, each matching the color of their element or in Susan's case a white light. It trapped him in a cage of electrical energy.

Beams of light also traveled across Meridian, capturing every last one of Phobos' Lurdens and his elite warriors. The war was over at last!



'Shagon' had gone 'missing' after the final battle for Meridian and those who knew of his secret agreed to keep quiet about it. Unless they heard of a black winged warrior causing trouble, why ruin the happy mood of the war being finally over with trials of treachery?

Meridian had gone through enough and Matt seemed to settle down a bit, though Caleb kept a close eye on the young Lord, just in case.

Phobos and his minions had been moved to the Mage's hidden prison in the Infinite City where she and the royal guard would keep watch over them.

It took two weeks for the rebels and the royal family to arrange the formal end to the war because of the confusion of the last battle and the need to attend to the wounded, as well as grieve for those lost.

As both Susan and Caleb (since he had been the Rebellion's original leader) signed the treaty, the crowed cheered. They had all waited for this day for a long time and were glad to see those dark days behind them.

"My people! Thanks to all of you, we have finally restored peace to our world! The long task of rebuilding will begin tomorrow, but today let us celebrate!" Susan called out to the crowd, who once again cheered, but then waited for something to happen, much to the Queen's confusion.

This ended when Will said, "For us, the rebuilding beings tomorrow. For you…and dad, it begins in two weeks. You are on mandatory vacation!" With that, Susan felt her crown float off her head and land on Will's, thanks to a certain Earth Guardian and telekinesis.

"The civil war is not over for more than two minutes and you have already have a second one on your hands," Irma joked, while Jaden added, "But this time it's one you lose before it even begins."

Jaden then swept his wife off her feet and carried her away bridal style while the crowed laughed and cheered as Susan called back, "I'll deal with all of you when I get back!"

As they got further away though, Susan whispered to Jaden, "There is one thing I have to care of before we have our little vacation," The tone in Susan's whisper made it clear it was an urgent matter so Jaden agreed and quickly took Susan where she needed to go.


In the underground prison, Nerissa was making her move. She had taken care of the guards and was getting ready to free the prisoners she thought would be useful for her plans when she heard a voice call out, "You will stop right this minute!"

Nerissa spun around to see Susan and a transformed Jaden in front of the waterfall entrance.

"How could have you known!" Nerissa hissed as she raised her hand to attack, but Susan acted first.

"Quintessence!" Susan called out and knocked the old woman over with a single shot. As Susan and Jaden approached the prone woman, Susan answered the old hag's question. "The Voice of Meridian alerted me of the Mage's death long ago. I only left you alone until I dealt with Phobos, so as not to have two enemies at once," Susan told Nerissa and was about to throw the former Keeper of the Heart into an empty cell when a purple portal opened up behind them.

The Oracle, Tibor and Halinor stepped through, much to Susan's annoyance. "You had your chance to deal with her, now it's my turn," Susan said in a cold tone, while Jaden towered over Nerissa, so as to prevent her from escaping if she tried.

"I understand you are still upset with what your daughter has been put through under my watch, Queen Susan. But Nerissa is the Council's responsibility, so please allow us to deal with her. You already have Phobos to deal with; let's not risk leaving two potential threats for your world to watch over," the Oracle said in hopes of reasoning with Susan, but she did not look like she was going to cooperate.

"Susan, he is right. If she is as great a threat as you believe, let's not have her AND Phobos on the same world. We know we can deal with Phobos should he escape, but a former Guardian is a different matter," Jaden told Susan, knowing she would be more likely to listen to him than the Oracle.

Susan closed her eyes for moment, as if pondering her response before saying, "Alright…take her. But I expect you to stay off Meridian until my vacation is over. I know you'll want to restore the Heart to its original state and I want to be there when you do."

The Oracle nodded his head in acceptance, but before leaving he asked, "If you don't mind, I would like to ask Elyon to become Keeper of the Heart when that happens. There must be five Guardians for them to have full strength and with your daughter the heir to the throne; Elyon is the only suitable replacement."

Susan was tempted to say no, but then thought she should leave that up to Elyon. It was her decision after all. "Fine, now go before I change my mind!" Susan ordered and the Council took Nerissa away.

After they were gone, Susan turned to Jaden and asked, "So what do we do first? We are on vacation after all." This got Jaden to smile and he moved in to give Susan a deep kiss when Phobos said, "Can you please do that somewhere else? I'm feeling ill enough as it is!"

There was also gagging noises from Frost so both got a lightning bolt from an annoyed Queen before Susan and Jaden went back to what they were doing before telatransporting away.


And there you have it. There maybe a sequal in the future but no promises, want to focus on my other stories and make plans to use new ideas for new fics. Please let me know what you thought please.