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Female Products

Now… where the hell was Sasuke going to find one of Naruto's girl friends at this time of day?!

Uchiha Sasuke strode down a dirt path with a hint of urgency. He was growing more and more reluctant with this idea as each and every second passed. There was no sign of any life – other than an occasional passerby that had no use to him since they weren't on Naruto's friend list!

A groaned sigh was heaved as he feverishly scratched at his raven hair.

This was more difficult than he thought. He really should have waited a little longer to start his investigation! Like, maybe when the sun was up and not at dawn! But how could he? With Naruto in her state of pain like she was? He couldn't just sit there and watch her suffering while she beamed that dumb grin of hers like everything was just fine! That worked on his nerves, but he had no real reason to be angry at the fact that she didn't want him to worry.

Like hell that was going to stop him from doing it.

If no one else, then Naruto was the only person he worried about!

He shook his head to dislodge his brain from thoughts of worry and Naruto all at once and reminded himself of his little personal mission he had going on.

Right. Girls. I can do this. I can find at least one.

But he knew nothing about any of the girls' personal lives! Did any of them have a boyfriend that they stayed the night with the way Naruto stayed with him? Whoa, wait a second! That was not the way he wanted to put it!

Sasuke fumed in silence as he continued to roam the nearly deserted streets of Konoha, searching for a glimpse of any female that Naruto knew, but felt even more uneasy when realizing he only knew a few…

Damn it… just like me to volunteer for something that I know absolutely nothing about! What am I, an idiot? I guess I am… I'm normally asleep at this time of day, if I don't have a mission, and look what's happened! Naruto's gone and screwed up my whole personal schedule! NO ONE DOES THAT TO ME!

He didn't want to take long with this, not just because he was tired, but touching back on the blonde's lower stomach hurting her like it was troubled him.

Naruto's right… I really am acting out of character towards her… but… haven't I always been this way towards her…? Haven't I… always worried about him too? I thought I did…

"You are blaming yourself, aren't you?!"

That was it… wasn't it? He had always worried about Naruto, but the way he showed it changed after the incident, after Naruto was hurt… he felt responsible, like he could have made a difference. Now everything has changed, including the way he felt around Naruto… never wanting her out of his sight, never letting another man touch her if he could help it… and… wanting to keep her so close to him all the time, so he could protect her…

I will never let her get hurt again. I won't let another chance slip by where she could get hurt…

There was only one way he could make that desire even somewhat probable though.

I would… have to tell her how I feel. Show her that I can take care of her.

Because, how else would he get Naruto to understand his motives? Nothing made sense to her the way it was now…

A sensation similar to a fist being thrown at his gut hit him, and it felt as if the air had been knocked out of his lungs along with the strange throbbing.

"Hm…? Sasuke-kun?"

The raven jerked himself back to reality when hearing his name and glanced in the area where the voice of a familiar female came from. She was up on her tip-toes, watering a hanging plant in the front of her family's flower shop with her long, blonde ponytail whipped over her shoulder as if to impress.

"What are you doing up this early? Are you about to go on a mission?"

"Ino!" The idea of feeling amazingly relieved to seeing this particular kunoichi would have mortified Sasuke if this was for any other purpose, but with the situation as it was, he might have actually smiled in a friendly manner to her! The expression on Ino's face said he was doing something similar, her large, blue eyes round in wonder and a hint of blush filling her cheeks. Sasuke ignored the gawking and headed straight to the point, quickly replacing any form of expression he wore before with nonchalance now. "I need to ask you something."

"Oh…," the bewilderment never left Ino's face, if anything, it grew. She sat her watering can down, patted her hands together before placing them on her hips, and looked directly at the male with an air of confidence. "Okay, what is it?"


Shit! I didn't even bother thinking out how to ask this! Damn it!

"Well, Naruto, being a girl now, she… uh…," his face flushed slightly, and he just knew that Ino was getting odd vibes from him, possibly even heated ones – he did not like this at all! He mentally slapped his forehead, forcing his emotions to settle before he continued and was relieved when the heat left his face. "Okay, look, Naruto came over sometime this morning complaining that she couldn't get to sleep because of… cramps in her stomach… and, well… her doctor did say that the typical female… attributes… are capable of happening now…"

Bright blue irises widened and the smooth lips fell apart in shock. Ino's hands slapped over her mouth as if to keep herself from screaming and waking the whole village, but nothing came out. As soon as she removed her hands she watched Sasuke in awe of the vital information. "Naruto…?!" Her voice was on the edge of breaking into a high-pitched trill, but she was calm enough to keep Sasuke from clamping his own hands around her mouth. "She… She… She can really have a period…?! Like… a normal girl can…?! How is something like that even possible?! I didn't think that-"

There was an edge to the Uchiha now. Telling Ino wasn't the best idea because of one thing: her mouth."Don't tell anyone. She doesn't want it going around."

