Summary: AU The Digital World is filled of many different stories, some are nice, some are bad but others are a great mix between the first two, this is one of those stories, of the Bearer of the Hazard, Takato and the fight against the wicked shadow that corrupts all.

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Blue Dragon presents,


The awakening of the wicked shadow

The First Phase: Brave New Digital World

To many this may be a normal and common forest on the surface of planet earth, with its numerous plants covered the area, spreading across the land and into the sky, and countless multihued fruits and flowers covered in the seas of green, however many things broke the normality of this woodland, however for now, we will concentrate on the most important, laying down in a small clearing in the woods was a small human child no older than eight or nine.

A great yawn was heard across these woods, as the young boy awoke from unconsciousness and sitting up. Opening his eyes, which had an odd red tint in them, he turned around taking in the sight of the foreign forest.

Where, where am I? Last thing I remember…I was, I was in the camp with the other guys… and then it started to snow. Wait! It shouldn't have snowed in the summer, right?

The boy seeing the freshly green vegetation surrounding him, the clear sunny sky, the soft sturdy dirt beneath him and the crystalline blue river running a few meters off, decided that this place couldn't be anywhere near the camp, after all the area and the weather didn't look or felt anyway the same.

Then that weird shiny light came and the red little thingy came out of it. I grabbed the red thing, the weird shiny lights flashed and then… I woke here... so did the weird thingy took me… ah I'll find out... sooner or later. He added as seeing the dense woodland of the strange area.

The last thing he remembered was going to that camp that his orphanage in Odaiba organized as a summer vacation of sorts. Truely he did not want to go, but his 'big sister' forced him just for him to be able to somehow forget that date that was nearing. He sincearly doubted such thing was remotely possible, but young boy, being the good kid he was complied with his sister's idea. Strangely when he arrived at the camp, it strated snowing, in the middle of the summer, and then a rainbow light array appeared, which awed the boy as he could only remember describe it as a beautiful once in life experience, but from said rainbow, a strange red device appeared, then he could remember no more, as he awakened in the small forest.

The young boy looked at the red device clutched in his petit hands; it was a sort of an egg, well a distorted egg but an egg none the less, or some other similar shape. The back was a white, while the front had a deadly red color, along with the different black buttons that speadded across the front of the small machine. The screen, a fine shade of black, surrounded by a small black ring with small markings red markings that the boy couldn't and won't be able comprehend. To top it all, it had two slots, similar to those for the credit cards he mused, that ran horizontally along both sides of the machine.

After mending and twisting the small device, he couldn't make it to do anything except program the time but anyway, next he decided to find anyone around the area to help him but alas this didn't went exactly as planned.

A great force suddenly came from underneath the small child, sending him back a foot or two, and from the ground came to the stunned boy's perspective some type of red ball with a tail or something.

The unknowing chosen child turned to the small red beast with big yellow eyes, Takato turned to the most basic means for communication, or well at least for him. "Hi," the human greeted the unknown creature, "are you some sort of daydream, a monster, or some sort of alien?" hoping it could somehiw respond to him, and it did.

"Daydream? Alien? What's that?" the red ball replied, looking at the unknown being that was invading his territory.

"Wait! You talk!" Takato was truely excited to be able to find any help, even from a strange talking doll, but it was still help none the less.

"I think, last time I checked I did, you know… you are pretty heavy, I had to keep pushing all that time to finally get you off me, so what are you." The scarlet beast

"Sorry," the chosen said sheepishly, "well, I'm a human you know."

The small monster inspected the small boy; he had brown hair that softly spiked hair and ruby red eyes along with a strange yellow contraption he wore around his neck. He had a blue shirt with an unfolded hood, which seamed a size too big for the boy, and the khaki shorts. Two small black leather bands wrapped around each of his wrists, each cut by a small metal ring through the middle.

The small monster turned to look in disbelief as seeing the object the small human, sure it looked different from the one he had seen in the temples and other ruins of this world but he was sure it is one of those object of legend, the Digivice.

