The Potter family was not like all the other because they are wizards. James Potter is know for being one of the best dark wizard hunter: an auro. His wife Lily Evan Potter is one of the best Healers in England. There is also young Hayden Potter he has red hair like his mother and his dad hazel eyes and he love to play quidditch and he happens to be the boy-live. He has a scar on his forehead. Hayden happens to be in gryffindor like his parents and godfather.

But there happen to be another person living in the Potter Manson. His name is Harry Potter and ever one in the house treats him like some type of slave and they also neglect him abused him to. He along with his twin brother just got home their sixth year of Hog wart and the family is plan to go on a summer vacation. Harry also happens to be in Slytherin.

Their is also a boy by the name of Alex Riddle that live with his father and some death eaters once in awhile. He also the Dark Prince and also the Dark Lord Voldemort son. Voldemort had taught ever thing he knows.