Ino's sparkling eyes didn't fade, but she made a motion of zipping her lips, locking it, and throwing away the key. "Her secret is safe with me!"

For Naruto's sake, it better be…! A scowl fell over Sasuke's face at the thought.

A puzzled look crossed Ino's features. "But, uh… what's the question, Sasuke-kun? I know you didn't tell me this for my health."

"Oh…," the ill temperament vanished when the topic of being here reappeared before him. "Well, she asked me what she needed to do while going through this… stage… but I don't know a thing about girls, so I told her to take it easy while I left to ask someone."

The look he received, at first, was that of admiration, but it didn't last for longer than two seconds. Sasuke watched anxiously as it transformed into something he had seen many times… a curious cat preying upon an innocent bird, the slitted eyes of the furry creature wide with wonder of what angle would result in the best kill. Ino had that same look in her suddenly devious eyes.

"So, wait a minute… why did she come to you for help? Why didn't she just come to one of us? One of the girls? Especially if she needed to know about girl things?"

A sinking feeling told Sasuke he had made the wrong choice of how to explain the situation, but he couldn't turn back now. That would only confirm whatever Ino believed of this situation. "I am her best friend. Why would she go to anyone else?"

The skepticism didn't leave Ino's eyes. "Okay… Sasuke-kun… I'll hold you to that."

Sasuke mentally sighed in relief to sliding by on that one. He needed to learn to think on these things from every angle when dealing with a girl.

"So, you want to know what will help Naruto out, do ya?" The female radiated excitement all of a sudden and her whole body bounced with glee. "Well, get your wallet out and prepare to lose all that cash because we females require many things during this traumatic time of the month!" Ino hurriedly put the watering can back inside and locked up before snatching Sasuke's wrist and dragging him off.

What the hell? Lose all my cash?! What all do girls need for one week out of the month?!

"Oh, wow, Sasuke-kun! You're loaded!" Ino gazed on in amazement as Sasuke paid a large sum of money on trinkets and other – as Ino called them – 'comfort items' that a female needed, though he could hardly see chocolate being a comfort at all! "What, do you never spend any money?! Do you save every penny you earn?!"

Sasuke pulled the bags from the counter after receiving his change and returned the enthusiasm Ino had about his currency with a glare. "I'm a smart spender. I only buy necessities and that's it."

Ino stuck her tongue out and proceeded to pat one of the bags. "Well, these are the necessities! I just hope Naruto will be okay! Tell her I hope she feels better! Oh! Wait! Sasuke-kun!" She pulled on his arm, something that made his temples throb in annoyance.


"I haven't been able to see Naruto since… well, that time with Lee, and I would love to take her shopping again! She'll probably need it since she started recently and also…," her eyes narrowed suspiciously, "I heard that she has fairly large breasts now… is that true?"

The Uchiha twitched. Something like that had to be talked about? "Well, yeah, the demon is responsible for that too…" He already explained how Kyuubi had contributed to Naruto's unusual cycle – but only to shut Ino up.

"The demon? Why would the demon do that to her? None of it really makes sense, does it?"

"How should I know?! Why don't you go and ask it if you're so curious!"

"Hm…" Ino appeared to ponder Sasuke's comment that wasn't supposed to be considered. "Does that mean I can take Naruto shopping tomorrow?"

The Uchiha rolled his eyes. "Yes, you can take Naruto shopping tomorrow, but listen to me…if I find out you talked her into buying more lacy shit, or anything of that nature, I'm never allowing any of you girls to take her shopping again! She doesn't need it!" Sasuke inwardly cringed. He was the one who didn't need it! Just the memory of that night of successful seduction Naruto played on him brought his breathing to come out roughly. If he was forced to suffer like that again then he would have no alternative but to kick himself out of his own house for the night, possibly camp outside where it was safer!

Sasuke looked to his side and found no female companion. He blinked, came to a halt, and glanced behind him to see Ino rooted to the ground a few paces back. "What are you standing there for? Don't you need to get back to your shop?" He examined her face closely; the look on it showed that she was off in another world, but, in the blink of an eye, the devious cat was back.

Oh god… what did I say this time…?!