"So you are a human…and that is a digivice" So maybe he is a Chosen, but NO, those are just a legend, a mere fairytale. He can't be the one I'm waiting for…right!?

"Yeah I'm a human, I am, really," the boy pauses and stared to the red machine in his hands "and is this weird machine called digivice, but what are you and where is this place anyway, this doesn't look like the campgrounds?"

"Well, first I am a Digimon anyway!"

"A digimon… what that?"

"Its short for digital monster, oh my name is Gigimon, okay and yours?"

"Oh, well with all of this excitement I kind of forgot to tell you my name, I'm Takato Matsuki." The young boy replied sarcastically.

"Second, this is the Digital World, the Floppy Island; the Server continent is just some miles north, pretty easy to go, but I wouldn't suggest you to do that, anyway."

"Why, anyway, is there some kind of danger" Takato never got to finish his question anyway, a tremor was felt and a great beast busted thought the forest.

It was an orange beast, a sort of giant reptile. Great legs with great sharp claws supported the beast, his thin frontal arm and claws and the long tail at its back made the big dinosaur a fast and deadly reptile. Blue stripes crossed the back of the orange reptile creating an exotic and deadly pattern.

The head was covered with a brown hard bone or a sort of helmet, three horns sprouted from the brown helmet, two from the sides and one from the middle of the face, right in the front (1) and it body towered over most of the trees of the small forest.

Its eyes locked on Takato and Gigimon, and as if releasing a wicked grin, the beast opened its massive maws, revealing his sharp teeth. The earth shocked as the as the great orange dinosaur let a great earthshaking roar; Takato did what any ordinary eight year old boy in his situation would do, he took Gigimon and ran for his life.

"Hey, what is that?" He questioned about their unexpected predator.

"Hey wait! It's Greymon, he is a Champion digimon, a really calm one, and he is supposed to be a good guy!"

"Yeah, tell him that" At least it isn't purple…

The boy continued fleeing jumping over roots, sliding down hills and climbing trees and vines, trying to escape the vicious predator. "Gigimon, do something, can't keep running!"

"What do you think I can do, I'm just an In-training digimon, there is now way I can stop a Greymon, are you nuts."


As the both the tamer and the monster were arguing and escaping from the ferocious dinosaur, the orange monster inhaled deeply, tilted it massive cranium aiming at the fleeing boy and the red ball in his shoulders. Opening his great maws, Greymon released from deep within, what has become to the digimon mythos the orange dinosaur's legendary signature attack, a great fireball.

"Mega Flare" Greymon roared, as the flaming projectile rocketed from the reptile's mouth, heading straight at Takato and Gigimon, and would have fried both extra crispy had the clumsy goggle, in a demonstration of his Hero's Luck, had not fallen down with one of the many tiny roots of the forest.

"Gigimon don't you have any attack like that one, some sort of laser or beam to attack that monster!"

"No, all I can do is to bite him, and I don't think that can do anything against that guy."

The human and Digimon pair continued running, dodging and sliding out of the way of Greymon's powerful fireballs and great stomps. However the pair's luck would eventually run out and it did; the orange beast had the boy and the red beast right where he wanted them, he had trapped in a cliff facing a raging river that crossed the forest. The human and the small monster had no escape and the both knew it.

"Gigimon there is no escape, what should we do now" Takato was out of ideas he had tried everything in his power to try to shake off the great saurian, however it appeared that it wasn't enough and now he and Gigimon were going to get eaten .

"Takato, when I count to 3, I want you to run to left and leave this place, okay." Gigimon told Takato, as he hopped off his un-official tamer's arms and settled himself in position to defend his partner.

"What about you Gigimon, you won't be able to defeat a monster like Greymon; you said you are not strong enough." Takato told the small red ball, trying to knock back some sense into his partner in the run.

"But we must do something or none of us will be able to escape Greymon, so I'm most likely to be able to distract Greymon, so let's do this!"

Unable to give any remark to sway his newly found friend from his desperate plan, all Takato could do was follow along the small digimon plan, and hope for some sort of miracle to save them.

