"Accio trunks." said Harry. Harry was getting ready to pack cloth and stuff in the trucks. "Accio Hayden clothes" Hayden cloth wearing coming to Harry. Harry picks them up and put them in the trunk. Then when in was done packing Hayden clothing he shut the trunk and lock to make sure the clothing will not fall out? He does the same thing to his parent trunks. Then he places the featherweight charm on the trunks.

"I guess I done here might as well pack my stuff." Harry said. He walks done the hallway. He apparatus to his room which in down in the basement. It sometimes seems like a cell that his parent keeps him in. He looks around his room and spots his trunk and put his stuff in for the vacation that his family wants. When he finally was done he fell on his poor excuse for a bed. He lay down on his bed for a couple of minutes and fell sleeps for about half-hour.

"BRAT YOU BETTER HURRY UP. DON'T MAKE COME IN THERE. That had waked Harry up. "I up I will be up there in a few minutes." Harry said. Harry then got up grasp his wand and then did the banishing curse and put hid trunk with the others. Then he apparate to the family room.

He then walks up to his family. "What do want?" Then out of no where James had hit Harry at the face. Harry had gotten a bruise were his father had hit him. He put his hand were his dad had hit him. His eyes filled with tears. He looks at his father, goes to his knees and blinks his tears away. He looks at his father in the eyes. "Sorry, sir." James Potter looks at his son. He says "Don't talk to me like that again, Brat." The James picks up an old shoe and points his wand at it "portus." It glows a few minutes. Then Lily and Hayden walk toward James. Then Harry walks and they touch the shoe and they vanish.

They all land in the cabin they were live at for awhile. The place that going to live is called the Magic Phoenix Peak.

The next day they walk to the Crystal Phoenix Cave. They heard a big noise. The noise they heard was some people in mask and wearing black robes are coming to wear they are at. Harry parent had Hayden apparatus somewhere. Then Lily and James grasp the Crystal Phoenix. Then the Dark Prince had Harry corner. Then Harry yelled "Petrificus Totalus" at the Dark Prince. Then the Prince had yelled " Protego." A shield form around the Prince and Harry spell did not get to the Prince.

The Prince starts to laugh. He looks at Harry in the eyes. Then too fast to see he had his hands around his neck. The Prince then left one hand to see the bare flesh and lick and Harry close his eyes. Then Harry heard his parent disapparate from somewhere. Then the Prince take his wand from him. Then he conjures ropes around his hands. Then without a word to Harry in did a side apparate. They land right in front of Lord Voldemort.

"Alex" said the Dark Lord. "Sorry Father I had fail." said the Dark Prince. "The Potters seem to get in way the way it fine. You do you have behind you." The Prince turns toward Harry and went over to him and places his hand in his shirt and touches his stomach and Harry let out a breath. "You found a pet." The Prince look over to his father "He is a Potter and his family does not care for him and can I keep him?" Voldemort look at them and smile. "You may do whatever want with him." The Prince smile. "Thank you father." Then they apparate to the Prince room.

"You are my pet and slave. I can do what ever I want to you. Do you understand and what is your name?" Alex said. "I understand master and my name is Harry." said Harry. He looks Alex in the eyes when said this. Alex then smile as a dog came up to him and in petted him. Alex then looks at Harry. "Harry my pet takes you cloths off." He looks up at Alex and decide to obey because he did not want to died and he knew the Prince knows how to killed people so he did what the prince said and took off of his cloths and then the prince took his own cloth and look at Harry. "Harry get on the bed and lay on your back." Harry went to the bed and laid on his bed and look at the Prince with sad eyes. The Prince looks at him with a smile on his face. "Harry, my pet are you a virgin?" Alex said this as he climb on top of Harry. He went down and capture Harry lips in a hungry kiss then when Harry open his lips for air but the Prince put his tongue in his mouth then after few minutes of moving his tongue around Harry mouth the Prince take his tongue out. After few minutes Harry looks in the Prince eyes. "I am virgin my master."

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