"Tell me, Sasuke-kun," the way Ino cooed her words and the slow, curious steps she made towards him caused Sasuke to automatically inch backwards, "why don't you want Naruto to have pretty undergarments…?"


Now he knew. He really shouldn't have brought this up.

"Are you denying her freedom of buying them? Do you want her to walk around without them?"

"No." Sasuke planted his feet now, trying to keep his expression in check. "But she doesn't need something like that right now, when she's just starting out as a girl."

This didn't appear to quench Ino's thirst for metaphorical birdie blood. "Okay… so she doesn't need the sexier form of them now… I can understand that." She continued to creep closer with the same pace. "But why do you know she had them?"

A lump formed in Sasuke's throat. He knew he was caught. She had trapped him in a corner and there was no way he could escape! "She showed me the underwear." He tried his best not to break out completely flushed at the statement and memory. "How else would I know?"

The bright, blue orbs' deviousness dimmed down for a moment and Sasuke breathed a little more steadily. Ino's lips pulled together tightly, as if trying to keep something in, and pulled apart into a wide smile that nearly let giggles slip. "Did you… peek while she was getting dressed into them?"

"No!" Sasuke snarled in rage, but felt his composure crumbling. He hated this, he really did. It was like Ino just knew what had happened, as if she had stood outside his window that very night and witnessed Naruto's scene of retribution and just now recalled it ever happening, but she was only taking it slowly to further embarrass him!

Then again…there was a possibility that someone did have a say-so in what Naruto did. It wasn't like she ever went off doing that kind of thing before, at least not to Sasuke! No…that was definitely thought up by someone else…a mastermind…but who? One of the girls…? Or…Sai? It did so happen to fall on that night that Sasuke caught Sai betting Naruto into going with Lee, so the odds were high...

"Well then," Ino broke Sasuke's frantic-for-an-answer thought process, a smug smile beaming at him as if to settle any doubt he had before on masterminds, because there definitely was one, and Ino possibly knew of the plot he or she composed. "If you didn't peep on her, then she must have modeled them for you!"

There was no comment made. Sasuke stared blankly, or so he thought. Ino's expression was something of a gape – eyes wide, mouth hanging slightly, and cheeks flushing – so he was beginning to think that maybe his face was doing more than just staring. His eyes grew wide.

Oh shit…

She knew. She knew she was right, didn't she? All he had to do was button his lip to one question and that was all the answer Ino needed!

"Are you…blushing…Sasuke-kun?"

This question threw Sasuke off guard, resulting in another second or two of silence before he growled back, "I. Do. Not. Blush," but he felt his cheeks respond with just the opposite.

"…Was I…right…?"

"I never said you were right."

"And you never said I was wrong. All you did was freeze up and blush…"

"I'm no longer a part of this conversation." Sasuke turned and headed in the direction to his house as if nothing had been said. He never felt this humiliated… well, some instances with Naruto could compare, but this was pretty damn close to being number one!

Ino pursed her lips with her hands fitting comfortably on her hips. "Why can't you be a man and fess up? It's not like the rest of the Konoha men haven't seen their girlfriends in their undergarments!"

Sasuke's arms felt strangely lighter than before, and his attention was back on Ino without his memory of ever turning around to face her registering. He only knew one thing: he was pissed.

"Do. Not. Compare me. To other guys." He took a small breather, never breaking his burning glare on Ino. "Especially the ones in this village."

The female was paralyzed in shock from the drastic one eighty Sasuke's attitude had made. He stared her down further, daring her to speak another word.


Sasuke's eyes widened slightly as Ino crossed her arms over her chest as if she was the one being treated wrong here. She turned her back on him and glanced over her shoulder, another one of her strange quirks that did nothing but aggravate Sasuke.

"I wasn't comparing you. I happen to know that you're better than any guy here. It's just a known fact that guys get turned on by seeing the girl he likes in nothing but her underwear!"

"That's not the case here!"

"Oh, but I think it is!" Ino finally turned back around to face Sasuke and held up one finger as if scolding him.

"Really now?! And what the hell makes you think it is?!" Sasuke was getting a little fed up with Ino's hoity-toity attitude with him and was on the verge of snapping at any moment. He wasn't afraid of doing it either.

"Hm, let me think." The female placed her scolding finger to her chin mockingly then allowed for her expression to brighten as if she had just solved the difficult matter at hand. "You came out and asked another girl what Naruto should do while on her period, you bought Naruto's personal items – with your own money may I add, – you start blushing all of a sudden – something that no Uchiha Sasuke I know does – and, most of all, you know what kind of underwear she has – seeing her wear it or not, you saw it!" Ino had taken a step towards him for every point she had to make, finger still pointing at him like a teacher, and was now in Sasuke's personal space, face all aglow.