"3," The small dragon ball began,

"2," he continued, the great orange dinosaur roared as he charged straight at the awaiting duo,

"1, go Takato, run!" At the small red ball's command Takato rolled to the side of the cliff, disappearing into the nearby remains to the still standing forest, that weren't either trashed down or burned to ashes by the rampaging Greymon.

The small red dragon ball ran up to the bigger and more powerful orange reptile, and jumped over in a poor attempt to tackle the great beast but the bigger saurian vaccine just brushed the little virus assault off with is powerful tail.

Gigimon crashed into one of the many trees which made the forest he and the human had escaped and slowly fell to the soft ground, of the. He washed with impotence as the more powerful beast approached him and knew right there that his end was near.

"I guess he wasn't my partner after all..." True he had liked the boy and wanted him to become his partner but he guessed that wasn't fate's will, but at least the boy escaped to safety.

From the nearby bushes, the gogleheaded boy watched the as the small being who was fighting the stronger beast, while they both knew the small tailed ball had practically no chance of success; all in the name of protecting some unknown intruder. Although light hearted and friendly, the he couldn't really connect with his human peers, but what he felt with Gigimon, was something he hadn't felt in a long time, not since three years ago.

I will not run away, I cant, I must no I will help Gigimon after all he is….he is my…

He decided then; he would save the small monster, who he had considered his first friend, the first he had since that incident three years ago. No, no only that, but the little beast had sacrificed himself for the worthless boy, having just met the soon to be tamer.

Arming himself with his courage, the Googleheaded ran towards the scene of the one-sided battle; and having decided what he would do to aid the monster he had befriended.

The beast fired another of its blasts to the red being, the scorching fire ball flied straight towards the small in training monster. Gigimon closed his yellow spheres waiting for his incoming scorching final moments, which never came.

The small monster felt as the something or someone picked him up and had rolled several feet, dodging the lethal Mega Flare attack. Gigimon looked up to see the smiling face of his savior. It was the same human he had meet before, but had he not told him to escape, now it would all be in vane, he did not have the energy to fight anymore.

"Why…why did you come?" The synthetic life form asked the smiling boy, and deep within himself the hope he had for the boy being his partner grew once again.

"Because we are partners …." Takato didn't know why he said those words but they just flowed out of him, "and partners take care of each other, right!?" That

Gigimon stared at his newly proclaimed Tamer, awed by the fact that the boy had not only risked his life to rescue the digimon he had barely meet and now he was willing to form a union with the small saurian beast.

Maybe he is not that bad…. Not that Gigimon had doubts about the young child, but he had heard some weird rumors about humans over the several different villages in the wide world. So maybe…maybe we are partners!

"Alright partner, lets go!" His words filled with the beast's new-founded trust in the small child that unwillingly had found himself in the realm inhabited by the digital beasts.

Takato smiled at the small red tailed ball word, and stood besides it, preparing to fight together the much stronger foe, but he knew that even if they failed they would now fail not alone, but as partners.

But unknown to the recently formed duo, the small device that hanged from the boy's belt, turned on, the seamed black screen slowly turning a bright red, as if reacting to the actions of the young boy.

"Right, Gigimon from now on we will fight together okay." Takato cheerfully proclaimed, somehow knowing that they would have to fight even more challenges if they could the first stepping stone in their road to find why he arrived in the digi-world.

Those words were all that Gigimon needed he suddenly found himself filled with strength the little digimon didn't know he had. The petit monster's skin shone with the light of the newly awakening and at the same time the red screen of the device changed turning to the same colorless screen with a single word.

A word that symbolized the fruits of the bond between a digimon and its tamer, quite simple but at the same time insanely complex. That word was the whole key to understanding this world, a word that would be engraved in the boy's mind as long as his journey continued and that would eventually change his whole existence. Written across the black screen of the digivice, was in shining green letters was the word...


"Gigimon digi-volves toooo..."

The light surrounding the petit ball solidified transforming into a red cocoon, data that made the monsters physical body burst into small tendrils of red data, the virus's data reformatted around the monster's digital core transforming the once petit red ball into a larger and more powerful form.


