And here is the updated chapter two. Whoo! This rewriting can be fun and a pain at the same time. It's so sad because I want for it to be so funny, SO much, but I'm trying to go for the realism here. No one would want to be all hardy-har when they find out they're no long the gender they had been all of their life. Saying this though, it isn't completely depressing either. Just serious...


I apologize for the extreme seriousness and lack of humor I intentionally wanted. Anyways...enjoy the chapter two rewrite! It even has a new name! :D

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Boy to Girl

"So… he's-"

"Yes… neither a full man nor woman. A more technical term would be 'unisex'. But look here; you can already see the breasts developing, so not all is lost for a gender title."

"I just-"

Damn voices. They were penetrating Naruto's foggy conscious, making him wake up once again. Did no one like to talk outside of his room?

"-I can't believe he agreed to…that…"

"It is quite odd. She was very passionate on this topic…but I watched her very carefully read over these documents. Look, here they are. She signed right there at the bottom."

It sounded to Naruto as if two people were holding him submerged underwater as they spoke. Everything was garbled and hard to make out, but he could tell one voice was his doctor. The man was like a nightmare Naruto could never forget; bad news was equivalent to the hottest new joke he just had to tell Naruto. He grew to loathe the man… The other voice however…

"Yes, I see the paper… but it does not make sense even with what you said… Are you sure he signed these or was someone trying to play a joke on him and went a little too far? …Or maybe it wasn't a joke at all…"

"Oh, dear boy. You appear to have a disorder with reading into things a little too deep. Why don't you ask the poor girl when she wakes up?"

"Please…quit calling him a girl. He doesn't need any more psychological damage done."

"Oh look, now you can ask her."

"Or disregard my statement…jackass."

Naruto blinked his eyes open. They felt so heavy he almost decided against opening them fully, but was too curious as to who the second person was. As soon as the white blobs of sleep moved from his line of vision he could make out the doctor and…Sasuke.

The male had a makeover since Naruto saw him last. Sasuke looked to be taking a turn from his younger emo sense of style; it appeared that he now approved of the lighter side of clothing instead of shrouding himself in darkness, though he must have something against showing off his neck still. His apparel consisted of a white, long-sleeved shirt with a skinny collar hugging his neck and the Uchiha fan emblem stitched over the left breast, and charcoal slacks stretching down to typical black, closed toed ninja shoes. Sasuke's hair looked to be trimmed down a bit, giving it less of a duck butt look and just slightly spiky. His bangs still hung to either side of his face but had been thinned out and not so dominant…the new look suited his good looks, Naruto hated to admit even mentally.

"Oi, Sasuke…" Naruto knew he looked worse for wear because of his exhaustion. He could feel the filth of lying in bed without a shower for a good few days too.

"Nnh…how are you feeling?"

"Pretty close to how I look, I'm sure." Naruto could feel his voice scratching his throat, another plus. He sat up and propped up his pillow. Looking around Naruto found no Dr. Sato. The coward probably ran off before Naruto had another screaming fest. The day before the young blonde felt it necessary to chew out the doctor for adjusting his prescriptions to estrogen tablets. Why he felt the need to make Naruto more womanly than he already was, was an infuriating mystery to him. The doc wasn't about to win this battle though. It was Naruto's body.

"Hey…how long have I been in here anyways? I lose track of time in this place…"

"Going on three weeks…"

"What?" Naruto knew it was a long time, but damn. Not three weeks worth of a long time!

"Yes, it's been a while." The usual air of indifference Sasuke had towards everything had changed. Naruto had only seen Sasuke so passionate about revenge before…it made him slightly uncomfortable when the attention was aimed towards another human being…that being Naruto himself.

"So…uh, you're the only one who has come to visit after three weeks…?" He felt his heart sink at recalling no one else at his bedside.

"No, everyone has come to visit…" Sasuke cast his gaze to the ceiling, "you've just been out of it on the medications."

Knowing this warmed the hurt boy a little. At least his friends still cared.



Sasuke's attention never left the ceiling. "Why did you give the doctor permission to do that?"

Huh? "Give the doctor permission to do what?"He didn't 'give the doctor permission'to do anything.

"Well…he said you signed papers for a more natural…woman's body…"

"…What…?" Naruto couldn't think straight. Maybe the medicine was getting to him. That could not have been what Sasuke said because he knew damn well that he signed no papers that said such things. His body temperature seemed to be dropping he was so cold.

"Naruto…you ah, are developing breasts now…"

"Wh…" Naruto kept staring at the Uchiha as he firmly planted both hands on his chest to feel-"WHAT THE HELL DID THAT DAMN DOCTOR DO TO ME?" Flabby flesh rested beneath both hands. This was too much. They were tiny for boobs, but hell if Naruto wanted them! "SASUKE!" He rounded on the male. Had it been a normal situation Naruto would forever treasure it as a first-time look for "I-shit-myself-scared" on Uchiha Sasuke's face. Was it possible for that pale skin to reach lighter tones?

Naruto couldn't sit still to think much of anything going on in Sasuke's head. He jumped at Sasuke, literally.With a couple pulls of IVs from his arm and a leap of faith, Naruto had Sasuke straddled against the guest couch by the bed. It wasn't very classy or cool at all. Naruto kinda had to be held a bit by the Uchiha as they fell over, but it was minor details. He wanted to know why he had BOOBS!