Sasuke felt odd. Like suddenly everyone in the vicinity – which was no one – was watching for his next move, his next statement, his next breath that he realized had been put on hold, and he shakily exhaled. This girl was a menace to him. He had to get away from her no matter what or she could possibly ruin anything he and Naruto had together by spreading it around.

"Why can't a plain, ordinary friend do all of those things?! I don't remember reading in any fine print that a guy couldn't worry about his friend through a bad time!"

"That's simple." Ino took a couple steps back and bent down to pick up the bags and somewhat scattered items – hmm, so that was why Sasuke's arms felt light from before. "You obviously haven't been reading the right kind of fine print. Like the kind in "Romance 101" for example." Her bright blue winked at him as she picked up bag after bag.

The Uchiha kept his nonchalant stare to mask over his panic. "I'm not looking into romancing the dobe."

"Of course not. That's just silly." The kunoichi gently placed the bags in Sasuke's arms, giving off an air of complete bliss. "Listen, just tell Naruto everything that I told you about these," a nudge against the bags was made to emphasis her point, "and she should be fine. Oh! And tell her that I am kidnapping her tomorrow! We definitely need to work on her wardrobe more!"

Oh, she's going to love hearing that… the Uchiha thought sarcastically. "Fine."

"Alright," Sasuke turned from the giddy girl to leave, only half listening to her farewell. "Well, I've got to get back to the shop now before we get customers, so I'll probably see later… mystery man."

The last two words uttered put Sasuke on automatic breaks. He nearly dropped the bags again, but regained his hold on them before they slipped.

What had Ino just called him? Did he hear right? Maybe he was just imagining it, but that little name she called him definitely sounded like "mystery man" to him!

He turned in time to watch the long ponytail bounce out of sight around the corner of a building, feeling his stomach sour, twist, and flip when repeating the name to himself.

Wasn't that the codename Tenten used at the bar to address Naruto's-?!

No. That was ridiculous. It wasn't possible. Ino knew nothing.

…Then how exactly was she able to read him like an open book? Female intuition? Couldn't be…

Maybe he should just ask Naruto herself about this "mystery man." He had been meaning to anyways… but what if it really was another guy? That would crush Sasuke for sure. He could take Naruto still liking Sakura – that was nothing; he had grown used to this after so many years – but another guy?!

Sasuke already felt defeated at the thought.

But who else could it be? Naruto had many male friends that she liked well enough… but he was the one taking care of her, wasn't he? Wouldn't it make sense that she liked him?

Okay, now he had to stop himself. That caused a little more than enough heat for him to handle. He was already in this too deep, so he couldn't go and make this any worse than it already was…

But Sasuke couldn't help wondering… What would Naruto say if he brought up her "mystery man?"

AAAAHHHHH! What the hell?! What the hell was that?! You CAN'T get anything more embarrassing than all of THAT!

Uzumaki Naruto's soft, round, naked butt was in the shower, possibly causing brain damage from how hard she was scrubbing her hair with Uchiha Sasuke's shampoo – which smelled really nice, but that was beside the point.

I freaking BLED all OVER HIM! How the hell could he just sit there like that?! How could he do that to me?! Act like it was "okay" for me to bleed all over him, when he should have shouted to the tops of his lungs that I ruined his favorite pajamas?! THAT HEARTLESS BASTARD! He doesn't even care what he's doing to me!

Ugh! And then I went and held his hand, CARESSING it even! WHY AM I SUCH AN IDIOT?!

A throbbing sensation filled her head, close to a headache, but much worse since Naruto was actually slamming her forehead against the tile wall. She hoped to get a concussion from it and snap out of this bizarre nightmare that was tearing her apart inside and out – almost literally. When was all of this madness going to end? Maybe, if she hit her head hard enough, she would pass out and-! Nope. Definitely not!

Having Uchiha Sasuke come home, wondering where Naruto had gone and starting an investigation only to find her unconscious, naked body lying on his bathroom floor moments later would not be one of Naruto's top-of-the-list things to do in life.

Naruto winced. This ramming-head-into-Sasuke's-shower-wall game was beginning to hurt more than it should on a normal basis.

"Ohhh…" That really smarts… I think I dislodged my brain or something…

"I wouldn't be surprised if you did, IDIOT!"