Gigimon, no Guimon, as he guessed the beast now called himself (Gigimon never said anything about a gender but he appeared male) was no longer the small red ball with the bat ears, tiny legs and a short tail, no the monster's body transformed into what most would best describe as some sort of dinosaur.

The red reptilian monster stood on its hid legs , now much taller than Takato and if it stood fully, as the monster's body was slightly crouched, what became of Gigimon would be taller than most adults.

His muscled arms ended in wicked sharp silver claws, which could cut through almost any flesh, as well as it powerful hind legs. His snout hid the creature's powerful maw, as silently stood in the middle of the clearing. Gigimon once small bat ears had been replaced for longer and larger wings, which if Takato knew they weren't out of proportion, he would have thought he would be able to fly.

Guilmon carried the same yellows eyes of Gigimon, but they did not help the same warmth as Gigimon, no they appeared some type of feral, as the dinosaur's eyes dilated with his vengeful desire to finish his foe, who targeted his partner. For a second, Takato feared that Gigimon had become something akin to the colossal terrifying predator that chased them through out the forest, but unlike Greymon, the eyes red saurian beast still held something that told Takato, he would always protect him.

His body was covered with several different black markings, many were simple lines of other shapes but two really drew his attention. The first was the sign of an upside down large black triangle with three smaller triangles, each smaller one resting parallel to the larger ones edges. For some reasoned the sign made him want to jump for joy, some of strange warm felling entered his heart as he saw it, but he quickly dismissed it as something he would have to research later.

While the triangle sign (the symbol of the Digital Entelechy) gave Takato some sort of pleasant felling, the second sign, located at the center of the white chest of the beast, sent chills running the frail boy's mind. The sign was quite simple, a black triangle inscribed in a larger circle, with inverted black triangles touching each of the first triangles sides, although Takato ignored its meaning that small sign had several meaning across the vast new world. For some it was the sign that branded threats of the highest values, for others it was memento of some ancient cataclysm than almost ended the world's short existence, or a strange and mysterious force that was sealed long time ago by an even mysterious and stranger force; but all agreed that it was the crest was a sign of a great and dark power simply called, for lack of a better term, the Digital Hazard.

Now matter how he looked at the strange symbol, he still felt some deep fear of it, as it would somehow hurt him but out of the fear of it, he also felt the deep power in it. As if some sort of other dark presence called to him and that symbol was its promised of all, as if to tempt him of doing something he ignored.

"Gigimon?" The young boy asked after finishing taking in the newly changed body of his partner. "Did you evolved, right?" Not knowing how he knew what happened to his friend, and clearly remembering that Gigimon did not mentioned anything about changing form, and simply filed the instant burst of knowledge as another of the things he would have to find out later.

"Takato, My name is Guilmon and th..." Before the red reptilian beast could continue, the rampaging Greymon, having also recovered from his shock from watching his prey evolving, brought down it massive foot, trying to crush the unsuspecting duo. However, Guilmon, using his recently gained instincts and abilities, jumped away holding his petit partner (finding it rather ironic as the boy held him in his arm a few seconds ago), dodging the powerful stoop.

Landing a few feet away from the massive beast and once again with the cliff behind them, Guilmon lowered his friend, standing protectively in front, being better prepared to face the powerful foe.

"Tamer, let me strength!" Guilmon asked, using Takato's rightful title, hoping the clumsy, but smart kid would understand his role in this battle, and help the young and tired rookie against the more powerful Champion.

Takato, although he wondered why Guilmon labeled him as such, understood he had some part in his friends recent transformation; not how he did it (that knowledge would come later), but that somehow his bounding with Guilmon or maybe his energy went to Guilmon, as in one of the many super robot shows he like to watch during his free time in the orphanage. He slowly grabbed the red and white machine and concentrated into sending his power to his friend and watched in wonder as the device's screen turned bright red, as a respond for his silent wish. "Alright go get him boy!"