"DO YOU FEEL THIS?" Naruto removed Sasuke's protective hold and shoved both hands against the two mounds on his chest. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SASUKE? BECAUSE I DON'T REMEMBER FALLING ASLEEP WITH BOOBS POPPING OUT OF MY CHEST!" The Uchiha was squirming to free his hands, looking humiliated for what Naruto was doing to him, but the blonde only held on tighter.

Before he could get another word out of his mouth a pain shook him all over. Naruto immediately let his friend go and made a face plant against the Uchiha emblem. "Ahhhhh, that hurts…god I took out the IVs…" Naruto instantly regretted his outburst. The pain was like that of the death simulation he had days ago. "Pleeeeaaaase make it stop…" Naruto started panting and tearing up a little as the familiar agonizing sensation shot up his body from between his legs.

Warmth wrapped around his body. It felt nice, but it didn't do a damn thing for the excruciating pain. It took Naruto a few minutes to register it was Sasuke's arms holding him in a gentle hug. After a few more slightly awkward minutes of lying right on top of Sasuke the blonde began feeling a little more calm and able to breathe. To hell with this girl crap! Just the transition was horrible, how the hell was Naruto going to live like this?

Dear god, I don't even want to think about this any more. Why didn't I just die…?

"Sasuke…why is this happening to me…?" the boy whimpered pathetically.

"Naruto," Sasuke's tone became less sympathetic suddenly, "what papers did you sign exactly?" He helped Naruto sit up enough so they could see eye-to-eye.

"Uh, just some crap about medications and a surgery he performed…down there."

"Did you read everything thoroughly? Word-for-word?"

"Uh…" Naruto thought back and paled. Did I read them? Everything is so hazy thinking back… "I…don't know…" He looked up into a horrifying face.

"You are telling me you did notread the papers?" Sasuke's voice was chillingly calm paired up with the 'I-should-kill-you-myself' look. Naruto felt his wrists being wrung to death in the Uchiha's hold. Naruto could understand why Sasuke was mad, but really? This was Naruto, not Sasuke, so he shouldn't be pissy that Naruto made a mistake. Hell, Naruto was mad enough at himself; he didn't need anyone else to give him shit!

There was a sudden clicking sound as the door to Naruto's room was forced open. The doctor's voice was like a knife that stabbed into the two on the couch, "Naruto? Sasuke?"

The two of them finally took notice of their position on the couch now that someone else was in the room. Sasuke, sitting on the couch – to be more correct about it, he was laying on the couch – with Naruto sitting with his legs spread on top of the Uchiha's stomach.

Why was it that people seemed to walk in on the most… suggestive things?

It was a good thing the doctor dressed Naruto in a long gown that went completely around his body – unlike those garments that revealed the backside of a person – otherwise the doctor would be seeing more of Naruto than he would have liked. The only problem was that Naruto had no pants orunderwear on. He felt vulnerable and uncomfortable. Something down there was hot and wet to his mortification.

"Oh! Naruto, I-" there was an abrupt pause; Naruto and Sasuke figured that the doctor had come to realize what the scene portrayed; neither of them were brave enough to look up at the man. "Well Naruto… I never imagined you as the type of person that would attempt this sort of thing so quickly, especially after surgery… You know, that's really not the smartest thing. You have not completely healed, dear girl, but I do enjoy your enthusiasm."

How much more embarrassing could you get? And in front of Sasuke! Naruto could feel the humiliated tears popping up and buried his face into Sasuke's chest. That's when he realized how much of a girl he was being and quickly sniffed up his emotions. "You jackass!" Naruto stood to face the doctor and settle everything once and for all.

He met with Sasuke's stomach instead.

"Oh dear." The doctor's voice was a million miles away.

Blood. There was a large vortex of dark blood staining Sasuke's pure shirt. Naruto stared in silent horror as it spun in circles before his eyes. Before he knew it Sasuke was helping him on the bed.

"Naruto…you have blood on your shirt…" Sasuke looked flushed and close to passing out himself.

Naruto glanced down and saw a similar marking right towards the end of his gown where it had bent up from sitting on Sasuke. He looked back up to Sasuke and didn't have the nerve to tell him the same for his shirt. Instead he sort of screeched, "Am I having a period?"

"No, no, no…" the doctor finally found a point to come into the silent battle of both males mentally freaking out. "Ms. Uzumaki cannot reproduce, so she is not having a menstrual cycle. This is the result of incomplete healing mixed with running around, which you are not supposed to do." Who knew the doctor was capable of sounding like he knew what he was talking about. Naruto was just relieved by the news. It sucked that he opened some wounds, but it was better than knowing he could start popping out babies.

"Don't worry though, she can still be classified as a girl. The estrogen tablets she signed for are helping nicely with the change."

Naruto hated the doctor, but he was too exhausted to start yelling at him. And from what Sasuke had brought up, Naruto had indeed signed papers for everything the doctor was talking about… He sighed and laid back against his bed. What a fun-filled situation this was…and sadly becoming his everyday life.

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