Naruto blinked, wincing at the additional throb received. Did something really yell at her just now?

"Yes I did, numbskull! What do you think you're doing?! Are you trying to kill yourself?!"

Whuh…? Hey, that sounds like-! "KYUUBI!"

"Yes, yes, but skipping over the tears and heart wrenching speeches of how-I-missed-you's, why don't we get to the question of: why are you voluntarily hurting yourself?! I'm only capable of helping you one pain at a time for the moment!"


The fox groaned in annoyance. "Self-centered brat, I was hibernating!"

Since when do you "hibernate?!" It's not even winter yet!

"Earth to kit, didn't I tell you that your cycle would be more painful due to the abnormality of it? I'm hibernating to protect you and give you more energy! You're not making things easy on me by bashing your skull into tile as hard as you can!"

Oh… Naruto's mind automatically rewound and played from the moment she came back to Sasuke's house to get her clothes, which only ended in a sleepover, an embarrassing wakeup, an even more embarrassing accident due to her cycle, and an awkward hand touch. She flinched when the fox laughed ecstatically at these events that it had missed.

"Damn, I wish I could have been there to see it in action! I could have stirred things up even more!"

I know you could, that's why I'm really glad now that you're sleeping!

There was a silence in Naruto's head. It really disturbed the blonde because she wasn't getting used to the emptiness of Kyuubi being gone. It was a part of her, and since Kyuubi had been quiet… she felt like her conscience had abandoned her or something.

"I won't leave you. You know that! But back to Uchiha!" Naruto could almost hear the smirk the fox had on its' face. "Does all of this mean you've finally come to terms with how you feel for him?"

Naruto felt a large lump form in the back of her throat, but the fox didn't need a verbal response to get an answer. Her mind wandered about in a panic, almost too fast for Kyuubi to follow completely.

"Hold on, kit. Why exactly are you afraid of feeling something for Uchiha? He's your best friend, correct?"

Exactly, but…but I can't like him! I can't! Nothing about it is right at all! I mean the only reason he-!

"You're just afraid that he won't return your feelings. He's been there for you in so many ways before and vice versa, so you don't know what you would do if you lost your best friend and love interest at the same time, but trust me, I don't think he will reject you. He couldn't. He's-"

He feels responsible for what happened to me Kyuubi! T-The only reason he's doing this… The hard, tile floor made a loud smacking sound when Naruto's knees connected with it. He just wants to repent for something he thinks is his fault. That's the only reason he's putting up with me as much as he has!

Realization hit the blonde. Everything made sense, and all it took was her putting so much thought to it to understand it: why Sasuke acted the way he did with other guys, why he was protective, why he was more willing to say he was sorry, to show feelings, everything. It was all out of pity for what had happened to her, wasn't it?

"You don't know that."

And neither do you! You can't say that he doesn't feel that way! You can't see his every thought the way you can see mine!

All Naruto heard for a good, solid five minutes was emptiness – that and the shower water. She fell to a more comfortable position and watched as the water washed down the drain, feeling almost zombie-like. She didn't even budge when Kyuubi spoke again.

"Do you want me to ask him myself?"

"No…I…" I don't want to know… Ignorance is bliss, right? I'd rather not know… I don't… I…

"Do not go and stress yourself out over this. You don't even know for sure how he feels, so if I even suspect that you're straining yourself over this then I will take control of you until you can better manage your emotions."

What do you mean "if I suspect…"

"Kit…your cycle doesn't last one day."

Oh… I'll be alone until it's over then…?

"You'll have Uchiha."

Naruto winced at the thought of being completely alone with Sasuke for more than one day. How was she going to handle that? Especially if all he was doing was pitying her?

"Stop thinking that! It's not like he's going to rape you out of pity, though I'm kind of hoping he does so you will get out of this-"


"There's Naruto! Just be yourself with him, like you always have. I assure you that it drives him crazy when you do, but not in a bad way, if you get what I mean." The fox laughed loudly, causing Naruto's head to throb once more.

Go hibernate, Kyuubi… I'm starting to miss the silence.

"Ungrateful brat as usual."

Naruto listened hard, but heard no more from Kyuubi and assumed that it was really gone now. She pulled herself to her feet and turned the shower off; her palms were getting pruney, so there was no need for soaking even more.

When she was out of the shower her eyes happened across the mirror and got her to wondering. She hadn't seen her body since it had developed so much – in a mirror at least – and it stirred her curiosity of what everyone was causing such a fuss over. Duh, her boobs, but she was allowed to actually peek at them since it was her body – ha ha!