Guilmon felt as his tamer's... no their power flowed through him; it was a feeling much alike to digi-evolving but instead of bringing change, the massive change in data caused by the Tamer's energy, served to strengthen the already powerful rookie. With the advantage he know possessed Guilmon rushed towards the much larger Greymon, dodging another blast of it Mega Flare, his red clawed arm burning with molten rock. The virus jumped over the towering orange monster, slamming his burning claw into the hardened brown helmet of the gigantic digimon. "Rock Breaker!" The stone cleaving blow, disbanded the well known orange dinosoaur, and the Greymon fell backwards, crashing against the surface.

Guilmon knowing better than to amiss the rare opportunity, once again Guilmon ran towards his opponent, preparing himself to launch his own version of a fireball attack. But Guilmon had ignored on small fact, he was not the only one with several different attacks. Greymon quickly rose again, and using his massive body and Guilmon's momentum against the viral rookie; the vaccine slammed his hardened horn on the smaller reptile's frame, while howling "Great Horn!" sending the hazard branded rookie crashing nearby the edge of the cliff and the attacked his tamer.

Takato helped Guilmon stand, as soon as he arrived at the injured monster's side, only for to be pushed back as the recovering monsters, stood definitely to once again against the more powerful champion. Takato once again did not question Guilmon's motives to try to defend him against the powerful champion known as Greymon, because deep inside himself he would have done the same to protect Guilmon, he cursed at his impotence, for not being able to do the even slightness thing to turn the battle in Guilmon's favor.

Guilmon went again into the fray, nearing Greymon at higher speeds than before, his feral yellow eyes locked in to his opponent. Guilmon dodged left, evading another of the orange dinosaurs potent attack, his claw once again glowing with the same red glow as with his Rock Breaker. Guilmon appeared in front of Greymon and jumped up, his claw striking Greymon´s shin.

"Neck Stretcher" Unlike the original firey stright Rock Breaker, the variace of the rookie's original melle attack, was more like a fiery rapid uppercut than the armor cleaving move the original Rock Breaker was. The attack although it sacrificed part of it power for the much needed extra speed and the extreamly rising effect of it, it also served as a method to send flying the foe in to the air and create some semblant of separation between the two, which the virus extreamly needed at the momement.

It would have worked except for one fact, because of the orange digimon´s massive body, the rock breaker only managed to slightly raise the massive fire breathing monster, but Guilmon quickly changed that, realeasing a small pyrothecnic sphere from his mouth, while muttering a diluted "Pyro Sphere" which blasted the opposing Greymon father away from his partner. Guilmon had used the recoil from the powerful fire ball, it had once been called a more consentrated version of Greymon´s own Mega Flare due to its concentration of power, to back flip in mid air to land, in a demonstration of skill and instincts, besides his tamer in a crouched position, growling at the enemy.

Greymon once again rose from the group, Takato scanned they enemy's body quickly surveying the massive damage Guilmon managed to inflict the supposedly stronger foe with the powerful combination attack. Greymon's left arm and several parts of his skin seamed to be missing, replaced with some type of blurring particles that seamed to be escaping slowly the wounds of the monster. Just like Blood Takato just related the escaping data particles to be the digimon's blood, and silently thanked the digital god for that as he, since that time, could not stand to see any sign of the precious red liquid.

The injured monster gave a potent roar, as once again the powerful orange fire ignited inside the jaws of the reptile digimon. However this was unlike other times, the fireball Greymon released was much larger than the others. Truly there were too possible answers for this; did he do as us and somehow powered himself, strangely but as he lacked much knowledge of the world he really could not make a venture. But, the second option truly scared the child, had the already strong champion, just toynig with them and if such what could they do against the now more powerful enemy.

"Are you so weak, will you end disapoint me, Takato." The soft voice, barely a wisper in the ears of the child, was enought to bring him out of panicked state and somehow clam the boy.

"Guilmon, attack!" Hearing his tamer's command served to ease the monster, not once wondering about neither his tamer's lack of any formal battle knowledge nor his apparently suicidal orders.

All the disconcerted rookie could do was to release the most powerful Pyro Sphere he could muster in the short amount of time.

