Wow, looks like this movie won't stop inspiring me ! I've already told some of you about this idea I had last summer, and now that I got some more time, I decided to do it at last. As I'm a fan of super-hero/vigilante stories, I decided to have one that has never been done before, a super-hero story set in the CACF universe and featuring Violet as the heroic avenger ! Tale of origins, training, struggles, a secret in the family, a conspiracy, an evil criminal leader, and also a crossover with one of my favorite Marvel characters. By the way, this story is set as a sequel of the movie and is not related with my other fic Snakes Hate Chocolate. Hope you enjoy.

Things have gone wrong, terribly wrong. The Chocolate Room hasn't changed the slightest since I last came, a year and a half ago. It always looked so delicious. Except that now, I wasn't here for fun, I had a mission. And I failed. Now I'm standing there, on the bank of the Chocolate River, and already my vision is fading, my body is progressively going numb, as the dart stuck into my shoulder slowly poisons my blood with its Ketamine. Oh, my God, Ketamine is what you use to bring an elephant to sleep. Even if I'm so strong, I know I won't last long with my little fifty kilograms.

I fall on my knees, and drop my weapons. I want to sleep, but I struggle to stay awake. Things have gone wrong. I'm losing this battle. Of course, deep inside my heart of a 13-year-old girl, I've always expected this day to come. At the beginning, it was easy, almost like a game. It was exciting to lead this double life and face danger every day. But since I met the Devil and got myself into that super-hero business, I knew I would eventually come to lose a battle.

I thought I had several years before this day to come, but it came, only a year and a half later. Someone tried to kill me in Atlanta, and my investigation brought me here, back in the Factory that changed my life forever. That was just a vicious trap. I'm now lying down on my side, the chemical infiltrated into my blood system paralyzing me, letting me just enough energy to breathe and stay awake. Several pairs of feet in combat boots surround me, standing still, wrapped in their black uniforms and masks, holding rifles. These masked men were the soldiers that were expecting me. But they weren't men. They weren't human, no, they were something else.

A smaller soldier appears and stands in front of me. The others step back respectfully. This small soldier is their leader, the one that set up all this operation, the one that trapped me here. The soldier considers me.

"So you've decided to join the party," she says, for she has a girl's voice through the mask. "I'm glad to see you here, it's been a while... Angel."

That voice... it's a voice I know just too well. I gather my last strengths and look up at her face. Sneering, she takes her mask off. And I see the face I already knew.

"You..." I hiss, before I begin to feel much too weak. I just stop and rest my head on the soft sugar grass. I close my eyes, and as I fall asleep, I can still hear the girl's sneer echoing in my ears.

A dreadful laugh.

The Devil's laugh.

It all began a year and a half ago.