Naruto's eyes widened at the serene reflection staring back at her – other than the red tint under her eyes from getting upset and the small bruise on her forehead – she had become a… very beautiful girl. A girl that would have caught his own attention as a boy, but that wasn't saying much. A girl… that caught Hyuga Neji's attention! Now that was something!

Her body had all of the gentle curves that an elegant woman would possess. From her large, rounded breasts and on down there was a nicely, defined curve pulling towards her stomach, then jutting back out into her smooth hips, which slowly angled themselves to grow dainty towards her ankles.

She whistled. This was possibly better than any Sexy Jutsu imitation she could have ever made! It kind of peeved her too, but she had to give credit where credit was due. Kyuubi did an amazing job on her!

Naruto's eyes narrowed.

How come everyone was more mesmerized by her breasts than by her other girly features? Or were they and they just didn't acknowledge it? Was every guy only interested in a woman's rack? Naruto knew that he wasn't so obsessive over it. He liked for a girl to be cute on the whole; something like what she was right now…

What the hell is going on with me?

How would things be if she never became a girl? What would he be doing right now? What would he be feeling for Sasuke? Duh, of course he would just see his best friend as his best friend, but what about Sasuke? How did Sasuke feel about her, truthfully, now that he was a she? Did that really change anything?


There went the stupid organ again, like always, but this time it throbbed mournfully.

I hate this.

Doki Doki

I really hate this.

Doki Doki Doki

Because I can't stop liking him so much. I think…I think I might even…

"Head over heels."

I think Kyuubi was right… I think…I'm falling in love.

Naruto swallowed hard as the thudding of her heart escalated. What was she going to do? How was she going to "be herself" with Sasuke now that she accepted what was going on with her emotions? How could she look at him the same way, knowing that he is the only guy she's ever had feelings for?

What am I going to do?

"Hey, dobe. I'm back," Sasuke called out since he didn't see his blonde tenant when he came busting through his front door to set the bags down.

When he was given no response to this, however, he felt his worries rouse.


He checked his bedroom: nothing. The bathroom: nothing.

His heart rate jumped from ninety to nothing, and a sinking feeling set in.

Did she leave?! No, she wouldn't do that…would she? Did I say something that really hurt her again?! I don't think I did…I thought we left off on a good note!

Sasuke's head was playing many scenarios for him.

What if she went out to buy the crap herself? No, she told me she would stay here! At least…I think she did…! Oh, what if someone came by to see her, no that couldn't happen, no one knows she's here… Unless they came to see me and she opened the door! Oh god, what if it was Kiba?! Or Neji?!

"Sasuke…? Are you okay?"

The raven twirled around to see Naruto standing within the doorframe of his front door. "You were outside?" He felt his pulse come back, but maybe a little too quickly because it actually smarted a little. What had most likely done it though was seeing only half of Naruto's clothes on. Her legs were bare and begging for his attention, and he couldn't tell if she had on underwear because of her jacket reaching her thighs in a form of concealment.

"Yeah…I was outside…" Naruto's eyes avoided all contact with anything in Sasuke's direction while shutting the door behind her, "but you looked a little worse for wear when I walked in. Did something happen while you were out?" Now she moseyed over to the table where Sasuke had set the bags down, pretending to have interest by peering in one.

"Why were you outside?" Sasuke felt as if he wasn't in control of his own movements for the moment. He walked the short distance between them and stopped only a couple inches away from the female. Anger or lust, he couldn't decipher which one was driving him right now. Possibly both because they were playing major roles on his heart this very second.

"Why can't you just answer my question first?"

Sasuke felt his fists clench. Naruto was still speaking towards the bags and not him. "No, nothing happened. Now why-"

"Just because I felt like it…and…," her gaze drifted down to her bare legs, "it wouldn't ruin any more of your furniture or my clothes."

And that answered the "is there anything on underneath?" question!

"You idiot," he watched as Naruto flinched at his harsh tone, "I'd rather you stay inside while I'm gone opposed to you being outside! Can't you understand that it's like mating season out there and every guy I've seen wants nothing more than to get in your pants?!" His gaze fell to her bare legs, where her eyes were still resting. "I'd imagine that it wouldn't be hard to do since you're not wearing them or anything else!"

He stopped when Naruto's attention finally drew to him, but not in her normal glare whenever he brought the guy subject up. No, they were glazed over and almost appeared to be in a trance.

"I'm tired of this, Sasuke. I can't stay with you anymore."

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