The condensed fire sphere crossed quickly the distance separating it from the fiery orange inferno traveling at similar speeds. As if by chance or maybe in another demonstration of the legendary luck of hero's, the poorly aimed Pyro Sphere slammed against the top part of the burning spherical Mega Flame, managing somehow deflect the surely fatal move, crashing against the surface in front of tamer and his monstrous companion.

However it appeared the duo had run out of luck, the Greymon's deflected attack, although it separated them from the massive beasts with the towering flames it created, it had also weakened the cliff, the pair made of a human and a digimon used as a surface. Before either could object or even react, the rocky cliff gave away, the viral reptile and the goggle wearing boy fell into the rushing waters of the overlooked river, escaping the rampaging Greymon. The blue waters of the river taking the uncouncius duo to an unknown destintion.

"It has begun" the dark being murrmured as he saw the events that had transcurred just few seconds before.

The beast sealed in the dark area beyound the sacred wall of fire, released a macrabe laugh, carring a jovial yet sadical tone that promised ethernal damamtion to all of his enemies. He laught just not because he found the situation of the boy extremely ironinc, but of the strange exictment he felt as his last pawn, no the last knight, he need for his plan to begging had just taken his place was simply overpowering.

The beast that had been sealed in the farthers corner of the area of darkeness, just rested waiting for the next part of his plan, knowing full well his perfect senario would be conpleted perfectly, and he would finaly be able to return to the world of light he was once banished from. He laughed again, had the corrupted beast had a heart it would have had felt pity for those decitizens of light, for he knew there was nothing that could opose the return of the wicked shadow.

To be Continued

Takato: Guilmon and I have just survived our first of many fights in this weird world, some place called Floppy Island. Finally some explanations why all of this is happening to me. What! Me a chosen, Guilmon are you not mistaken? We find ourselves in a dark castle filled with strange things, new monsters, enemies and a digi soul. What is this strange red sword, Kurenaimaru, the sword of the crimson flame?

So new time in Hazard, the crimson sword shall purge all darkness, The Second Phase: The Bastion of Shadows and the Sword of the Crimson Flame!See you next time!

Digimon Analyzer – Digidex or Great-Renown–Encyclopedia-of-Youthful-MONsterS (GREYMON'S) Devise Go Gai-Sensei!

Greymon, Champion, Vaccine, Dinosaur Digimon, this mighty champion dinosaur roams the plains and forests finding his prey and intruders to his territory. It is said that although it a ferocious force in battle, it can be a calm digimon when not opposed. The brown skull of this orange reptile has hardened due to its evolution, creating a hardened shell that can resists most physical attacks. Its attacks are Mega Flare, his signature great fireball, and his Great Horn, a straight forward headbut with his rock hardened horn.

Gigimon, In Training, Virus, Lesser Digimon, The in-training stage of Guilmon, strangely he lacks the bubble attack most digimon of his stage have, his main ability is the Hot Bite, a powerful bite attack that severely threatens to damage and burn his foe, with the monster's premature attempts at a flame.

Guilmon, Rookie, Virus, Reptile Digimon, this digimon have been branded with the Digital Hazard, a symbol that marks the dinosaur as an extremely dangerous entity. The mischievous dragon two loves are playing and eating, specially the bread named after him. He uses the Pyro Sphere and several variations of his strong melee skill Rock Breaker to fell his foes.

AN- Guilmon and Takato's personalities will be changed somewhat for all story purposes BUT they still are the same lighthearted duo, just more mature (will focus on that in later chapters) For all practical purposes, in the Eastern Quadrant, Guilmon are considered to a rare But normal digimon species but they are still diffrent than normal mons. Takato comes from the DigiDestined's world and even came in the same camp, he has a rather somber backstory, but is the same clumsy dreamer we all love, with a facination for the unknown. I plan to show and mix somewhat the themes of both series with my own original ideas. The DigiDestined and Ryo will eventualy appear and/or be mentioned in later times, also please note that Floopy Island (trying to keep the same theme) is a fictional site, much closer to Server Continent.

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