Lord Vetinari's Schedule

12 PM to 3 AM: sleep–with one eye open.

3 to 5 AM: clean things up

5 to 5:30 AM: meeting with Vimes

5:30 to 6 AM: deal with that idiot, Rust

6 to 6:29 AM: do paperwork

6:30 to 7 AM: read dumb reports

7 to 8 AM: read dumb copies of dumb reports

8 to 9 AM: have row with that idiot, Lord Rust

9:30 to 10 AM: see Leo about 'throw balls of rock via fireworks device;' think of a much better name

11:30 AM to 1 PM: go to dull opera

2:15 to 3:33 PM: Assassins Guild reunion

3:45 to 4 PM: more dumb reports to read

4 to 4:15 PM: learn names of new watchmen

4:30: buy newspaper, act surprised

4:40 PM: go back to Leo and hear about 'amazing no-magic moving serial storyline;' think of better name and realize that whole planet would sit and watch until universe ended

5 to 5:30 PM: wonder what's wrong with that man

5:50 to 6 PM: look over paperwork

6 to 6:29 PM: listen to idiotic dis-organizer

6:30 PM: throw damned thing into ocean, hope a shark eats it

6:31 to 11 PM: deal with all the stuff that came up over the day, while doing other things

11 to 12 PM: be cheerful and relaxed and a people person