In Summary:

Carter and Luka conflict over Abby. Some Carter/Luka slash, if you don't like it, don't read it!

I do not own ER, I'm just a crazed fan.

The apartment shed little light on a heavy conversation, conducted by two men, John Carter and Luka Kovac, a feud over said woman Abby Lockhart. Said female was not in attendance, and the men of the house were starting to get very edgy with one another.

"You know, you just can't keep away from Abby can you?" prompted Carter. "Have you ever considered telling her about all those nurses you've slept with?" he continued, getting very red in the face.

"And why don't you tell her about all your little African sweethearts?"

"They mean nothing to me,"

"So why do you keep going back?"

"The people need help,"

"Seems to me like you need help."

"Speak for yourself,"

"You better shut up Carter…"

"Kovac look out, you threatening me?!"

"Yeah, you gonna get yourself a bodyguard?" He moved forward, clenching his fists. "Stay away from my girl!"

"Your girl? Have you proposed?"

"Not from the roof like your sorry ass!"

"I was tired of her going for you!"

"And you only want her to drag her off to Africa with you, just to get me off your ass!"

"You know what you're problem is?" He stepped forward, eyeballing the taller Croatian with deep anger. "You want me away from her, so you can have me to yourself."

"Are you out of your mind Carter?"

"No, oh know, I'm as far into my mind as I'll ever be Luka. You want her out of the way, just so you can have a nice shag with me…" Carter took a final step forward and shoved Luka roughly into the bed, taking him by the collar. "You know you want it…"

Good thing Carter is drunk….

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