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"I want you to listen!" Steve said doing some movement with his hand, and then the Vampet holding Giles turned his gun.


Chapter 9

Darren cringed, and saw dust fall downwards. The Vampet had shot the roof.

"That was a warning shot. If anyone of you so much as think about trying to save you friend over here, then he'll be as good as dead," Steve said.

"What are you doing here, Steve?" Darren asked. "Why set this up? What good will it do you?"

"I came here to rule. You just happened to be in the way, you and that little gang of yours. So I need to get you out of the way," Steve said smirking. "But I'll give you a choice. If you all promise to leave Sunnydale and never come back, I'll let you leave," Steve said.

"Or?" Darren said meeting Steve's eyes.

"Or you can die," Steve said.

"Can't say that leaves us much of a choice," Buffy said, only to be smacked again.

"I said no talking, woman!" a Vampaneze barked.

Darren frowned. "Steve, I could leave and you can let these people go. They haven't done anything wrong to you."

"But who says they won't? I have given you my offer, now choose!" Steve said a little louder this time.

"Those aren't really any options. Give us something that doesn't involve us getting killed or leaving town," Darren said.

"Like what, let you chase me out of town? I don't think so Darren. That's not how real life's like. You should know better than to think that everyone will get out of this alive," Steve said. And Darren knew that he was referring to Mr. Crepsley.

"Steve you were always a fan of the big endings, so I'll give you an offer. I fight you in a fight to the death. I die, and you do whatever you want. I win, and we get to leave unharmed and go back to our lives," Darren said.

"No Darren, that's not an option either," Buffy cried, before getting hit yet again.

"She doesn't know when to shut up, does she?" Steve said glaring at her. "But she had a point, why should I put my life at risk when it doesn't have to be?" Steve asked.

"Because I'm giving you a chance to kill me, and then you will never have to bother with me again as long as you live! I thought that was what you wanted," Darren said, not believing that Steve wasn't grabbing the opportunity to get rid of him.

"I don't trust you Darren. You stabbed me in the back one time; I won't give you another chance."

"You don't trust me! I save your life, becoming a vampire just to spare you! I gave up my life for you, my childhood, and you don't trust me!" Darren said, throwing his hands up in the air.

"Ha, you want me to believe that crap! You set me up! You wanted to take my place amongst the undead! You always wanted to be like me Darren, and you betrayed me to that filthy Vampire!" Steve said.

"Then fight me, and show me just how angry you are, I'm literally giving you the chance you have wanted since that night. You told me it yourself, you were too weak back then, but you would come back to kill me and my mentor. Well, you still have one to go; get it over with," Darren held out his hands giving Steve the perfect target, one bullet to his heart and he would be dead.

Steve stood there calculating.

"If I die, I can't promise you a save journey back. You will get killed on sight," Steve said, suddenly coming at him with a knife.

Darren barely had time to brace himself before the impact. They both fell to the floor, rolling around. Darren got several cuts from Steve's knife, but not anything harmful.

In the background, Darren could see that the others had already started to fight with the Vanpaneze. Buffy was killing them rather fast. Darren turned back to his own fight. You need to do this Darren; it's you or him, now or never.

Darren kicked Steve off him and got on top. The sudden turn in the fight seemed to have made Steve confused, and Darren knew he had only seconds before he would sort out what had happened. Darren bent down and took up a knife from his shoe, held it in one had and pushed it towards Steve's neck.

"EVERYBODY STOP!" Darren yelled. He stood up, dragging Steve with him. "Or I will kill your so called lord."

Amazingly, everybody actually stopped what they were doing and looked at him.

"I knew you would never have it in you to kill me, Darren. You may as well just let me go," Steve said sounding cocky, but Darren knew that inside Steve was terrified of the power Darren had over him.

"My friends and I are going to leave this place, unharmed. Is that clear!" Darren said loudly for everyone to hear.

Darren started to move, and everyone moved out of his way, actually looking frightened of him.

He saw that Buffy and the rest followed him, as well as Giles; they must have managed to free him.

They all managed to get outside in one piece.

"What are you going to do now, kill me Darren? You don't have it in you," Steve laughed.

Darren was still holding the knife to Steve's throat.

"You don't know what I am capable of, Steve!" Darren said changing positions and holding him up against some containers, looking him in the eyes.

"Then finish it. One cut and I'll be dead." Steve's eyes were glowing.

"Darren, you don't have to kill him," he heard someone say behind him, but he were too caught up in the moment to understand who had said it.

It was an eye battle, who could hold the gaze long enough. Darren was really contemplating whether he would be able to go through with it or not.

Darren you know that this is it, you won't get such an opportunity again, take it, kill him! Though still, Darren weren't sure if he could make the final cut, whether he could kill his best friend, his former best friend. They had done everything together, everything. Darren looked for the old Steve in those eyes that was still facing him. Darren couldn't see him, not one hint of the young Steve Leopard who had been his best friend. He was dead, long dead, and in his stead was this man, this monster who would do anything to get what he wanted.

He wants you dead, you have to kill him now, or he will come after you, and he won't even hesitate in taking the final step.

"I'm sorry, but I can't," Darren said looking away.

"Ha, that's what I told you. You will never have the guts to do this, and you know it," Steve said smiling. Darren turned back gave the man a last look. Darren lifted the knife, it seemed like a lifetime before the knife reached Steve's bare throat. Blood started to run down the neck, but Darren continued to cut, until the knife came out in the other side. Steve's head fell to the ground. He was dead.

Darren let go of Steve and started to walk. He felt sick, sick and disgusted, at what he had just done. He had killed Steve, who had once upon a time been his best friend.

You had to do this, it was him or you.

Darren stood on the deck looking out at the sea. It was peaceful out there. Nobody trying to kill him, nobody he have to kill.

"Is it true, what you said in there?" Buffy asked, coming up beside him.

"About what?" Darren asked.

"About becoming a vampire to save him," she answered.

"Yes. I stole a really neat spider from a vampire, which in itself is a really stupid thing to do, and she bit Steve. He would have died if I hadn't gone back to the vampire and gotten the antidote. Though the price was me becoming his assistant, and how could I say no! He was my best friend back then, I couldn't just let him die," Darren said, then he shook his head.

He turned to look at Buffy and said, "I have to get out of town, I need some air." He then turned to face the others who stood a bit further back. "Thanks for all you've done, I really appreciate it."

"Really, thanks," Darren said giving them a small smile. "I hope I'll see you again sometimes. Until then." And he walked away.

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